Is the Wealth Magnet System a Scam?

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I can't speak for everyone, but two months after I cancelled my membership and got a confirmation, a charge to my credit card for $75 showed up from them. I have tried three times to contact them and it's been over a month, so I am now disputing the charge with my credit card company.
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What is a scam?

The term SCAM in the online world has been loosely translated. By definition, a scam is a quick-profit scheme where a person cheats another individual or group out of money by presenting them with false information during a deal or offer. There are many different types of scams that prey on unsuspe (MORE)

What is magnetic heading reference system MHRS?

Answer . This invention employs a magnetometer as a magnetic heading reference for a vehicle such as a small aircraft. The magnetometer is mounted on a directional dial in the aircraft in the vicinity of the pilot such that it is free to turn with the dial about the yaw axis of the aircraft. The i (MORE)

Is Pathfinders Business Systems coaching a scam?

Answer . In September 2006, I purchased a Pathfinder Tax Strategy and Asset Protection Course from Pathfinder Business Systems (PFBS) (Sebastian, FL) via Amsco Marketing LLC. Subsequently, I was sent 4 CDs and an Incorporating Brilliance Book. The Incorporating Brilliance book was the written (MORE)

Does the Magic Bullet blending system work well or is it another TV infomercial scam?

Yes! The magic bullet really works. But if you put ice in it make sure that its crushed or it will ruin the blade. Answer It really works. Answer It does work, but it's still a scam. Any regular or (even better) immersion blender will last longer. The better units will be less likely to br (MORE)

Is passport to wealth a scam?

Passport to wealth is not a scam if you are commitied to very small and achievable actions steps.. We have a team that does 4 training calls 4 days a week and as well we have awesome top quality step by step videos on how you can market your business online for free using the latest web 2.0 compani (MORE)

Is Rachel Ryan Stay at Home system a scam?

Doesn't look good. A couple of things to think about:. 1 anytime there is a 'limited time' opportunity, it's not a good idea. Many people use this as a 'fear of loss' tactic... if you don't sign up today, you miss out. #2 making claims of earning $600+ per day working from home - even though sh (MORE)

Is double payment systems a money making scam?

I highly doubt it, a friend of mine is on his Sendoutcards team and that's one of the most legit businesses out there. She's been doing it a couple of weeks and getting up to speed on marketing it on the Internet.

Is Michael Vincent work from home system a scam?

Business Contact Information . Primary Contact: Michael Vincent Customer Service Contact: BBB Accredited Status: none The Underground Cash Secret (216)000-0000 5196 Richmond Road Bedford, OH 44146 Work-At-Home Cos. Business Opportunity Cos. Internet Marketing Services Thi (MORE)

Is Be. a scam?

Yes, Be. Productions is a scam. I worked for them as a "Talent Director" and left due to moral differences. They do not have the connections they claim to and are using the names and images of celebrities without their knowledge. "Talent Directors" are kept around based on sales volume and not the t (MORE)

Is Brent Austin's Automated Wealth System a scam?

Not recommended. NSA Technologies, LLC - alternate business name Brent Austin's Automated Wealth System has complaints with the BBB in Akron. Wants you to set up websites to sell products. To get customers you have to purchase from another website. No response at their 800 Phone number. refer to lin (MORE)

What is Brent Austin Automated Wealth System?

This is a system where you have the resell rights for over 100 different e-books that you can sell in any way you see fit. Most people sell their ebooks through free classified adds, which is just like putting an add in the newspaper but it is done online and its almost always free. Also some people (MORE)

Is ewen chia's internet wealth system a scam?

Ewen Chia's Internet Wealth System will work if properly applied.However, the difficulty in applying all the principles is extremelydifficult and it does not always work the way stated in the system.

Scam is access control system coy genuine?

Your question is a bit unclear. I did find a company named Access Control System dealing in security for bank ATMs. In general, if you are being promised things that sound too good to be true, and you must pay up front, watch out!

What do you know about wealth power systems in Sandy Utah?

I am familiar with Wealth Power Systems. They are a telemarketing company that also does work in Salt Lake City Utah. There are several companies that run under WPS, such as Funding Resources ( . I do need to make you aware the Funding Resources is currently targeting senior (MORE)

Is stream line funnel system scam?

Yes, it is, I, and many others have had the experience. 1: I purchased a 40k lead package for $370. I received a check mark in my back office on August 23rd that the leads would go out. It is now SEPT 17th as of this post, and out of 40k, I've seen 0 results, which is almost an impossibility. Ever (MORE)

Is Wealth Dispatch Offices a scam?

Yes, it is. In it the say they've some prize check for you, but need you to send them around thirty dollars so they can process and mail your check. You do, and then you either don't hear back from them, or they send you more requests for more fees, and keep doing so until you finally realize that y (MORE)

Is Ryan Jackson's Automatic Wealth Solutions a scam?

