Is Time Warner cable better or Verizon?

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It depends on whether you like the benefits of Time Warner Cable (now Spectrum) or Verizon. It is your opinion to choose what you think is the better deal. You may have to research the facts, on whatever they offer.
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What is the name of the song Time Warner Cable?

The name of the song is called "Spooky's back". You can listen or buy it at this website.. Copy paste it in your address bar.

Cox Cable vs Verizon FIOs which is better?

Fios may be the more expensive provider..however, fios delivers a service that is about 30 yrs in advancement over any cable provider. To see the real details on the fios see

Is Verizon fios tv better than cable?

because of cable limited bandwidth the cable companies will never be able to provide quality tv service. Fios is hands down a better service. The fios signal is an uncompressed unfiltered pure quality signal. to see the total details see

What is the NFL network channel on Time Warner Cable?

It depends on your area. In NYC, HD (high def) is on 462 and SD (standard) is on 176. The link below is Time Warner Cable's official link showing the channels and locations. (MORE)

What channel is NBC in Time Warner cable?

Under "whats on" click channel lineup. It will ask you to make an account, do it. Then you'll come to a page that looks like when you hit menue on your remot. To the left there's a search bar. search nbc. **Make sure your not looking at msnbc** For me its channel 2. Check the relat (MORE)

How much does Howard stern cost on Time Warner cable?

Listening to Howard Stern may not cost your sanity and your chancesof being admired, but you may be surprised that the service hasshut down in December 2013. However, it may still existsomewhere... but the cost may not be available.

What channel is nesn on Time Warner cable?

The channel that NESN is on with Time Warner Cable will varydepending on location. You can access the channel guide on theremote control by pushing the guide button.

What is the mailing address for Time Warner Cable corporate offices?

Address of principal executive offices . 60 Columbus Circle, New York, New York 10023 (212) 364-8200. Per the SEC filing Form 8-K. Specifically: . Business Address 60 COLUMBUS CIRCLE, 17TH FLOOR NEW YORK NY 10023 212-364-8200 Mailing Address 60 COLUMBUS CIRCLE, 16TH FLOOR NEW YORK (MORE)

Emerson tv codes for Time Warner cable remote?

Some of the Emerson TV codes for a Time Warner cable remote are,028, 048, 043, 155, and 005. If none of these codes work you cantry, 116, 363, 047, 050, 051, 076, 096, 143, 153, 154, 052, or 514.

What is Time Warner cable Ref code S0a00?

This message is generated by the cable box and means that thesignal for the channel is not usable. This may be due to a loosecable connector at the back of the box, the TV outlet or splitters.This can also be due to a damaged drop cable, loose or corrorded orwet cable fittings. It could also be that (MORE)

How do you get dvr on Time Warner cable?

To get DVR with Time Warner Cable, you need to call your local Time Warner Cable business and let them know you what to add DVR to your plan. You may have to switch cable boxes though, which means a someone will have to visit your home, or wherever you have cable, and switch the boxes for you.

When will Time Warner cable not include wgme 13?

WGME's owner Sinclair and Time Warner Cable are at odds over retransmission consent fees in all the markets they both operate in. If no deal is reached by December 31, 2010, all Sinclair-owned stations nationwide could disappear from Time Warner Cable systems if no temporary extension is agreed to b (MORE)

Does Time Warner Cable support same-sex marriage?

Yes. Time Warner Cable, Inc. joined a 1st Circuit Court of Appeals amicus brief asserting that the 1996 Defense of Marriage Act is unconstitutional and should be repealed. Companies are corporate bodies, the support of the board of directors, for political and financial reasons do not represent t (MORE)

What channel is PBS on Time Warner cable?

I have comcast cable at my house, but I am at my grandparents house and they have time warner cable, but channels numbers are local and vary from place to place. Check time Warner's website for channel lineups or use the on screen guide if you have it.

Is Time Warner a national cable company?

Time Warner is a company that owns channels not only in the United States but around the world. Time Warner owns popular television channels such as Cartoon Network and CNN.

Where is Time Warner Cable located in NY?

The Time Warner Cable New York headquarters are located at 1 Time Warner Center, New York, NY 10019-8016. They also have storefronts at various locations around the city including 46 E 23rd Street and 2554 Broadway.

Who supplies Time Warner Cable Service?

Time Warner Inc. supplies Time Warner Cable Service. Time Warner Cable provides services for internet, phone, and TV. They include packages and discounts.


There are three Time Warner Cable Companies in Brooklyn. Theiraddresses and phone numbers are listed below. 769 5th Ave Brooklyn,NY (800) 892-2253 50 Paidge Ave Brooklyn, NY (469) 200-6455 59Paidge Ave Brooklyn, NY (718) 705-8839