Is there an insurance company that a pest control company can use to cover termite damage on their contracts?

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<aclass="h2headingh2"style="color:rgb(0,0,0);"name="Answer">Answer</a> I have not heard of any such company, because the liability would be far too high.

But it could very well exist, but I have been in the business for 10 years now and have never heard of such a thing. Normally it is the pest company that did the termite treatment that handles any repairs that arise.

YES, BB&T in Ga. created such a category several years ago. they broker the insurance to a company called FFVA Mutual. You can also find the nearest insurance provider at any of your local association's.
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Does insurance cover damages from a termite infestation?

Homeowners Insurance and Termites Most homeowners insurance policies do not cover termite infestations, However there may be coverage for resulting damage to the structure once the infestation has been addressed, depending on the type and scope of coverage you purchased. You would need to have the (MORE)

You have a pest control company and full coverage ins on your two trucks do you need commercial auto insurance instead?

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What is needed to start a pest control company?

Answer . I am sure there are different regulations depending on where you are, but some basics would be: Pest Control License (to allow you to apply the chemicals) Business License (to allow you to operate as a legitimate business) Insurance (to cover things like accidents with vehicles (MORE)

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Who has used atimite termite company?

I have seen many examples of their work-they are not good. they have been trying to get into commercial but have about 1 route for every 15-20 res because they can't keep the difficult accounts happy with the sevice

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Is this rightMy Landord is telling us that after extensive water damage was done froma leak in the bathroom sink that his insurance company will not come out to investigate and will not cover damages?

Landlords Extended Coverage? . Yes, he is telling you the truth. If there is no extended coverage for leaking pipes or faucets then they will not come out, there would be no reason to do so. . Someone needs to hire a plumber. Most leaky sinks are easy fixes. . There is no reason for an insurance (MORE)

What pest control company is the best?

That differs by locale. We need to know where you are for a recommendation & wether or not comm. or residential. You might do web search for best reviewed or highest rated your area.

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How do you become bonded as a pest control company?

As long as your bond amount meets your states required minimum amount for an operator, you can go almost anywhere that offers surety bonds. They are pretty cheap in comparison to the liability insurance and you can buy right online from the comfort of your own home. Your state won't care about what (MORE)

What is a pest control company in Daytona Beach?

There are many large companies that are national, Terminix, orkin, dewey, etc. but your best bet is to get someone smaller of Craig's (IMO) you will probably get better service and better quality work.

Can your insurance company force you to allow them to pick up damaged patio cover?

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What companies offer residential pest control?

Some of the Companies that offer Residential Pest Control are Kilroy Pest Control at 888-669-3460 and Eden Advanced Pest Technologies at 1-800-900-5258. Waltham Services also offers Residential Pest Control, their number is 888-970-5170.

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What companies offer restaurant pest control?

There are several companies which are offering restaurant pest control. However, it is different from place to place. One might want to check out from the website do my own pest control to have better information.

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Normal medical care usually doesn't cover the cost for ambulance. It is important to check with any local or national private insurance company if they cover ambulance fees or not, as some people who opt for private insurance assume the ambulance is also covered, but later discover the opposite.

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Sharjah is a too commonplace for the pests to dwell. This is due toits warm climate that favours the cloning and multiplication ofthese pests at a faster pace which can result in concerns regardingthe physical and the emotional disturbance.

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