Is life insurance mandatory?

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No. Not unless you have been instructed by a court order to have life insurance in place (i.e. for your dependents)
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Is boat insurance mandatory is South Carolina?

Yes it is, liability will be required, or a bond must be issued to you in lieu of an insurance policy. You'll have to check with your department of motor vehicles where you register the boat. You do have to have a title and registration for boat and trailer because of them being on the roads. If y (MORE)

Is boat insurance mandatory in Georgia?

Answer . Georgia does not require boat insurance. Its not required by law, in most states. You'll have to check with your department of motor vehicles where you register the boat. You do have to have a title and registration for boat and trailer because of them being on the roads. If you find th (MORE)

Is boat insurance mandatory in Nevada?

Because insurance laws and costs vary state to state, you should call your agent. Its not required by law, in most states. You'll have to check with your department of motor vehicles where you register the boat. You do have to have a title and registration for boat and trailer because of them bein (MORE)

Is watercraft liability insurance mandatory in Georgia?

Usually you have to have insurance if you're craft can go around 40MPH, the exact speed is varies state to state. If you do any charter boating, then you must have insurance (because it's a business). What will probably get you more than anything is that most Marinas require you to have liability. T (MORE)

Can a landlord request renter's insurance to be mandatory?

Answer . \nYes, it can be included in the lease. It will only cost you less than $250/year depending on the amount of coverage and protects both your personal property and your liability. Plus, if the building burns down or some other loss, pays for you new place to live and other inconvenienc (MORE)

Why should auto insurance be mandatory?

\n. \n Different Views \n. \nNo matter how you look at it - from either side - an accident, even without an injury can make your life miserable.\n. \nIf you're struck by an uninsured driver, you will be 100% on your own for repairs, los of use and any medical charges. You could always sue, b (MORE)

Is motorcycle insurance mandatory in Tennessee?

'financial responsibility'' is required in all states, meaning you'd better have enough money to pay for any and all claims you are deemed negligent or liable for should one arrise (to the injured party)..this is why most folks carry insurance, we don't have this much money setting around....all sta (MORE)

Is auto insurance mandatory in California?

Financial Responsibility is required in all U.S. states when operating a motor vehicle on public roads. California Car Insurance Mandatory Requirements Financial responsibility is required on any vehicle operated or parked on California roadways. You must carry evidence of financial responsibili (MORE)

Is boat insurance mandatory in Tennessee?

As of June 30, 2009 the answer is no, and there is no credible effort underway to make insurance for boating mandatory. Registration and compliance with all other Tennessee Wildlife Resource Agency regulations are required.

Is renters' insurance mandatory?

No, it's not mandatory However, it is highly recommended. I got it three weeks before a fire and saved my self around ten thousand dollars. You can't beat that, plus it's only like twenty dollars a month!

Is it mandatory to enforce NFPA 13 for insurance?

NFPA 13 only applies to specific types of occupancies and the requirements for enforcement would depend upon the "authority having jurisdiction", local ordinances, and state fire codes. Compliance with such codes is frequently a pre-requisite for obtaining insurance. On the other hand, other faci (MORE)

Is boat insurance mandatory in the state of Kentucky?

No state requires boat owners to have insurance on a pleasure boat. If you have a loan using the boat as collateral, the bank will usually require insurance coverage on the boat. They will also require to be listed as a loss payee which protects their interest in the event of loss to the boat. Some (MORE)

Is Texas windstorm insurance mandatory?

If your home is financed it is mandated by the terms of your mortgage contract. Failure to maintain the insurance required by your mortgage company is ground for Mortgage Default but it is not mandated by law. So if your home is paid off free and clear then it is just up to the homeowner if they wan (MORE)

Is auto insurance mandatory in Wisconsin?

Wisconsin is a unique state in terms of mandatory auto insurance laws. Residents and registered vehicle owners must comply with the states financial responsibility laws. While there are stipulations that allow drivers to drive without auto insurance, one of the requirements must be met to satisfy th (MORE)

Is disability insurance mandatory in NJ?

NJ has state mandated short term disability insurance for workers of private companies. Public employees are exempt from the mandate, but can buy coverage should the group choose the option.

Is it mandatory for companies to provide life insurance?

No, it's not mandatory. The IRS is allowing employers to deduct the costs of providing Group Life Insurance, up to $50,000 per individual, and construing this benefit as non-taxable to the employees. Group Life insurance is non-portable, you can't take it with you, and ceases when you leave your wor (MORE)

Why is auto insurance mandatory?

Driving is considered a privilege and not a right. Because it is a privilege drivers are required to prove they are financially responsible. Mandatory auto insurance is proof that drivers are financially responsible to cover damages or injuries in the event of an accident. Because most drivers canno (MORE)

Is house insurance mandatory in ga?

Homeowner's insurance is not mandatory in the sense that a statute or regulation requires it. However, if the property is subject to a mortgage, the lender will require that the structure of the house be insured so as to protect the collateral that secures the loan.

Is car insurance mandatory in India?

Yes. Every car needs to be insured before it is legal to be on road. Adding additional context, unlike in the US, the insurance is for the car, not for the owner, so whoever drives the car will get the benefit.

Is insurance coverage mandatory?

It depends on the type of insurance and the state. Health insurance coverage is required in Massachusetts, for example. Meanwhile, auto insurance is required in many states, but not in New Hampshire. It varies.

Is health insurance mandatory?

Under our current United States law, it is not mandatory for individuals to carry health insurance. I don't think it's a smart idea to not have health insurance, but it's just not affordable for some people.

Is home business insurance mandatory?

Certain forms of business insurance are mandatory and required by law. One example is worker's compensation insurance which must be carried by all businesses in all states. Other forms such as disability insurance are not required in all states so it varies by what state you live in. Most other form (MORE)

Is health care insurance mandatory in the US?

"As of this moment no health care insurance is mandatory in the United States. Although the government is attempting to change that, but it's doubtful that it will be a law that will be seriously inforced."

Why is it mandatory to have car insurance?

In fact, in some U.S. states, car insurance is not required. However, states that do require it do so to increase the general sense of liability. That is, it ensures that drivers have responsibility for their actions on the road.

What are the salient features of mandatory health insurance?

In the United States, health insurance is not made mandatory by the federal government. There are, however, certain employers or educational institutions that require it. If working as a medical resident, for example, health insurance is mandated.

Is state auto insurance mandatory in Florida?

In Florida, auto insurance policies differ greatly from other states. The required insurance includes Property Damage Liability, Personal Protection Insurance and Personal Injury Protection. Things such as Collision and Comprehensive coverage are not mandatory in Florida.