Knowing Phil Daniels told The Sun newspaper that there is a chance for Kevin Wicks to return to Eastenders from the dead but how would he return from the dead if he returns and will it be in 2010?

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I am quite sure that he wont return as he is DEAD.
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How you return to her?

Depending on the collective mood of your breakup, w hether it was a nasty, mutual, one sided, unfaithfulness, issue ridden, long distance, etc. There are different ways of going about this, for example, WHAT are you going back to say & do? "I'm sorry"; "I love you"; "I still love you"; "I'm the same pretentious bastard & I'm here to use you"; "You're still a cheating cow but I believe I can't do better than you because I'm a push over...". If you did wrong, don't do the cliche flowers and chocolates. But if you must, handpick the flowers, and wrap the chocolate nicely, so she knows you put time and effort into it. Ask her to meet you for coffee and discuss things, make sure you show her you've changed. If she did wrong, don't buy her anything, go to her and give her the ultimatum; you still love her, but she needs to improve or it's over. If she simply won't talk to you, try leaving anonymous, handwritten letters for her in the letterbox, letting her know that she has a secret admirer that cares for her, and demonstrate your new found caring attitude within the letter, then suggest to meet. See the "coffee" scenario for more details. Don't give up, don't be forceful, play it light and breezy, and make her feel wanted again.

Organisms that break down wastes and dead organisms and return the raw material to the environment?

Organisms that break down wastes an dead organisms and return the raw material to the environment are called decomposers.

Buyer is dead what do you do as her kids return The car?

You can bring a lawsuit against the estate, but this might not be worth it. If there is no (or little) economic damage, get the paperwork straight and resell it.

Will you be living when your mother returns from the dead?

No human being returns from the dead, so it doesn't matter: what does matter is where you will be - heaven or hell. Go to heaven and you will meet Jesus Christ, the only person resurrected from the dead. That's because He was 100% God and also 100% man: your mother isn't so she can't.

Will 'Wicked' return to Los Angeles for performances?

No, not in the immediate future is 'Wicked' scheduled to return to Los Angeles. An open-ended performance schedule now is offered at the Orpheum Theatre in San Francisco. Additionally, the national tour includes the San Diego Civic Theatre July 29-August 30, 2009.. But cities still are being added for the 2010 tour. For current information, please visit the following website: . For answers to your questions, please contact Carol De Giere, who is the webmaster for the above site, at . Please be sure to type in 'Comment' or 'Question' in the subject line, to indicate that your message isn't spam.

What are the chances of cervical cancer returning?

With regular treatment, it is unlikely that it will return. It is important to keep regular doctor visits and consent to treatment to prevent the return of cancer.

How do you beat the king of the dead in Lord of the Rings return of the king?

First quickly get behind the rocks ( it would be much easier on 2player). Every time hes floating towards u do orc hewer on himas much as you can. Everytime he does the sand attack quickly hide behind a rock and you wont get hurt. When he summons ghost shoot them with ur arrows make sure everytime you run out grab the arrows that are close to the rocks.

Is the character Danielle from EastEnders dead?

YES, Danielle from Eastenders is Dead Here are some contributor thoughts: . Unfortunatly Yes, I thought that Danielles death was very upsetting and Danielle wasnt on Eastenders for long at all. . I was nearly crying at the end why cant they just let Ronnie get to know Danielle as her daughter before letting her die . Me and my friend where discussing about danielles death and we both said it was very O.T.T (over the top) . Many people agree that we want Danielle back !!!!! . Yes I think she is dead but I hope not because It's so sad that Ronnie finally finds out about her and then she dies!!! :( . I think she is dead because it says on wikipedia that her last appearance was today! im really shocked, I don't really want to watch Enders anymore now. i think the BBC will receive a lot of complaints about this one! . Yes She died on Eastenders on Thursday :( April 2 2009 . I think that killing Danielle was just mean. It has made a lot of people upset and I know some people that have gone off eastenders now...Ohoh . There are loads of people on these threads quoting TV mags and insisting she is dead... Click on the link below to go to a direct source at It Is Dannielle And Ronnie But Yes She Is Dead If Not Believed Check Out However, EastEnders has a history for returning dead characters.. Dennis Watts (Dirty Den) being the most obvious. Opponents of the ending have set up an online petition.

Is it still possible for Danielle to return to eastenders either now or in the future?

