Is it mental abuse when a parent yells at you 24-7 for not doing something right and you feel really bad and are very depressed and cry every night because you feel like you can't do anything right?

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I am not sure what MA is, but don't worry most of us feel like this at some time or another in our lives. I know it sounds silly, but go and talk to your parents, tell them you need some encouragement rather than put downs, they are probably not doing it to hurt you, they just dont realise. If you can't, go and visit a doctor they can get you counselling, or even talk to teacher at school. Don't suffer in silence, it only makes things worse.
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Can depression make you feel like you can't love?

The main person you will have difficulty loving when depressed is yourself. There is such low self esteem and such low hope levels that it's very difficult to feel love at all. The outside is only a reflection of the inside.........if there is no love for yourself on the inside, how is it possible to love anything on the outside? There is a child inside you looking for love.....isn't it about time you gave it some quality attention?...then the love for others would flow without effort. Yes, it most certainly can. Depression is very difficult and affects millions of people and it's getting worse as the stress of the world rages on. The depressed person is spending all their energy trying to stay alive and looking for help so they have little energy for anything else. When one is depressed they are usually lethargic, loss of appetite or eating too much, don't care what they look like, lose interest in their social life or jobs. It can be quite a crippling disease if not looked after. Depressed people feel so low that they see little happiness in any aspect of their lives. They can become sexually dysfunctional, and lose most emotions. Example: If you saw a sad movie and you would usually cry, often a depressed person will either become more depressed over this scenerio or they will be void of feeling. It's a good idea to see your doctor and be honest with him/her because there is help out there. Depression isn't forever if you get the right medication and treatments that are available. Depression can manifest as a kind of numbness, a lack of feeling, or a sense of being incapable of feeling. See a therapist and discuss the options with regard to treatment. Depression like said before for me (I have it) only makes me feel like I can't love myself but I can love others although to me it feels like no one can love me, no matter how much I love them no one cares about me. But it varies with every person that has depression because it will do what your mind thinks is worse not being able to love and feeling like no one can or will love you. The above answers are quite valid. Keep in mind that depression affects different people in many different ways and its symptoms are as varied as the people who suffer from this illness. You cannot love anyone else until you can love yourself. And something else to consider: sometimes depression can make you feel like you don't deserve to love or be loved. Or that your love is worthless. See a doctor or therapist, please. There is no reason to suffer and be miserable. Everyone has the capacity to love and everyone deserves the chance to give and receive love.

What do you do if you feel like you can't do anything right anymore and just want to die but you can't tell anyone?

Answer . Well join the club! Most of us, at least a few times in our lifetime feel this way. We reflect back on things we've done and usually we aren't happy about it. We can live on "what ifs" or "I should haves", but the bottom line is, we should reflect from the eye on these events as simply "mistakes" and it's human nature to make them so we learn from these mistakes. \n. \nMaking mistakes in our lives is very important. If we didn't make mistakes we wouldn't learn a darn thing because humans can be an egotistic bunch.\n. \nWhen you are 12 to 16 those are hard times. Young adults are learning to flex their wings of independence and it's all unchartered territory so to speak, so yes, one is going to make mistakes. Learn from them! Once you've learned from that mistake keep score and believe me when I say, you'll come out a winner.\n. \nThen we get into our 20s and it's work, fun, careers, etc., and we feel like we have the world by the tail then suddenly reality kicks us in the butt and puts us in our place. We need rules in life to exist or it would be chaos. From 20s to 30s people meet someone, settle down, have kids, and then there are still problems that we all must get through and learn from.\n. \nThe only breathing room you get is when you get older. By then you've earned every wrinkle on you face, and have also earned the respect and personally, don't give a damn what others think. When older you can dig in your heals and tell people exactly what you think and walk away with a grin. You have a little more freedom because you don't have to worry about holding down a job, or putting up with that pesky relative you would have loved to have punched in the chops over the past years. Even at this age you are still learning new things, making mistakes and hopefully learning from them.\n. \nSaying you want to die is dramatic and I think you are a much stronger person than that. You may have had a series of things go wrong, but they aren't as bad as you think and here is how you can prove it:\n. \nTake a piece of paper and write down what went wrong and then right next to it put down how you think you can fix this problem (to the best of your ability.):\n. \nI split up from my boyfriend/girlfriend and I feel lousy.\nANSWER: It's perfectly normal to feel a grieving process when you've split-up with someone you love or thought you loved. Go with the flow, start getting out with friends and before you know it you'll find the love of your life.\n. \nI lost my job:\nMany people lose their jobs and it's not always their fault. Companies shave back and there are lay-offs. If it was your fault, then learn from it and just don't do it again. There are other jobs and more than likely you'll land a better job.\n. \nMy life is a mess!\nStart with the easiest things in your life and improve on them. Then work up to the harder ones. Realize that EVERYONE constantly should be improving their personalities and their moral outlook and also give something back to their community.\n. \nYes indeed, life can twist your mind around and make you think that it's not worth living at times, but just as quickly as life did that to you, it changes and things start to get better. I personally think life is a real kick. It's like one great adventure where you just never know what is around the corner. With every drawback or worry, there is something fantastic around the corner if only we take the time to see, listen and learn to communicate.\n. \nI'm almost 64 years of age. I reflect back on my life and think "Oh my God, if I knew I had to go through all that I would have never believed it!" The kicker is, I've grown stronger from it and I've learned a lot, yet there is always that titilating force that there is still much to learn and I love it! For all the bad things I had to endure there was laughter with family and friends, and some very good memories. I know you are stronger than you think, and I know you're going to make it. Get up off that computer chair, start getting out with friends or making new friends and live!\n. \nHang in there and things will get better!\n. \nMerry Christmas\nMarcy. Answer . its sounds hard but you just have to wait it out and better times ALWAYS come

