Is axis bank scheduled bank of India?

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Yes it is a scheduled commercial bank in india
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Is Dhanalaxmi bank a schedule bank of India?

Yes. Dhanalakshmi Bank Ltd is an old private sector bank that is head quartered in Thrissur City of Kerala, India. It was founded in 1927. It is a scheduled bank in India that

Is the royal bank of scotlant is scheduled bank in India?

Yes. Royal Bank of Scotland is one among the many private banks that are scheduled and approved by the RBI to provide banking services in India. They do not have many branches
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Is axis bank is nationalised bank of India?

Axis bank is a private sector bank that is not owned by the government of India. A number of Insurance companies in India together own this bank. They are: . Unit Trust of I
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Schedule Banks in India?

There are numerous scheduled banks in India. They are: 1. AB Bank limited 2. Allahabad Bank 3. Andhra Bank 4. Axis Bank ltd. 5. Bank of America, N.A. 6. Bank of Baro
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Is Bank of America a scheduled bank in India?

The answer tp this is NO. I was in India 3 months last year, There was BoA in seeralcities. They can do money exchanes, cashing a check, or depositing a ch----eck They are not
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Who is the owner of axis bank in India?

Axis Bank is owned by the various large Insurance companies in India like Life Insurance Corporation, National Insurance Ltd, United India Insurance etc. Adarsh Kishore is