On a Balance sheet what does investment property represent is it fixed asset or investment?

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It is part of the long-term investments in the non current section of balance sheet
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Why is stock a current asset on the balance sheet and not a fixed asset?

If you are talking about stock that the company in question has issued, then it is not an asset at all, but rather a component of owner's equity. However, shares of stock in o

Is investment properties current assets?

Firstly Current Assets in a balance sheet are technically "Assets that will provide a future economic benefit" to the company within a period of one financial period (a financ

Is long term investment is fixed assets?

Long term investment is non-current asset but if there is maturity in different dates then that portion which is going to mature in current fiscal year then it is current asse

How do you do a balance sheet. The only asset is an investment of 100000?

You need more information than that to create a balance sheet. There are three primary components of a Balance Sheet: Assets, Liabilities, and Stockholder's Equity. Assets a

Why are assets listed before fixed assets on a balance sheet?

Assets are listed in order of liquidity, or how quickly they can be converted into cash. Fixed Assets (Land, Buildings, Machinery, etc.) take longer to sell than stocks and bo

Why and how depreciation affects the value of the fixed assets on the Balance Sheet?

Fixed assets are those assets which are used in business for morethan one fiscal year that's why it must be reduced in some mannerto allocate it's cost in all those years in w