If your shower leaked and caused mold in the wall and wood do you need to report this to your insurance or fix it yourself?

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Hush-hush, mush-mush I would keep quiet about it. Depending upon your state or local laws, the insurance company may be required by law to report mold problems to the proper authorities for professional remediation. Assuming the mold is severe, rip everything out right down to the studs. Replace the really bad studs. Replace the floor and sub-floor if you must. Good luck. If you have homeowners insurance, I would call your insurance company and ask if it's covered under your policy. If not, then you will have to DIY.
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What causes a drain in the shower to leak?

Answer . \nThe shower may be leaking from:\n. \n1) A failure of the drain and associated piping itself (e.g., corrosion of the cast iron floor drain),\n. \n2) A failure

What would cause rotten wood behind a shower wall?

Answer . I think you'll find the answer behind the wall! We had a problem with rotten wood behind our tub enclosure and found that the surround was installed improperly a

How to fix leak in delta shower?

Answer . You can remove it, and tape the threads with latex tape to make a better seal, or change out the washers. Depends on where the leak is.

How do you fix a leaking shower faucet from the wall?

If it is leaking from the control, you should be able to access that from the front. If it is the supply lines or the pipe to the shower head, there may be access behind it in

Who fixes leaks and fits showers?

Plumbers are the category of specialist for all water delivery systems. Some professional plumbers are skilled at repairing other things that use the water, or you may need a

How do you fix leaking shower walls?

Silicone caulk is your first line of defense, but that should be considered a stopgap fix only. Leaking shower walls implies a bigger problem - it should probably be checked o

Is a leaking shower covered by homeowner insurance?

Leaky showers and plumbing are usually covered by a plumbers visit.Occassional maintenance is an normal and expected part ofhomeownership and is not a covered peril under your
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What typically causes a shower faucet to leak?

There are many things that can cause a shower faucet to leak. Some of the most common reasons for this are poor quality washers, washers are the wrong size,loose nuts, build u