How should a child deal with an abusive parent whose attitude is they can treat you as abusively as they see fit when they feel the need to put their foot down and you can't do anything about it?

Answer . This is a particularly hard question to answer because of what you consider abuse.\n. \nAbuse from a parent is when they take a belt, strap of any sort or an object to hit you with, or punching, kicking, scratching or slapping your face repeadedly. Taking priviledges away from you, telling you to live by the rules of the house or get out is NOT abuse. If you are failing school and they are making you study more and not allowing you out with friends IS NOT ABUSE. If you are doing drugs (not accusing you here) or drink too much (Not accusing you here either) then they have the right to lay down their laws of the house. Just because you are their child doesn't mean you shouldn't be expected to do chores around the house, follow their house rules and deal with it. This is not a free ride and a learning ground for you so you can become independent when you move out. If you give your parents respect then they should be giving it back.\n. \nIf you are truly being mentally abused (being called stupid, not allowed to attend school, making you look foolish all the time that's mental abuse.) If you are being kicked, punched, hit with a belt, or an object, repeadedly slapped in the face, scratched, etc., this is physical abuse. Spankings on the old butt (without an object and just an open hand) IS NOT ABUSE! If you are minor and abused you can report this to the police or Child Welfare and you will be taken out of the home. If you aren't telling the truth and you are just angry about having to follow house rules then you are in for a rude awakening. When Child Welfare comes into the picture not only can your parent be charged, but you will end up in foster care!\n. \nGood luck\nMarcy

Can someone who is still living with their abuser still be in an abusive relationship if they have read the books and know what the abuser's agenda is and don't feel like they can do anything right?

Answer . \none of the hallmarks of co-dependency is confusion about what abuse is and feeling powerless to change the situation. a good thing to know is that you didn't cause the problem and you can't control it, either. the only person you can change is yourself. being in an abusive relationship is so difficult and not just for the obvious reasons. it is psychologically damaging beyond what some might think. a quote that i heard years ago when my spouse was very abusive is this "even a broken clock is right twice a day." and so are you! i pray that you get the help and support you need to either deal with living with him or in leaving. it takes great strength and courage and a good plan to of luck in your future!. Answer . Yes because these types are smart. He may fill your head with distortions and obvious lies but then once in awhile they will throw in some truths, facts, just to keep you hooked. They know they cannot lie all the time so they have to get you to doubt everything about you by adding a drop of truth. \nFor example this creep I was involved with played horrible mind games such as telling lies to others. he even told all my friends he cheated on me with many women then once i asked him about it he said they were only trying to turn me against him. Finally a close friend told me he admitted he wanted to plant seeds of doubt. Then another time he told me I was too controlling when in reality he was the control freak but then he added I was educated and a good person. They enjoy keeping you off balance.

Is it bad to start smoking cigarettes because you feel depressed and just don't care about anything anymore?

