If medical insurance will not cover injuries from an auto accident why do they ask if you have it and then limit your coverage?

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Medical insurance should cover any injuries substained no matter how they were caused.  
Health insurance is only responsible (in most cases) for what your car insurance and the third party involved's insurance does not pay. Legally, car insurance is primary over health insurance.
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If you have health insurance will your PIP pay for an injury in an auto accident?

Answer . In Florida, PIP will pay 80% of the bills till a total of $10,000 is reached. \n. \nAfter the $10,000 limit, the health insurance will kick in as if that was the primary insurance. \n. \nSo what about the 20% before the $10,000. Send the remaining balance bills to your health insur (MORE)

Does the liability coverage on your auto insurance cover you against a liability exposure if you are at fault in an accident and a passenger in your car is killed in the accident?

It should, up to the amount of the policy. It is possible that your liability could exceed that amount, particularly if you had only "legal minimum". And I suppose there could be some situations spelled out in your policy, maybe DUI or commission of a crime, that might create an exception. Ther (MORE)

If your wife had an accident and she was not on your insurance and was driving a rental car that had sui and cdw but no pai for medical injury who pays your auto-ins rental-ins or medical-ins?

Answer . \nYour medical insurance will probably pay; however, you will have to put in a claim to the other insurances first and get a written copy of denial before your medical insurance pays on a car accident. Make sure your doctors' billing offices have those instructions. I fought the charge (MORE)

Do insurance companies have a time limit when investigating an auto accident?

Answer . Depending on where you are (I can only speak for the U.S.), there may be no restriction on how long insurance has to act on a claim. Some states to have a statutory limit for responding to a claim (for example, ten working days) and others, like Florida, do not. They allow market force (MORE)

If the bank puts their own insurance on the vehicle due to no coverage and you get in an accident what is covered?

Answer . This coverage is called Lenders Single Interest Insurance, and it insures the LENDER against loss. If you crash the car and damage another person's property, the insurance will pay the bank the amount of the loan and cover any damages that may be assessed against the bank if they are s (MORE)

Do you really need ununderinsured motorist coverage if your collision coverage covers the car damage and separate medical insurance covers injury treatment?

Underinsured motorist coverage protects YOU against the other driver not having enough coverage to handle your losses. Say they are at fault and carry 15/30/10 (the minimum in most states, but even 25/50/20 if you want) - that means any one person they injure is covered for 15K max...to a total of 3 (MORE)

Is No-fault insurance covered only auto accidents?

Answer . Yes only for Auto, Campers, Motorhomes while on the highway What's No-Fault Insurance?No-Fault Auto Insurance Coverage pays for each driver's own injuries and property damage, up to the limit specified in the policy, regardless of who caused the accident. Because No-Fault insurance var (MORE)

Will personal medical insurance or car insurance pay medical expenses in an auto accident?

Your choice, depending on which coverage is better. Try the auto insurance first. but remember, their job is to minimize costs, and sometimes you have to go where they send you. they may have limits depending on the policy and state laws. your medical coverage is designed to cut costs by keeping you (MORE)

What is the benefit of having uninsured motorist coverage and medical payments on your auto insurance policy?

The benefit of having uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage is that almost 20% of us drive around with no insurance. There's also a good percentage of high risk drivers with minimum coverage running around. That's quite a pool of drivers we're up against every day. You want to be able to cover yo (MORE)

What is statute of limitations for auto accident injuries?

It depends upon the state in which the accident occurred. In Louisiana, the statute of limitations that is commonly referred to in other states is known as the 'period of prescription'. This is due to the fact that Louisiana operates under a Civil Law Code rather than the more widespread Common Law (MORE)

How much medical payment auto insurance coverage is right?

This question is very tough to answer well. I know in PA medical from auto insurance is the first source used to cover a medical expense. If you have a decent health insurance plan this can provide coverage over top of the medical from your auto.. However,as the deductibles on health care are incre (MORE)

Will auto insurance cover medical bills from an auto accident?

Yes. Most states require that the registrant of an auto to maintain a type of coverage to pay for his/her own medical expenses and a portion of lost wages as a result of a collision. This is generally payable without regard to fault for the collision and is payable under the injured party's own poli (MORE)

Does auto insurance cover at home accident?

If you are referring to an auto mishap that occurred on your property and that resulted in damage to the car, it might. The obvious situation that comes to mind is, for example, if your vehicle ran into your house, resulting in damage to your car. The collision coverage on the car would likely pay f (MORE)

Does State Farm Insurance cover your pet if you are in an auto accident?

State farm does not cover your pet if you are in an at fault accident, however, if you are involved in an accident in which it is the other driver's fault, pets fall under property damage and their bills would be paid by the other driver's insurance company. On a side note, Progressive offers $1,000 (MORE)

What happens if medical expenses exceed auto insurance coverage after an auto accident?

1. Most states have a requirement that a registrant of an auto maintain "personal injury protection" (PIP) coverage (altho the name may be different). This is the essence of so-called no-fault auto insurance. Essentially, it pays a percentage of the insured's own medical bills and lost wages, up to (MORE)

Does full coverage auto insurance cover auto repairs?

yes full coverage insurance covers auto repairs. It also covers maintinance and gas costs. Thats right fuktard, full coverage insurance is the only expense you will incure while driving. In some cases they will even pay speeding tickets for you!

Does health insurance cover bodily injury in an accident?

Different states and policies can have different benefits and coverages. Health insurance will cover medical costs related to an auto accident but in most states they are secondary to automobile insurance. This means that the auto insurance will be responsible for payment first and health insurance (MORE)

Will auto insurance provide coverage for accident when violating daytime driving restricted license?

Why would you even want to consider a question like this? If a person is restricted to driving only in the daytime that means their license is not valid after dark. If you allow someone to drive when they do not have a valid license they may not be covered, they certainly are not legally driving. Al (MORE)

Which companies offer auto accident personal injury cover?

If a person has car insurance more than likely they have coverage if they are injured or injure someone else. If one is looking for it they should go to any auto insurance company to get it, like Geico, esurance, State Farm, All State, and more.

Does your full coverage auto insurance cover vehicle in tow as well?

The vehicle being towed has to have physical damage coverage itself in order to be covered for damage. A vehicle towing another vehicle does transfer the liability insurance to the trailer or object it is legally towing but the physical damage done to the object being towed does not transfer.