If an auto policy is canceled due to nonpayment how long you can be without auto insurance without being penalized for being terminated?

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In my state Michigan its usually about 6 months, but i would get insured before the experation date on your proofsincase the new isurance agency wants to see proof
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Can you have your mother insured on your car without being on the policy yourself?

Yes, but in order to avoid coverage issues, you need to consider a few things: 1. If you and your mother live together, it would be best if your mom listed your vehicle on her

Can you get auto insurance without an auto?

Answer \nIt depends on the insurance company. There are some out there where you can get insurance on you to drive any vehicle and be covered, it is normally more expensive

Is there an early termination fee for canceling an auto policy?

That depends on the insurance company, the brokerage (if applicable), and the state you are in. I'm an insurance broker in California, and I sell policies for 30 companies or

Can you get auto insurance without a vehicle?

If you do not own a vehicle you can still purchase auto insurance to cover you when you are driving borrowed vehicles and rented vehicles. Named non-owners insurance is a poli

Can your parents' insurance company cancel their auto and home policy due to you being charged with a drug crime and later the charges dismissed?

If charges were dismissed, and therefore, there was no conviction, no. In fact, it would be unusual for the insurer even to know of the charges unless, for example, there was

Can your auto insurance policy be changed without your consent?

Generally, yes. It is not uncommon for an insurance company to change the terms and conditions of the policies that it issues. For the most part, coverage and rate changes