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Contact your local property tax department and request a copy of the form that you will need to use to file for the property tax refund or you could try and see if this could be done online at the local property tax online website.
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Can you file for a tax refund while in a chapter 7 bankruptcy?

Filing Return While in Bankruptcy . Yes, you still have to file your taxes as usual. Any refund will probably be appropriated by the trustee and treated as a nonexempt asset, which will be used for repayment of creditors.. Adding As indicated, this is one of your assets and must be disclosed to the creditors committee as something they can use to pay your debts. They will probably ask about it if you don't provide it. They've seen it many times before.

If you have filed for bankruptcy can you keep your tax refund rebate?

I believe the best way to look at this is: The money your being refunded is an overpayment made for earnings at some time. If those earnings were pre-petition, so had you had the money it would have been part of the BK assets, then the refund should be too. (The only reason the BK didn't have it as asset to start was because you over estimated a could have over estimated and had all you earnings withheld...but that certainly wouldn't mean you should get it all back now because you had it essentially on deposit someplace else).

What can you use your income tax refund on if your filing chapter 7?

Until you file, your money is yours to use. Financial counseling would be an excellent choice.. However, you have debt obligations you promised to pay...that would be a good honorable place to use it. (If you don't think doing the honorable thing is important, then don't complain when others don't care about what harm they do to you). Anything you do for some extended time, especially using any asset or trying to make a benefit, before BK can be challenged in the BK (and reversed, etc.) being done preferentially in anticipation of BK. And here to, the BK Court doesn't like anyone doing those things, so they may decide to not be as favorable to you as they could be. (And if you swear to them you didn't act that way (and you will be swearing to it), and they can see you did..well that can be criminal purjery).

If you live in a community property state and only your husband files for bankruptcy and you file your taxes separately can the bankruptcy court take your portion of your tax refund?

Yes, unless you also file papers for an "Injured Spouse" which may or may not relieve you also of the tax burden.

Should you wait to file chapter 13 after tax refund?

Either way they will want a tax return filed before filing for chapter 13. If you are expecting a refund then they will seize it if it is after so to keep the money file first and wait for the return, it will be considered as part of your income. If you owe it is better to know the amount before filing.

Can the bankruptcy court take your entire tax refund if married filing jointly?

Presuming not a community property state and only one of you filed BK? The part that can be shown relevant to the non-BK spouses earnings and overpayment would be exempt from claim. (If that person didn't contribute to the overpaid withholding, they probably wouldn't be deemed entitled to a refund).

What form do you file to get federal refund check the extra one if you do not have to file taxes?

The answer is a little more complicated than one form number. To get your extra tax rebate, you must file an income tax report even if you normally do not have to because of limited and/or tax free income. If you qualify to file the 1040EZ (the simpliest tax return) that is the one to go with. If you want to itemized deductions, own a farm or a buisness, or just about anything that makes your tax report more complicated than just your salary and/or a few dividends, you will have to file the more complicated 1040 form (of which there are several).. What to do? Most cities offer free tax preparation or advice through a variety of organizations. Or, call the IRS's toll free number and ask them.. Good luck

Will you ever get a tax refund again if you file chapter7 bankruptcy?

Sure. And you get one before and during C 7 too. Its just that a refund is a return of an overpayment, an amount that you put on deposit above what was needed if you will, and you hand it over so it can be used to pay the debts it would have been available for. After BK, if you overpay tax on any of those earnings, it is yours to do with as needed also.

Is there a fee for filing income taxes late if you're owed a refund?

No. All penalties with the IRS are based on a percentage of what you owe. If you don't owe anything, there is no penalty.. You should be aware, however, that you only have three years from the date the return was originally due (including extensions) to claim a refund or else it is lost forever. So as of today (6/11/2008) you can only still get a refund on your 2005, 2006, and 2007 returns.

When filing tax you owed money to the IRS instead of getting a refund when will you get your stimulis check?

Assuming you paid the tax, you'll get the refund according to the schedule on the IRS web site.