There is always a possibility that she will. There could be a mix up at the hospital (it's happened before in real life, Google it and you'll see. It's quite alarming!), it could all be a dream or just what Danielle is seeing in her coma. I'd prefer the 'dream' option, where we see Ronnie has her head rested on the edge of a hospital bed asleep. She wakes up, looks round and is relieved to see Danielle lying there in a coma. This would mean we have, in effect, missed out on the past how-ever-many weeks worth of storylines. So anything could have happened to all the other characters, they can really let their imaginations run wild with ideas! And when Danielle wakes up (which she obviously will!) she could think about all that Ronnie has said and done to her (with Stacey's there reminding her!) and decide to reject Ronnie, but stay in Walford and get to know the Mitchell's more but be completely cold to Ronnie. Then we could see Ronnie fighting for her daughters acceptance (like how Danielle did with her). Danielle ends up softening to Ronnie after a while, and they begin to bond and stuff. Ronnie and Jack start a relationship, and end up getting married but Jack ends up dying on the wedding day (because of Archie maybe?) this lets Ronnie stay the 'tragic heroine' like Santer said he wants. Anyway sorry for this long response! It was only going to be short but my imagination took over lol! . But to answer your question, yes she can come back if EastEnders really want her to and use their brains a bit lol!. Opponents of her death have set up an online petition.

Will Lauren crace return to eastenders?

i don't think so shes dead plus i think eastenders made a big mistake myself i loved Danielle and they shouldn't of killed her off theres a rumour that she will return in 8 months.but i don't think that's true either sorry

How do you defeat the King of the Dead in The Lord of the Rings-The Return of the King?

A walkthrough for The Return of the King game has been created, complete with screenshots, available at the link below. Scroll down for the King of the Dead.

Does terra from Teen Titans ever return from the dead?

Unknown in the Series, buy she returns as a Black Lantern in the Comic books.

Orginsms that break down wastes and dead orginsms and return the raw materials to the envronment?

Organisms that break down waste products and dead organisms and return raw material back to the environment are called microbes. Microbes are very important part of our ecosystem. Some fertilizers are unfortunately killing the microbes that actually help our environment. Steps should be taken to minimize use of such chemicals as much as possible.

Who is returning to eastenders?

As of April 10th 2010 the returning characters are: . Qadim Shah (Amira's Father) . Tanya Branning . Alfie Moon . Kat Moon

Could Kevin Wicks Phil Daniels be returning to Eastenders from the dead?

Phil Daniels has said to The Sun newspaper that there is a chance for Kevin to return from the dead if Eastenders wanted glamour.

Will Kevin Wicks ever return to Eastenders from the dead?

No, he is dead and buried. I know another character did, but that is different and the storyline would be exactly the same.

Did Daniel return with the exiles to Jerusalem?

From the time of the Exile to Babylon to the beginning of the return was roughy 86 years, so Daniel could have returned if he lived to over ninety years old, most unusual for his time. The Book of Daniel does not say that Daniel returned, but since it appears to be a second-century BCE work of fiction, a triumphal return by Daniel to Jerusalem could be written in as a sequel.

Does return of the living dead have true events?

Return of the Living Dead, although it is one of my favorite movies, it is entirely a work of fiction.

Will Daniel Craig return as bond?

Yes i think he will be So look forward because It's release date is November 9 2012.

Will peggy ever return to eastenders?

She has said that she would like to return at some point in the future but it is unknown when this would be.

Will Barbara windsor ever return to eastenders?

No she said in 2009 that she would be leaving and never returning to eastenders i saw it in the wikipedia

Did Albus Dumbledore return from the dead?

No he did appear to Harry Potter in a ghost type form when Harry was in limbo though.

How many The Return of the Living Dead movies are there?

5 movies : Return of the Living Dead 1 . Return of the Living Dead 2 . Return of the Living Dead 3 . Return of the Living Dead 4: Necropolis . Return of the Living Dead 5: Rave from the Grave .

Why is Stacey slater not returning to eastenders?

Because Lacey Turner who played Stacey wanted to leave to do other things. and she also said to bradley branning she will leave after him.

Will Lacey Turner ever return to EastEnders?

Not in the near future but it is possible as she didn't die meaning she can return.

Will Ryan return to eastenders?

He isnt due to come back. He probley wont to be honest. Why would he? its not like he can see lilly there? I guess he has whit.

Will Dead Like Me return to tv?

They talked about bringing it back after the movie "Life After Death" but they never did and officially said they wouldn't.

Is there any scientific evidence for Jesus returning from the dead?