A Very Unwise Choice . Yes, it is very unwise to start smoking cigarettes for any reason, just as it is unwise not to care about your health. Smoking cigarettes is a vile, smelly, extremely addictive habit that for some people is exceptionally difficult to stop. And before any smokers get upset from reading this, I started smoking at the tender age of eleven or twelve because the girls I was around all the time smoked. I started inhaling not long afterward because one of the girls made a comment that I wasn't. I am now over 50, and I am still puffing away and smelling like a smokehouse. Now, for those who have stopped smoking and say anyone can do it or those who have never smoked, let us not forget that we are all individuals and "let he who is without sin cast the first stone" at me.\n. \nOkay, back to the subject: Someone has hurt you, right? It could have been that you loved someone who did not love you, someone said or did something that just completely made you feel bad about yourself or the entire world, or any number of other things. Life can be full of things that make us feel like we do not care about anything anymore, and it is tough to get through those times. However, those times have a way of passing, and the hurts tend to heal. Turning to something like smoking is not going to ease the hurt or make it go away. If you start a habit like that during the times when you are hurting, the habit might not be so easy to give up when you recover from the hurt you are experiencing right now. \n. \nSo, yes, it is bad to start smoking at all, especially when you feel like you do not care about anything anymore. When we are in emotional or other pain, our sense of reasoning is not at its best. Give yourself some time. Work through the hurt you are experiencing right now by talking to someone, crying, or any number of other things you can do to help recover from your hurt. Hurting yourself even more does not solve the problems. It only makes things worse.

Was your abuser really that bad if you feel worse without him?

Answer . \nAbusers are bad. Period. It is common for someone who has been abused to feel lonely when the abuser becomes absent, but it is because of the stress of change. If you feel yourself running back to your abuser, get help. The situation will only escalate otherwise.

My right rib cage feels like I can't breathe?

Answer . If this happens all the time it could be anything from an ulcer to an irritated colon from drinking. If it's just happened it could be pure gas. People who have a poor diet or eat greasy fast foods then go out and drink (usually too much) will often have this problem. If it continues please see your doctor and be honest with him/her.

What is the right way to handle this bad feeling?

Find someone random on myspace, facebook, or whatever you use, and make a good connection to where the point you can talk openly about your feelings, and return the favor for them when they need it.

You marry the person for all of the right reasons but when you look at them you feel like you are having sex with or married a celebrity sometimes because he looks like one-is this bad?

If you married him for all the right reasons then why does it matter? Maybe you are feeling guilty because you are questioning your reasons? No not all - if your marriage is great as well as the sex his looks are just a bonus!! Enjoy. Nope well,of course what you do is you just have sex with them again! good luck! and u r more likely to have an orgasm so great surely. I don't think this is bad, but you could explain to your partner how you feel about this.

What do you do if your parent - guardian makes your life like hell and you feel really depressed about it and you cant go outside to make yourself feel better?

what i think you should do is tell ur mom you know I feel depressed because you hurt my feelings and you make my life feel the way i didnt want it to be.I thought it was going to be great but im doing all for you!Its always this and that and not even a chance to sit down and play games! (playing games makes me feel better)not listening to songs if u have any.playing with my friend i dont think she should be treating u like this! If your parents wont realize how important this is to you, you have to seek help elsewhere. Try your school counselor or teacher. They can probably help talking to your parents so they understand how important this is and how bad you feel.

What do you do when you feel like a WikiAnswers supervisor tells you to not do something that you thought was right?

You discuss the matter with that supervisor in a calm, mature intelligent manner giving your reasons why you think what you did was right. If you were told you did something against a rule, read the rule again and compare your action to the wording of the rule with an open mind. Keep in mind that there will always be differences of opinion on everything. Even the Supreme Court of the United States renders decisions where 5 of the 9 justices think a case should turn out one way and the other 4 believe it should turn out an opposite way.. If you are not satisfied with this kind of informal, person to person expression of ideas, then make use of the dispute resolution system.

What is a bad feeling after doing something wrong?

That bad feeling a person can get after doing something wrong is guilt! This is a good thing because it shows that person has a conscience and therefore they should try to rectify the hurt they have cause another or others. Answer Remorse.

When I get close to someone and I do something that just doesn't feel right after doing it I freak out because I feel like I messed up when really its nothing to worry about. How can I control this?