If property taxes are not in your name can you file bankruotcy?

Of course having Prop taxes in your name is not a requirement for filing BK.For them to be included in your BK, you would have to prove they are a debt you are responsible for...perhaps through a lease or which case the debt as part of the lease would be included.

Should you file for bankruptcy first and then file your taxes to keep you tax refund?

It makes no difference. The refund of your overpayment is an asset that is part of your BK anyway. It was overpaid using funds before your filing, that would/could have been used to pay is a pre-ptition asset...simply on deposit at the Gov't. When you file to receive it is irrelevant.

If you file a 1099 tax form can you file rapid refund?

Rapid refund and such are done by private companies and are fancy names for very expensive loans. If your paid on a 1099, you were required to make estimated tax payments through the year, and if you overpaid on those, and therefore have a refund coming, I suspect they would give you that loan. But if that's the case, as the last payment was due 12/15, you should have sent less...not sent a lot and then borrowed money at a huge charge waiting to file a return and get it back.

Can you file bankruptcy on property taxes?

ALL your property (all your assets) AND all your liabilities are do not pick and chose. You cannot go BK on a speci Save fc debt. They are given different priorities, some debts may not be discharged (like child support), and some assets (like household goods, work tools), may not be used. Secured debts. (and property taxes are secured to the property being taxed), get first claim to the proceeds from that asset. Answer Real estate taxes cannot always be discharged in bankruptcy. Determining whether they can be discharged requires some investigation by an attorney who specializes in bankruptcy law. A secured debt for property taxes would be perfected by the recording of a tax lien in the land records.

If you file February 10 2009 will the trustee take your 2008 tax refund?

Very likely...the money being refunded is from what you overpaid into, essentially, a savings account at the IRS with your name on it. Had you had the correct amount withheld, the extra in your check would have rightfully been available to pay your debts with then (before filing BK). It is a pre-petition any bank account or such. You could have had much more withheld from your check easily, paid even fewer obligations....and then had a bigger refund...that doesn't mean you should get to keep it while others go unpaid.. In reality, many trustees ignore small amounts of refund.

How can you get your maximum refund if you already filed taxes?

file an additional information page to amend your tax refund and show the additional information and file it again, then just wait they will certainly contact you if you made a mistake. Where ever you get your taxes done can do this for you also.

Didn't file income tax last year will you still get refund this year?

That depends. If you didn't overpay your taxes through withholding or other means, you won't get a refund. If you were not required to file a tax return in 2007 and are due a refund, there is no reason you shouldn't get it. If you had income in 2007 that the IRS is aware of (say because it was reported on a W-2 or 1099) and that was sufficient to require the filing of a 2007 return, your refund may be held up until the 2007 issue is resolved. If you meant to ask "Is there still time for me to get a 2007 refund?" the answer is an emphatic yes. All you have to do is fill out your 2007 tax forms and mail them in. It's really that simple. Even if you didn't file a 2007 tax return, you should file a 2008 tax return on time if you are required to file for 2008. A lot of people, for one reason or another, neglect to file a tax return for a year or two. They then become scared and stop filing tax returns for future years. Even if you missed a return in the past, you should file this year's return on time. Each and every year you miss is a separate offense and subject to a whole new set of additional possible penalties. Not filing for 2008 will not help your problems from past years. In fact, it will compound your problems and make them orders of magnitude worse. If you should have filed taxes in 2007 or you were owed a refund from 2007, file your 2007 taxes now. And regardless of what you do about 2007, file your 2008 taxes on time.

Do you have to file taxes even if you getting refund?