Answer There is no historical or scientific evidence that the resurrection ever took place. Even the New Testament is somewhat inconsistent as to whether the resurrection appearances really happened. From his own epistles, written before the gospel accounts, Paul seems to say that the risen Jesus did not show himself physically, but only through visions or dreams. He seems to have believed that when the risen Jesus appeared to Cephas, then the twelve, then to more than 500 (most of whom were still alive) then to James and all the apostles, that the appearances were all of the same nature as the appearance to himself, with no suggestion that any of those appearances somehow more real than the spiritual appearance he experienced. The first gospel to be written, Mark's Gospel, originally ended at verse 16:8, with the young man telling the women that Jesus was risen and they fled, telling no one - the "Long Ending" was added much later to provide the necessary resurrection appearances to 'prove' that Jesus had really returned from the dead. Merely having a young man, whether a messenger from God or perhaps a grave-robber, say that Jesus was risen does not suggest the standard of proof required by scientific inquiry, especially as the gospel is clear that they told no one. The other gospels have various different and inconsistent accounts about the appearances of the risen Jesus. No historian or scientist could really accept such differing accounts as evidence for Jesus returning from the dead. It is a matter of faith, and faith alone, that Jesus rose from the dead after his crucifixion.

What are the chances of the bubonic plague returning?

Bubonic plague occasionally resurfaces throughout the world today. It has been found in the desert Southwest of the United States (carried by packrats and other rodents), and other remote areas. It can be successfully treated with antibiotics if diagnosed early.

Do the spirits return home 2 days every year on day of the dead?

Scientifically it is not proven that the spirits of the dead return. But, in some religions, people believe that spirit of the deceased return annually on the death day.

When will drop dead diva return in 2012?

Lifetime said it will be in the late Spring of 2012! I really miss it!

What does it mean when you dream about your dead husband coming home and with his return are white cats?

Even when he's dead he still loves you and he's trying for you to come with him. From the white cats if there were no cats then it would just mean you miss him. Answer: It is very common to dream about the deceased, particularly during the mourning period, as the subconscious mind struggles to accept the reality and finality of death. Such dreams also provide opportunities to complete "unfinished business," say goodbye or reassure oneself of the continuation of love and care beyond the boundaries of this life. > The white cats have no single meaning that would apply to every dream or every dreamer. They may refer to something significant in the dreamer's life that is associated with both cats and the spouse's passing, such as the tale of a cat having nine lives.

Eastenders actor ryan malloy will he return?

i dont think he will come back cause he has done his job but he could come back for whitney as she is his half sister but i do want him to return

Will Dennis rickman return to eastenders?

No, Dennis Rickman will not return to Eastenders, he got stabbed by Danny Moon on Christmas day (2005).

Where does the Bible say that God said when He returns the grave and hell gives up the dead?

Revelation 20:13-15 New King James Version (NKJV). 13 The sea gave up the dead who were in it, and Death and Hades delivered up the dead who were in them. And they were judged, each one according to his works. 14 Then Death and Hades were cast into the lake of fire. This is the second death. 15 And anyone not found written in the Book of Life was cast into the lake of fire..

Is drop dead diva returning in 2013?

When will Drop Dead Diva return for 2013 it is the only thing on tv that I look forward to.

Who directed the film The Return of The Living Dead?

The film was directed by Dan O'Bannon, who also directed classics such as Star Wars, Alien and Total Recall. His last film he directed in 2004 was Alien vs Predator, before his death Decemeber 17 2009.

Is The Governor going to return in Walking Dead season 4?

Yes, David Morrissey is set to reprise his role as The Governor.The war that began in Season 3 between Rick's group and TheGovernor, will continue and hopefully end with The Governorprobably being killed off in Season 4 by the finale.

When will The Governor return in The Walking Dead Season 4?

No one knows really. I'm predicting possibly Episode 4 or 5. I'mpositive that he will definetely make an appearance before themid-season finale. They announced that The Governor would have 2standalone episodes within the first 8 episodes of Season 4. We areassuming that the episodes are 6 and 7, leading up to his bigattack on the prison in the mid-season finale. That's somethinglots of people are guessing, but to me, I think we'll see himreturn in either episode 4 or 5.

Will the governor return in The Walking Dead season 4?

Yes, David Morrissey has signed on to return as The Governor forThe Walking Dead Season 4.

What actors and actresses appeared in Return of the Living Dead Part II - 1988?

