Manchuria is a leading industrial center because?

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It has many natural resources.

Where is Manchuria?

Manchuria is the name of a region now mostly part of northeast China. It was fought over between China and Russia (1858), and between Japan and Russia (1900-1905, 1920-1925) a

What is an industrial center?

Usually, a town or group of towns that are primarily industrial, perhaps based around a major employer such as a steel-works, colliery or aircraft factory, attracting a coteri

Who are the leading players in the diamond industry?

The top player in the diamond business is DeBeers. Other companies that are coming on line, based on mines being developed over the last 20-50 years are those based in Canada

How did industrialization lead to global inequality?

Industrialization Spreads - Presentation Transcript . Industrialization Spread Into the US & Continental Europe Ch 9 Section 3 . Reasons for Industrial Development in the U