\n. \n Well u can control this bye when this urge or this uncontrollable thing comes to u just what ever it is stop it and then u will not freak out just do what i said it will be great!!!!!!!! \n. \n \n. \nI let my emotions get the best of me and I assume that I did something wrong and I blame myself and make myself feel miserable when I should just calm down and quit thinking all the time about something I may or may not have done wrong until proven I did mess up. Think maybe I just need to mange my emotions better or what? I'm all ears for any type of advice. Its a bad habit that I need to change and I believe it could make my life alot happier if I could control this.\n. \n Answer \n. \nDon't worry so much and just be yourself. No one is perfect even though many out there think they are. :-) Just relax and don't worry. I promise, if you do something to mess up somewhere...everyone will let you know believe me. It's cool. Don't worry. Be happy.\n. \nI realize that now after the fact. I still feel like I may have ruined any possible relationship with her but I don't really know that for sure though either. I'm making sure that I don't beat myself up over it with no hard evidence, so I think I may have already started to change a bit quote(a bit). I talk with my cousin a lot and he helps me when I'm down. I'm just wondering what I can do to change that part of me. Like what could I do to maybe control my emotions so I wouldn't have to feel like this anymore or over react over nothing either. Maybe pick up a new hobby or something I'm not real sure. For future references really, cause I do believe that if I can control this part of me than I could really have a happier life and not feel depressed or even have to cross that bridge again if you know what I mean. Plus I can't always fall back on my cousin cause he just might not be able to be there for me all the time and its not cause he wouldn't but cause he just might be busy or something to where I'm unable to communicate with him ya know.\n. \n Answer \n. \nJust keep working on it and it will get better. Someone very close to me had this same issue. He started some hobbies, some things he is good at, and it helped build his confidence. In addition, he was around other people that he had something in common with where he got feedback from people (sometimes not always nice feedback) but that's how he started learning. He is still working on things but has improved a lot in the last year. As time goes by, he sees that everyone is human and if someone else is so touchy that any little thing that you do is going to turn them away then that person is not worth it anyway. You'll be fine. Just keep working at it. There's a lot of books at the library that can help with things like this. Self-help kind of books. Lots of them!\n. \nThanks for everything. Just talking and letting this out makes me feel alot better. I will plan on making myself a better person and keep working on it. Thanks again for everything.

Wen you have a really strong feeling tht a boy likes you are you right?

Well you just have to ask him and find out. Or you can normally tell straight away if he likes you by his body lanuguage eg. If he looks at you when your not looking. Or he just brags about himself 24/7! Lmao! I know this boy, and i think he likes me a lot but i could be wrong so you will never know for sure until you find out! Hope this helps!

My friend is 12 and her parents just split up and she is feeling very depressed and feels like her parents dont care about her and dont have time for her what can i do to help her?

Be there for her by not talking and just listening . You cannot fix her. Don't try. You will accomplish far more by just listening and allowing her to talk it out. Just being supportive in that way and not offering advice may be difficult for you, and if you cannot do it, you should not get involved with that part of her life. Above all, remember that her reality is hers, and you do not "understand." Nor can you ever. Her pain is in her head. Listening will help her to let it out safely.

Pain on right side of stomach feels like sharp bubbles something moving?

There are many people on this site who have the intention of helping you, but you do not seem to appreciate this. . Honestly, bubbles can not be sharp. It is an oxymoron. A bubble is a pocket of air that has the smallest surface area. The skin stretches tight, so it is smooth and rounded. It is impossible to have a sharp bubble, unless it has a wire frame, but then, it is not the bubble that is sharp, but the frame. . Please resubmit the question.

If Im 16 and your dad tells you im worthless and will end up being nothing and you cant do anything right you go to sleep crying every night struggling in school because of it can you move in with you?

legally u need papers, at 16 im not sure completly, depend on where your moving to, if out of state possible not, if in with another adult maybe, u will need to talk to your states social security, and get your fathers permission to leave, at 16 your pretty much at a dead lock with your dad, and may have to deal with it, im not entirely sure though

Why does it feel like every time something bad happens to me it doesn't bother me?

Some people in this world aren't interested and don't get involved in something that doesn't affect their lives. Nothing is wrong with that. In fact, 73% (researched gathered from the United States of America Survey Association) people don't focus their attention on something that doesn't involve them just to cause more stress for themselves.

How come my right ear feels like its kind of clogged but at the same time not really but when I eat it does feel like its clogged what can that be or mean?

This is because of a difference between the atmospheric pressure and the pressure inside your ear. This pulls on your ear drum, which makes it feel like your ear is clogged. When you chew, it opens a tube that connects your ear and throat, called the Eustacian tube. If you are acquainted with scuba diving techniques, you will know how to equalise the pressure in your ear. If not, then it basically consists of holding your nose shut with one hand while blowing out. However, you should be careful with this, as if done improperly it can be harmful. Given this, I would not suggest that you try it without proper training. For now, just chewing on anything, or swallowing a gulp of water will do the trick. (sound familiar? This is the same thing as what happens when your ears pop at altitudes)

I am emotionally normal but I can't feel love in a relationship I just say what the other person wants to hear but I don't really feel anything is there something wrong with me?

