If living in a condo can the board room or office be locked and only the board members have access?

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If the condominium association protects its work in an office and only allows board members access to the room or office, then, yes.

You may be able to find a specific answer in your governing documents, including board meeting minutes where this decision could have been voted upon.
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If you are the president and interim manager of your condo can you still vote as a board member if you take the job permanently?

You can find the answer you want in your governing documents. Look for the section on voting. As an owner in good standing, you should be able to vote. As well, as an owner in good standing you should be allowed the privilege of volunteering to serve on the board as its president. If you take o (MORE)

Can a non resident in Florida be a condo board member?

Your governing documents set out the requirements for board membership. Residency in the community may be a requirement; it may not be. Best practices, however, indicate that a resident in the community can most easily become involved in the business of operating the condominium community.

I live in a condo complex Can the Board of Trustees distribute condo information by putting it under the red flag on the ownners' mailboxes?

Read your governing documents to determine whether sliding information under the red flag on an owner's mailbox is considered a formal, official notification option, or whether someone has determined that this is an informal way to put information in the hands of condominium owners. As well, if the (MORE)

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How do you remove a condo board member?

Elect someone else. . Read your governing documents and determine how many other board members are required to vote a board member off the board. As well, a group of owners -- your governing documents will give you the percentage required -- can vote a board member off. It's a good idea to doc (MORE)

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Can two condo board members share the same unit?

You are well advised to seek the answer from your attorney, as to its legality under your governing documents or under your state's condominium law. The real issue arises when voting, since only one vote per 'door' is usually counted.

Your condo association insurance policy has expired and the board members have not informed the tenants what do you do?

If you are a tenant, you can inform the unit owner, including evidence, that the master policy on the commonly owned real estate assets has expired. The owner, then, would send an official notice to the board indicating that they were in violation of the rules written in the governing documents reg (MORE)

What are the individuals rights of a condo owner not to be haressed by condo board?

It depends upon why the condominium board is in special and frequent communication with you. Read your governing documents to remind yourself of your legal obligations, responsibilities and rights as a condominium owner. If you believe you're being harassed, you can file a police report and pursu (MORE)

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What is the meaning of a condo board's right to peremptorily remove an office of the board?

Peremptory means something definite and absolute, final and notentitled to delay or reconsideration. By a vote of the majority of the officers of the condo board, IFTHEIR DOCUMENTS ALLOW IT, they may remove one of the board membersfrom the office they hold (i.e.: Pres/V-Pres/Secty/Treas). However, t (MORE)

President of the board non board member blocked changed post office box and bank account from acting board voted manager of condo association what can we do?

That depends on who 'we' might be. From your question, it's unclear who's a non-board member, and who's the manager, and who is 'we'. If you are other members of the board, you can enlist the support of your association's attorney to compel the (non-board member) people in possession of the associa (MORE)

Can a school board deny a community member access to a public meeting?

Yes and No. If a community member has made threats against any member they can be denied access. Generally, according to a law called the Brown Act all school board meetings are open to the public. Many school boards also hold a closed meeting to discuss issues with teachers and any problems that ha (MORE)

How do you resign from condo association board?

Once you become a board member, whether appointed by the developer or elected by the membership, you may resign your post as either a named officer, or as a director of the association -- or both, by sending a letter to the board indicating your resignation. You need not give a reason. Best pr (MORE)

Can a board evict you out of a condo your mother owns?

The condominium board is chartered with some combination of tasks that cover security, maintenance and preservation of real estate assets that all owners own in common. In the governing documents, the board may have the right to evict a resident who violates the regulations, the covenants, the co (MORE)

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Does a condo newsletter need board approval?

It depends on who publishes the newsletter and in whose name. If non-board-member owners publish a newsletter and follow the delivery guidelines outlined by the board or by governing documents, and claim authorship of the newsletter, then no board approval is be required. If, however, non-boar (MORE)

Do condo boards need email disclaimers?

Communications by boards to the membership of an association shouldbe easily identifiable as coming from the board. According to Wikipedia, disclaimers are usually used when there is"uncertainty, waiver or risk." If the board sends communications by e-mail to its membership whenuncertainty, waive (MORE)

Can a board member voted out of office without cause file suit?

Anyone can sue anyone over almost anything. The key is this: the ousted board member must complete the necessary research to confirm that s/he has a case (leg) to stand on in any suit s/he expects to win. If your governing documents state that any board member may be voted out of office by the (MORE)

Do you have to pay condo fees if condo board does not follow guidelines?