The cast of Return of the Living Dead Part II - 1988 includes: Dana Ashbrook as Tom Essex Doug Benson as Special Zombie Art Bonilla as Les Philip Bruns as Doc Mandel Reynold Cindrich as Soldier Eric Clarke as Zombie Marsha Dietlein as Lucy Wilson David Eby as Special Zombie Troy Fromin as Pot smoking army driver Nicholas Hernandez as Special Zombie Jason Hogan as Johnny Forrest J Ackerman as Harvey Kramer (Special Zombie) James Karen as Ed Michael Kenworthy as Jesse Wilson Derek Loughran as Special Zombie Thom Mathews as Joey James McIntire as Officer Steve Neuvenheim as Special Zombie Mitch Pileggi as Sarge Bobby Porter as Zombie Kid Terrence Riggins as Frank Hanala Sagal as Aerobics Instructor Suzanne Snyder as Brenda Jonathan Terry as Col. Glover Allan Trautman as Tarman Thor Van Lingen as Billy Crowley Dana Vitatoe as Zombie

What actors and actresses appeared in Return of the Loving Dead - 2013?

The cast of Return of the Loving Dead - 2013 includes: Carly Belko as The Zombie

What actors and actresses appeared in Return of the Living Dead III - 1993?

The cast of Return of the Living Dead III - 1993 includes: Jill Andre as Chief Scientist Melinda Clarke as Julie Walker Michael Decker as Science Technician Sarah Douglas as Colonel Sinclair Clarence Epperson as Cadaver Rob Hampton as Barrel Corpse Anthony Hickox as Dr. Hickox Billy Kane as Sentry Christopher Landry as Military Policeman Dana Lee as Store Owner Abigail Lenz as Mindy Gerry Lively as Quartermaster Sal Lopez as Felipe Kent McCord as Colonel John Reynolds Mike Moroff as Santos Michael Northern as Squad Soldier Brian Peck as Ballistic Technician John Penney as Sergeant Gary Schmoeller as Base Captain Julian Scott Urena as Mogo Joe Sikorra as Squad Leader Basil Wallace as Riverman David Wells as Laboratory Technician

What is a return?

How much would a sales discount be on an invoice that totals $3000is dated January 14th has terms of 2/10net30 and is paid on January25th

What are the release dates for The Wide World of Mystery - 1973 The Spy Who Returned from the Dead?

The Wide World of Mystery - 1973 The Spy Who Returned from the Dead was released on: USA: 8 January 1974

What are the release dates for Dead Awakening - 2012 Returning the Favor 1-7?

Dead Awakening - 2012 Returning the Favor 1-7 was released on: USA: 21 August 2013

What are the release dates for Public Defender - 1954 Return of the Dead 2-1?

Public Defender - 1954 Return of the Dead 2-1 was released on: USA: 9 September 1954

Will lee return in the walking dead?

Guys,i think Telltale Games has made it clear. Lee won't be comingback in season 3 no matter if you shoot him or leave him to rot.Leewas my most favorite character,he was honest,wise,and a verygeneral man. but sometimes,Life just can't be too happy every time.he was pale and yellowing the whole time,it was too late for him.He's gone,guys. you just gotta accept it.

Which characters have to return in the walking dead season 3?

ok,this is my order:Lee Everett=dead or left to turn into azombie/his family are all dead.Clementine will definitely be inseason 3,and there is no way her parents could get to her now.Kenny will be in wellington for a short while but will then be deadleft to rot in the burial,Luke could have a possible way to survivebut i don't want him to return,Mike,yes. Bonnie,she's dead. andArvo,he's gone.Molly,i would really like her to return but she willnever get to wellington to time,Christa has to find Clementine andbe in season 3.Carver,DEAD. Lilly is the leader of Wellington soshe would get rid of Kenny and leave Clementine and the baby withthem. Jane,committed suicide. Carley,i kinda want her to return soyes. and finally,Larry,HE.IS.DEAD.

Will Lee Everett return in season 3 of the walking dead?

Hate to break it to you, but he's dead. I'm sorry if you're a fanof Lee Everett and you really want him to come back but he'llnever. In Season 1, his skin was pale and his eyes were yellowing.He was bitten and besides, his hand is chained so he won't be goinganywhere. Whatever choice you make either you shoot him or leavehim, he just won't come back, you gotta face reality. But if you doleave him, he will probably come back as a walker and will make anappearance in Season 3. Other than that, he's completely dead. Evenif someone found him and gave him medicine, it would probably betoo late at the time. There is a very small chance that he willcome back. Let's face it, Lee Everett is dead and he is nevercoming back. NEVER, even if you really really really want him to.But don't worry, you can always play as him again and remember allthe good times you had with him when he was still alive. Luckily,there will probably be a new character in Season 3 and you'llprobably like him much more than Lee that you won't even have toremember him. If you're the one that's reading this right now, Iwant you to announce to all Lee Everett fans that he is no more andis forever gone. It's time to move on, folks.