I don't think there is anything wrong with you, but what I do know is people shouldn't say something unless they really truly feel it because it takes away from your own feelings and then your just doing it to please others. Sometimes you need to but I was once told that if you really deep down inside don't feel it then you shouldn't say or do it.

Is it okay to feel very depressed after a bad breakup?

Ohhh yes. That's like a major side affect. After me and my boyfriend broke up, I cried in bed and went to zombie mood. My body even refused to eat. It was terrible. But yes, depression is very common. Just remember you can always do better then that person, (:

I always make my girlfriend upset even when I don't mean to and its nothing bad like cheating on her not stuff like that I really do love her I just always feel guilty because I always make her cry?

well, being a girl, i think the best thing to do would be to make sure to tell her how much you love her, just don't push her. only she knows how fast she wants this relationship to go. try surprising her by doing sweet little things like wrapping your arms around her waist and kissing her neck. girls LOVE that! and DO NOT text her one word answers, it makes us feel like we're not worth talking to. good luck:)

Why do you feel guilty for doing the right thing?

because sometimes everyone else is doing the wrong thing and its peer pressure :)).Not everyone can do the right thing it takes the love for God for one to do the right thing and don't forget the wisdom of God is foolishness to the world

Do you feel a person sould Do right-because it is right No matter what Why or why not?

From a spiritual/religious view, one could argue that it is a person's moral obligation to do right. It also questions one's view on what is considered right. Is overthrowing a dictatorship right? Was killing the dictator to free the country a "right" action? The Christian God calls everyone to walk a path of good-doings and righteousness. From a secular view, one could be obligated to do good as trait of character, dignity, and compassion for others. the only reason where a "right" action should be passed is if one's own life is in danger. To ignore the plights of others, or to do wrong, whatever your beliefs are, would bring shame and dishonor in some to most cases.

17 year old runaway in California 3 mos. until 18. Parents knows were you are at all times comes and picks you up after 2 mos. have passed. You feel Mentally abused what are your legal rights?

There are legal remedies to this - you can file for emancipation. But if you are only 3 months away from turning 18 it's a waste of time. Grin and bear it for 3 more months, and at 18 you can leave home with no penalty - you will lgeally be an adult. Until the child's 18th birthday, she is a minor and under control of her parents. It does not matter how close she is, if she is a minor, she is a minor. If the parents allow her to live elsewhere, that is fine. If they want her home, she has to go. If she feels that she is abused, she can contact the state's child protective services department (usually called DFACS or CPS) an report the abuse. A case worker will then be assigned who will evaluate whether the situation is safe for the minor, or if she needs to be removed and placed in alternate custody.

16 Year old girl feel really down and crying every night help?

Just some more detail... I'm 16, and for the past few months i've felt really unhappy & down. It starts at about 9:00pm, when i start thinking about things which make me really cry; My old friends who i don't speak to anymore but i miss dearly, my nose(I hate it), i've never had a boyfriend, i have hardly any friends. I just feel like rubbish all the time. I just burst into tears. . I'm really stressed out (GCSE'S next year, picking A-Levels, Family pressure, exams in January). I feel like i can't do it. . I've got really low self esteem, and i'm not very confident which makes me feel like a failure. I've talked to my mum about how fed up i am, but she just says either: it's hormones, or don't be ridiculous lauren! You're so lucky! I don't know what's wrong with me, i just cry at everything.

How can you get parental rights suspended because of abuse?

By reporting it to the agency in charge of child services in your state of residence or law enforcement depending on the law where you reside. This is not something that should be done lightly. False accusations of abuse have lead to both parents losing custody to the state. However if the child is really being abused, you have a duty to report it.

How do you know if you are wording questions or answers right Say like you put something down then it gets removed for being mysteriously offensive then you feel bad for unknown reasons?

The best thing to do, especially if you're new here - is to read the guidelines (there's a link at the bottom of any page under the community heading). The guidelines will tell you what is, and is not acceptable. this will help you get the most out of WikiAnswers - by keeping your contributions 'on the right path'.

Why does answers feel they have the right to be asked anything?

Answers feels it's a priviledge that visitors from across the worldtrust us with their questions. And we hope Visitors feel it's apriviledge that they can post questions, get answers, and giveanswers. Nothing here is a "right" or "responsibility, except tofollow the rules.

Why can't you feel anything towards your parents when they are mad at you?

The reason you may not feel anything is that you are so confused onwhat you should feel. Your feelings probably do not know whetheryou should be sad or angry or frustrated with them since they aremad at you. If you do not feel any love towards your parents whenthey are mad at you, it is because you are frustrated and you focusall the apparent anger on them which blocks your mind from thinkingwith love.