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A life insurance agent is the person who knows about the various life insurance policies and explains them to potential clients. The agent is the person who sells you life insurance.

How much does a beginning life health insurance agent earn during his first year?

Answer . Its hard to say because most of his pay is problebly from commission, so the more he sells the more he makes. Often you will start with a draw off your commission or you could have salary plus comission it depends what type of contract you sign when you start. I can tell you that becaus (MORE)

How do you become a life insurance agent?

Not knowing where you are located, the answer can only be a general one. Broadly, insurance is a regulated industry, and those who transact insurance with the public on behalf of insurers, are licensed by the insurance regulatory authority. In the US, the business of insurance is regulated by the in (MORE)

At Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Co how much commission does an agent earn or receive for selling a 100000 survivorship whole life insurance policy?

Answer . Generally, whole life insurance pays a first year agent's commission of 55%; the General Agent then get's an override of appx. 45%, which may or may not be shared with the agent. But keep in mind that the agents commission is not relevant to the descision to buy if the life insurance pro (MORE)

Is it at all possible that girlfriend could somehow obtain a huge life insurance policy on your life without your knowledge possibly through a scheming insurance agent?

She would have to have what's called an 'insurable interest'. A wife would for the husband, for example, but not two unrelated people. Although an agent may try and issue the policy, the life insurance company itself may reject the application. The agent would likely be disciplined or fired if he (MORE)

What is a insurance agent?

Its someone you hire to spy on insurance companies to make sure that you get the best spagetti strainer possible Answer An insurance agent is more accurantely refered to as a "consultant or and advisor". This is because a good agent should "advise" you on the best insurance products need based o (MORE)

What to do if denied term life insurance based on contaminated specimen results obtained by nurse sent to home by insurance agent.?

It is very unlikely that the specimen was contaminated as you say as all precautions are taken to avoid this from happening by the professional. If in fact something did happen, you need to request the life insurance underwriters decision in writing and have it sent to your Dr. Then make an appointm (MORE)

How much commission to insurance agent on Universal LIfe policies?

In Canada, in the case of a brokerage (independent business that can sell products from a number of different insurance companies) usually 60% of the 1st year's premium goes to the insurance brokerage (business that the aggent works for) and then the agent may get 60% of that .. If a brokerage does (MORE)

What is the role of insurance agent in insurance company?

An insurance agent is responsible for the sales of the company's insurance products/services. An agent is generally considered to be the agent of the insurer, whereas a broker is generally considered to be a representative of the insured. That is, the agent is more closely bound to the insurer that (MORE)

What are insurance agents?

They hold a license to sell insurance. Could be anything from health to life to disability to liability to errors and omissions, and more.

How do you become a Life and Health insurance agent in Florida?

In order to become a L&H insurance agent in FL, you will have to complete a 40 Hour pre-licensing course prior to taking the State Insurance Licensing Examination. Once you complete the pre-license course and successfully pass the state insurance exam, you will get a L&H insurance license.

How much money does an independent life insurance agent earn?

As much as you want. It all depends on how hard you are willing to work, how many companies you contract with, what they offer and how good your lead base is. Independent life insurance agents can make six figures in their first year if they have the right stuff, don't give up and have all their egg (MORE)

How much an life insurance agent earns?

An insurance agent usually earns 10-15% of the first years premium as commission on each policy plus everytime a customer makes a premium payment in the subsequent years, he would get 1 or 2% of the premium amount Apart from this, they may have some bonus or gifts if they happen to get many polic (MORE)

When can an insurance company fire an insurance agent?

One of the best things about scoring permanent employment isreaping the prized benefits that come along with it-healthinsurance being chief among these perks. And in a time of economicuncertainty, health coverage becomes ever more crucial. As work andfamily life absorb the bulk of an employee's atte (MORE)

Can doctor become an life insurance agent?

Yes! Doctor can beome LIC Agent.. for more information email to or sms/call to 9810659420 If you belong to new delhi you can direct contact me :Bhuvnendra

How many Life Insurance Agents in the US?

Our company, Financial Media Group LLC, Centennial, CO, compiles this information annually. There are approximately 1.2 million licensed life insurance agents nationally. However, approximately 50% of these may be part-time or not actively producing.

What is the apparent authority of an insurance agent?

Apparent authority is a legal concept pursuant to which an agent can be found to have bound a principal (master) despite not having the actual authority to do so. If the principal gives to the agent certain indicia of authority (for example, business cards, a title, etc) that would lead a reasonable (MORE)

Can a life insurance agent sell insurance to his spouse?

In general he can. The fact that they are married does not, in itself, prevent the transaction. The agent can also be named as the beneficiary. The spouse has an "insurable interest" in the life of the other spouse due to "love and affection". It is important, though, that the insured spouse change (MORE)

How much cash commisson does a license insurance agent earn from the sell of one life insurance policy?

Ever wonder how much a life insurance agent makes on yourpolicy? Does an insurance agent receive a salary? . That's a dirty little secret the insurance industry doesn't wantyou to know, for fear it would kill the sale. . "If the public knew that my general agent gets 120 percent orthat I get 85 pe (MORE)

What license must a agent obtain to sell variable life insurance policies?

The agent needs a life insurance license. He also needs to be registered with FINRA. The insurance license is issued by the state insurance regulator. He will need to take a life insurance class that is typically a one-week class and take an exam. To be registered with FINRA, he will need to either (MORE)

How do life insurance agents get leads?

Use contacts and network. Talk to people and have them talk to people to find leads. Speak with a manager to receive help tracking down leads. Hand out cards to everyone.

Who are some life insurance agents in Houston?

Houston has a wide variety of life insurance companies and agents available. Some of the agents currently working in Houston and the surrounding area are Sam Ewing, Juan Valdivieso, David Cohen, and James Banks.

How can you find an AA Life Insurance agent?

One can find an AA Life Insurance agent by checking on the official website "theaa." The AA Life Insurance company could also be listed in the phone books so one could also contact them by phone.

What are requirements for life insurance illustrations when agent is completing an application?

Each state has different regulations, so always refer to your carrier's compliance department before completing an application. In many if not all states, you must either provide an illustration to the applicant or he/she must sign a document stating that either you have shown him/her nothing or an (MORE)