Yes. Do you think the IRS should just presume that everybody who doesn't file doesn't owe any taxes? 26USC6012 requires anyone having more than a certain amount of income to file a tax return. 26USC7203 makes willful failure to file a return a crime punishable by up to a year in jail and/or a $25,000 fine. Neither of these laws carry any requirement that you owe money. It is extremely rare, but people have been successfully criminally prosecuted for failure to file even though they might owe no money. See Spies v. United States , 317 U.S. 492, 496 (1943); United States v. Wade , 585 F.2d 573, 574 (5th Cir. 1978). Is the typical guy whose only source of income is a W-2 on which he had way too much tax withheld going to get prosecuted? No. Maybe if he gets arrested for something else like drugs, a tax charge might be piled onto his case. Or if he sends threatening letters to the IRS commissioner, they might take revenge. But not typically. People who have never had any income other than a W-2 forget one fact: The IRS does not know whether you owe any money until you file your taxes. A lot of people have income from other sources that does not get reported on a W-2. They owe income tax on that, too. And the IRS does not know that you have dependents or have deductions or whatever unless you file a tax return. They need that statement, sworn under penalty of perjury, of your income, deductions, exemptions, credits, and so on to properly calculate whether you owe taxes. If you don't send it to them, they will make certain worst-case assumptions about you and could even pursue you for taxes you don't owe. And if you don't file, the statute of limitations never starts running. That mean that the IRS can hound you over whether you owed taxes forever. There are also certain elections that need to be made on or before the filing date. Failure to make these elections in a timely manner means you forfeit the opportunity. For example, you can take a return of your current year IRA contribution or recharacterize a contribution up until October 15 of the next year, but only if you file your return (or an extension) on time, even if you don't owe money. Now many people will point to the fact that the civil penalty (as opposed to the rare criminal penalty) for filing late is based on the amount of money you owe. If you don't owe any money, the penalty is $0. (Note: some states impose penalties that may not be based on the amount you owe.) They then extrapolate that to mean you are not required to file and nothing will happen if you don't. These people do not know the big picture. And I don't know how many times I've seen people say "I always get a refund" but this year they don't. And they don't realize it because they haven't filled out their taxes. Or they make a mistake on their taxes and the IRS catches them. They end up paying thousands of dollars in needless failure to file penalties because they didn't file on time.

Filed taxes on April 17th and don't owe will taxes be refunded to me in two weeks?

If you e-filed and requested direct deposit, there is a good chance they will be, assuming there are no problems and the IRS doesn't need to investigate anything on your return, etc.

Can tax levy's be filed against tax refunds by property owners who have a court issued order for tenants to reimburse back rental fees as well as court costs?

I think your confsing terms and such. If you have a judgment against someone you can probably garnish their income or attach assets. You will not be able to do anything to their tax refund, if in fact they have one until they deposit it and the garnishment/attachment applies. Individuals do not issue tax bills, tax levy's or the like - only governments.

Why should you file your tax return early when you expect a refund?

For a couple of reasons. 1. If you have allowed the government to use your money interest-free from the day you overpaid your taxes, you continue to lose the value of that money for each day you have not yet received it. 2. There are people who file bogus tax returns in your name, making claims for refunds that you will never see, costing billions of dollars every year, and making it very difficult for you to obtain a timely refund.

How many years do you have to file your income taxes if you are getting a refund?

It doesn't matter if you receive an income tax refund or not. The fact is is you worked and had federal and state taxes taken out you would need to file your taxes every year. However, much depends on your filing status (single, married, etc) and how much you made that year on whether you would file. To be on the safe side if you had federal and state taken out of your checks you should file.

When can 2009 tax refunds start being filed?

I- CAN !® E- File E-Filing for tax year 2009 begins January 18, 2010. Welcome to I- CAN !® E- File . I- CAN !® E- File can help you prepare and E- File your taxes . ... We have FREE online chat available to help you with any questions you have about using I- CAN ! ... www.i can e file .org/ - Cached - Similar I found this and the date says January 18, 2010 is the first day to e-file so I am assuming this would mean filing any taxes.

On unemployment had taxes taken out.with new tax law would i file for a refund?