Yes. Apparently, your question implies that using your leverage by not paying your assessments will change the behaviour of the board. This is not a valid assumption. Read your governing documents to better understand your options. Your monthly assessments pay the bills for operating the com (MORE)

Can the founder of the nonprofit put in the bylaws that only he can pick and remove board members?

Since you chose the condominium...category, the assumption is that the non-profit's founder is the developer/ builder of the community, and that the community's status is still within the 'declarant control period'. During these early days of a community project, the developer usually has free reign (MORE)

Is a condo association required to have a board of directors?

If the association is a corporation -- and in most states, this is true: associations are usually non-profit corporations, the state may require that the corporation have a board of directors. Without a board, it's unclear how an association could operate the business composed of the multi-million (MORE)

What if a condo board is corrupt?

Corrupt is a strong word, and you'll need proof of your accusation to call on any local authority to lay a legal charge on the board. If, however, you suspect corruption, it's a good idea to document what you suspect. Read your governing documents to discover what rights you have as an owner to i (MORE)

Does the Illinois Condo Act prohibit board members to remove another from their position at any specific time?

The Illinois Condominium Act serves as a template for your governing documents, which is where you'll find the guidelines for the answer to the question that you asked. If your association is also a corporation, the answer may be there. Look for a section with Removal of a Director in the title. (MORE)

Who do you go to when your condo board doesn't do their job?

You would need to consult with a private attorney or with the attorney who represents the condominium association, if any. Another Answer As an owner, you have many options based in your governing documents. Primarily, your options are based in your willingness to pursue a cause, enroll other (MORE)

Can you be on a condo board if it is being foreclosed?

If the association is participating in a bankruptcy process as thepetitioner, the association needs your participation. If, however, your unit is being foreclosed upon, read yourgoverning documents to determine whether or not you still qualifyto participate as a director -- your ownership now bein (MORE)

Can a proxy be used in the election of board members for condo association?

Read your governing documents to learn more about how proxies can be used in board elections in your association. Usually, an owner receives a document which can serve as either a ballot or a proxy. So long as the owner's signature is on the document, and it can be identified as a proxy, it can be (MORE)

What to do if condo board doesn't enforce the rules?

Read your governing documents to determine the board'sresponsibility to enforce the rules. If a particular violation of the rules disturbs your quietenjoyment, write a letter to the board detailing the violation andrequest that the matter be added to the next board meeting agenda,together with a fe (MORE)

Is it against the laws of privacy for a condo board member to disclose at member meeting someones payment history of condo fees also if they are current or not?

Generally, it would be appropriate to discuss past due condo fees and who owes them at a member meeting. However, you should review all the condominium documents to determine if that action is specifically discussed. All the board members and unit owners have an interest in the financial stabilit (MORE)

Can a condo board member harass owners?

Yes, board members are human: a board member 'can' harass owners. Is it legal? Probably not, unless the board member harasses all owners equally, in which case, the board member's tenure may be short. If you believe that a board member is harassing you or a group of owners, read your governing (MORE)

Whom to contact to fight condo board?

As an investor and shareholder, you are entitled to fair and equaltreatment, equal to that of all owners. If you believe that you are being treated unfairly and haveexhausted all your options, such as writing to the board, attendingboard meetings and presenting your case there, and so forth, youcan (MORE)

Can you denied by the condo board if your boyfriend is buying the condo?

Condominium boards are not in the business -- do not have the powerto exclude guests. You may want to chat again with your boyfriend. However, you have not explained what exactly was denied and why.The board may have the authority to exclude you depending on thedetails. Please add details on the d (MORE)

Can only proxies be used to vote out NY condo board members?

In this case, owners are well advised to educate themselves as tothe matter at hand and show up in person to vote according to whatthey believe should occur. If someone is telling you that only proxies can be used in thiscase, request the legal opinion upon which this -- probablyerroneous -- inform (MORE)

How do you take your condo board to arbitration?

You can request it in writing and ask that your request be added toyour file. Best practices dictate that you mutually hire a neutral third partyto conduct the session. In arbitration, remember, the decision ofthe arbitrator is final. You might also consider mediation, whereby both parties can shar (MORE)

What if your condo board is dishonest?

'Dishonest' is a strong accusation. If you have proof of dishonesty, take the evidence to a localcommon-interest-community-savvy attorney and ask the attorney torepresent you and other owners willing to help you pay for theseservices, and bring charges against the board for the crime youallege.

Can you hire condo board members?

There is no standard. Read your governing documents to determine the qualifications for aboard member. If your governing documents are silent, read thestate law that covers the type of corporation formed for yourassociation, if any. When governing documents are silent, the statelaw applies. Generall (MORE)