Yes, it's a scam. You send him your money, and in return he gives you the secret to Automatic Wealth. Here's the secret to how "Ryan Jackson" gets wealth - he has people send him their hard earned money for nothing! Obviously if he had a real secret to wealth, he'd be busy doing that, not charg (MORE)

Is Automatic Wealth Solution By Ryan Jackson A Scam?

I believe this is a scam. I just purchased their "unbelievable" product at an "unbelievable" price of $49.99, and none of the links they have sent me will work to access the members area. Please do not fall into this trap, as I have. I have already gotten the ball rolling on getting a refund for the (MORE)

Is Automatic Wealth a scam?

Yes, it is. There is no such thing as "automatic wealth", and those who sent Ryan $49.99 were disappointed.

Are magnetic generators a scam?

If an attempt is made to sell you a magnetic generator, on the claim that it will supply you with free energy, then that attempt constitutes a scam ... that is, an attempt to defraud you for the seller's benefit. If the magnetic generator is simply demonstrated, with no attempt to persuade yo (MORE)

Is Ryan Jackson and automatic wealth solutions a scam?

Yes, it is. When you send him the $49.99 for his scheme, you will not get back anything that will automatically create wealth for you. Please bear in mind that if Ryan Jackson had such a secret, he would not need to sell it, he'd already have "automatic wealth".

Is The Ultimate Automatic System Online a scam?

If you send them your money, you will not become rich by trying to get people to visit "your" website. The company derives it's primary income from getting people to "invest" in that scheme, not anything else.

Why do you scam?

Scams online commonly come from Nigeria for high value items, that was widely believed, but with experience and research the rate of online scams is higher in Malaysia and Indonesia. Nigeria can be rated between number 18th - 26th, because IT is just on the embryo stage in Nigeria, whereas it is ful (MORE)

Is home revenue system a scam?

When considering whether or not something of this nature is a scam, you have to look for anomalies like is the reward vastly greater than the cost. Does the pitch not hint at how it works but goes on and on about the possibilities, outcomes, rewards, etc... Is the name of the person who succeeded do (MORE)

In your opinion is key wealth systems a scam?

Hi, I'm sorry but Key Wealth Systems is a SCAM. They don't give you what they offer in the web. The hook web offer make money filling surveys and other things. This is nothing in common with what they have on their site. It is just some info about how to use adwords and a site link to a market place (MORE)

Is advanced learning systems a scam?

It certainly seems so; when I turned on my speaker phone I could hear multiple voices in the background that indicated this was nothing more than a "boiler Room" operation intent on sucking as much money out of people as possible without any real benefit for those that spent the money - they are als (MORE)

Is Mark Starr Home Revenue System a Scam?

YES IT IS A SCAM, C/S # does not exist. They amount of TYPOS that are in the article are absurd. Everything he says he will e-mail you (account info etc...) never got e-mailed to me

What are opinions on survey revenue system as a scam?

I think that survey revenue system is definitely a scam. I was suckered into spending more and more money, now when I try to cancel within my 60 trial period, I get hung up on before I can speak to anyone. The customer service number is no longer in use. The e-mail address doesn't work. I am totally (MORE)

Is iOffice Online Business Systems a scam?

no, it is not. i'm doing very well using the Ioffice system. I am working with folks making over 15K a month. I've been here for only a few weeks and have made back my investment 2 times over. You must be able to follow step by step directions in order to succeed. Many people don't and become disgru (MORE)

Is world wealth distribution office a scam?

I really think its a scam,if a oerson won an amount of money why would they be asking for 20.00 to process your so called entry number,also they cant gaurante you anything not even an answer

Is wealth facilitation department a scam?

I think it is a scam because I reciced a letter from them May 15, 2012 and they're asking for $20.00 to be sent to ADD P.O. Box 358Hewletr, NY 11557-0358. I wonder how many of us received this letter stating that we're ELIGIBLE to win $1,645,000.00 in guaranteed Cash & Prizes . If a million people w (MORE)

Is the Stay at Home Revenue system by Sally Rhodes a scam?

Based from a business prospective... probably, but not entirely certain. Awaiting further results from Higgs-Boson testing. I see it as a product of education material on how to make money online by becoming an affiliate. It should/can work. -------------- Typical work-at-home scam. Decep (MORE)

Is Premier Home Business System a scam?

i have burnt my finger many a times. never ever even in your dreams believe these scamers. if a home business was so simple then all the top corporate bosses who are working so hard 24X7 wouldn't be dumb enough to run around all the time. It could be possible. It need a lot more hard work than a co (MORE)

Is optima wealth solutions a scam company?

As far as I can see, it is a legit company. They are a propertydeveloper and finance broker who use the equity in peoples homes toleverage a second mortgage. Using the rent and taking advantage oftax breaks from the investment property, people can own a secondhome without being out of pocket anymore (MORE)

Who was the father of the wealth based class system in ancient Greece?

What you are referring to is a timocracy, which is a system where only property owners may participate in government. Solon introduced a timocratic constitution in Athens in the early 6th century BC. His was the first known planned form of timocracy. Political rights and responsibilities were alloca (MORE)