Yes it is possible that you could receive a refund. For the unemployment benefits that you received last year you should receive a 1099-G from the state showing the total amount received during the year and the amount in excess of 2400 will be entered on line 19 page 1 of the 1040 tax form and added to all of your other worldwide gross income and taxed at your marginal tax rate. You will also receive a withheld income tax credit for the amount was withheld and reported on the 1099-G by entering that amount on the page 2 of the 1040 tax form line 61 Federal income tax withheld and added to any other federal income tax that was withheld from other sources during the year 2009.

If your w2's say you made 67 dollars can you file for a tax refund?

If you made 67 dollars, what kind of tax refund do you think youmight be entitled to receive. If you had a small amount of federalor state tax withheld, you may file to get this back, but that isthe only tax refund you will receive. You probably did not have anytaxes withheld on $67.

What if you got a tax refund and received another w2 after you filed?

If you got a tax refund and received another w2 after you filed,you will have to file an amendment to your tax return for the yearthat the W-2 Form was for in order to correct your return. You mayget an additional refund when you file your amendment or you mayowe additional tax from the amendment.

When can you expect to get a tax refund from minnesota after you file your state income tax return?

Once the state tax office has all your forms, your refund should be on the way to you in a couple of weeks. If you have not receved your refund with 30 days, I recommend you contact the state tax office to see if there is a problem. See related links for contact information.

If you expect a tax refund do you need to file an extension?

If you are due a refund it is not necessary to file for an extension to file your income tax return. An extension of time to file your income tax return is NOT an extension of time to pay any amount of income tax that would be due April 15 2010.

When can you receive a tax refund if you file past April fifteenth?

This will depend on when you decide to complete your income tax return correctly and how you will file after that by mail to the correct IRS possible 3 to 4 weeks. Filed ON-LINE with direct deposit and receiving your acknowledgment from the IRS that they have accepted your return as you filed it possibly about 10 days to 2 weeks from the date of the acknowledgment. It can be filed on-line before October 15 2010. Go to the IRS gov web site and go to the bottom of the page under Special Interest and choose Anyone Can Free File Use Free File to electronically prepare and file your tax return this year. Or click the Free File logo on right side of the page under filing and payments or go to the IRS gov web site You must access Free File companies through the official IRS Web site to qualify for the free service.

Do you have to file your taxes by April 15 if you are getting a refund?

As a calendar year individual taxpayer filing a 1040 federal income tax return and you do NOT have any income tax liability or OWE any income taxes on your correctly completed income tax return the final date to file electronically online would be October 15 2010. If you fail to file the 2009 income tax return to claim the refund amount before April 15 2013 the refund amount will be lost and no longer available to you.

Is there a fee for filing income taxes in Alabama late if you're owed a refund?

When you are due a refund and fail to file your income tax return to claim the refund amount that you are due they do not charge the penalty because if you fail to claim the amount it will eventually be lost.

Which policy relates to this statement an individual may receive a tax refund from the government after filing their federal income tax refund?

Taxpayer failed to file a tax return to claim a possible refund amount they had available to them if the refund amount is claimed in the 3 year time frame then the refund amount is no longer available to the taxpayer. Taxpayer filed a income tax return and failed to claim some of the credits that were available to them if the income tax had been filed correctly and the can now file the 1040X amended individual income tax return to correct the error that was made on the original file income tax return to claim the additional refund amount.

Refund information on 2009 tax return already filed?

Check the Status Online The fastest and easiest way to find out about your current year refund is to go to the IRS gov web site and click and on left side of the page under Online Services choose the Check on Your Refund "Where's My Refund?" link at the home page. To check the status online you will need your Social Security number, filing status and the exact whole dollar amount of your refund shown on your return. Check the Status By Phone You can check the status of your refund by calling the IRS Refund Hotline at 800--829--1954. When you call, you will need to provide your Social Security number, your filing status and the exact whole dollar amount of the refund shown on your return. Click on the below Related Link

Do you always get a refund when you file a tax return?

No not always sometime you can up owing some income tax or even no refund and not owe any amount.

Can a lien be filed against a tax refund check?

