Is the new york life insurance company a non-direct recognition company?

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New York Life does not practice direct recognition.
- A New York Life agent.

New York Life is the only New York Based, Triple A rated, Mutual, Non direct recognition company in the country. For most creative uses of this concept, contact David Servin at
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What is the ticker symbol for New York Life Insurance Company?

New York Life Insurance Company is a mutual insurance company. This makes it a private company with no shares traded publicly on any exchange. Therefore it does not have a tic

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Can you get a loan from New York Life Insurance Company?

You can get a loan only from a whole life (CWL), Universal Life (VUL, etc) only if there is a cash value available. If you contact your agent you can ask what your available c
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Why do some life insurance companies not operate in new york state?

Tougher insurance laws & regulations. Many companies don't want to abide by NY state's tougher regulations. From a consumer protection POV, you're always better off doing busi