The Department of Treasury's Financial Management Service (FMS), which issues IRS tax refunds, has been authorized by Congress to conduct the Treasury Offset Program. Through this program, your refund or overpayment may be reduced by FMS and offset to pay any past--due child support, Federal agency non--tax debts, or state income tax obligations.

How can you figure out the amount of your tax refund before filing?

By doing all the calculations required, but not actually filing the forms. You really can't estimate your refund without doing the calculations in at least an approximate form.

Can you receive your tax refund if you didn't file the previous year?

It is not possible to get refund unless we file the income tax returns. When we file returns it will check with OLTAS and generate refund if paid excess

When is the best time to file taxes if you are owed a refund?

January 31. The government has held on to your money for long enough without paying any interest.

How long does it take after filing to receive a fed tax refund?

Assuming there are no errors in the federal tax refund. One can expect a refund within eight to ten weeks. This time can be shorten if one decides to file electronically.

Can you get a tax refund if you filed 9 months after deadline?

Yes. You can actually file for a refund for the current year and two years previous. Right now you can file for a refund on tax years 2008, 2009, and 2010. You can also file for a refund on 2007 if and only if you filed for an extension in 2007 which gives you until October 15th to file for the 2007 refund. If you did not file an extension in 2007 then your time to request a refund expired on April 15th.

What happens to a income tax refund if you do not file?

You cannot get a refund if you don't file. But even if you are years late, you can still file and apply for your refund. It does not expire.

Will you get your tax refund if you file for bankruptcy?

Whether you are entitled to your tax refund will depend on what type of Chapter of bankruptcy you are filing and whether the bankruptcy exemptions can be used to protect the tax refund. If you are filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy then you can generally keep the refund if the available state bankruptcy exemptions provide protection for it. If you are in a Chapter 13 bankruptcy you are typically required to turn over the tax refunds during the life of the Chapter 13 case.

How long does it take for a trustee to refund your tax refund after filing chapter 7 bankruptcy?

The tax refund goes into the bankruptcy estate. If your chapter 7 filing did not exempt the refund, the money will be used to pay the trustee and to pay your debts pro rata. That is, each creditor gets an amount equal to the percentage the debt is to the total indebtedness. You are not likely to get anything back, but if all the debts are paid off 100 per cent and the trustee is not entitled to any more money, the balance will be paid to you. The trustee should have decided what s/he is going to do. If you have a lawyer, s/he should discuss it with the trustee. You can also talk to the trustee or your case manager. I doubt you will get any of the refund, but make sure to stay on top of the issue and get notices of any trustee motions regarding these funds.

Is it mandatory to file your tax return by 415 if you are getting a refund?

Generally, it is always mandatory to file your taxes on 4/15 if you are getting a refund or not. However, one can request an extension if they are not going to be able to complete their taxes on time.

Will you get a refund if you file your taxes after April 15?

If you were entitled to a refund on April 15th, and the penalty forlate filing is not more than your refund, and you file within threeyears of the original due date of the return (including anyapplicable extensions of time to file), then, yes, you will get arefund.

When filing for the state income taxes do you receive your federal income tax refund as well as your state income tax refund?

No, when filing for the state income taxes, you will receive yourfederal income tax refund as well as your state income tax refund.

When you file for the federal tax refund do you file the state tax refund separately or on the same form 1040 with schedule a?

When you file for the federal tax refund, you will file the statetax refund on the same 1040 form with schedule A.You can also filefor that separately.

When filing the pa state income tax refund do you attach it with your 1040 federal income tax refund form?

Your PA state income tax form is sent to the state and not the IRS.The 1040 will be sent to the IRS. No need to send the state withthe 1040.

Do i have to file my taxes by april 15 if i am due a refund?

You need to file by April 15th if you are due refund. However, youcan ask for an extension.

Do i have to give tax refund tpchapter 13 that was filed last 2013?

If the Chapter 13 Bankruptcy is still active you probably will needto turn over this to the Chapter 13 Trustee. At the least you needto ask the Trustee about the refund amount and if it must besubmitted or not.