How old is Ronald McDonald?

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Willard Scott started playing Ronald McDonald in 1963, making Ronald making him 45 as of 2008.
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Where is Ronald McDonald house?

he lives in McDonald land run by mayor mccheese i personally think Ronald is the most awsome person ever There are more then one Ronald McDonalds houses one of them belong to Geisenger Medical Center in Danville PA one of the biggest hospitals in the US

Ways to help Ronald McDonald house?

The only known way to help that charity is to go to mcdolals and put as much money as you can in the change jar, you could always log onto this website though good luck x

What is the name of the actor who plays Ronald McDonald?

Willard Scott created Ronald McDonald and was the first person to play him, appearing in local commercials for Washington, D.C. area McDonald's. Kids (and the media) fell in love with the friendly clown-clad pitchman; thus his character quickly blossomed into the international enigma we all grew up (MORE)

Who plays Ronald McDonald in the McDonald's commercials?

Ronald McDonald has been played by several different actors on TV comercials: Willard Scott (1963-65) Bev Bergeron (1966-68) George Voorhis (1963) Bob Brandon (1970-75) King Moody (1975-1984) Squire Fridell (1984-1991) Jack Doepke (1990-1995) Joe Maggard (1995-2007) Brad Lennon (2 (MORE)

Can you rent Ronald McDonald for a party?

I emailed customer service specifically for Ronald McDonal appearances: The response: Unfortunately, due to Ronald's travel tour, we are unable to schedule birthday parties appearances. I don't know when we will be having Ronald in your city, but keep an eye out for post (MORE)

Who started the Ronald McDonald house?

JOHN AND JOAN CANUSO STARTED THE FIRST RONALD MCDONALD HOUSE INSPIRED BY THEIR DAUGHTER JOAN "BABE" CANUSO FISHER. *The House was conceived in the mid 70's. My son was diagnosed with ALL in 1972, at that time all treatments were experimental 6 different protocols were used and all children wer (MORE)

When is Ronald McDonalds birthday?

Strengths · Good innovation and product development. They continually innovate to retain customers. · McDonald's offers consumers choice, reasonable value and great service. · Large amounts of investment have gone into supporting their franchise network. · (MORE)

What is the cost to stay at a Ronald McDonald House?

Parents or families staying at a Ronald McDonald House when a child is ill or injured usually has no cost. Sometimes, "houses" like this charge minimal fees, but most do not. Families either stay at no cost or are asked to make a donation up to $25 per day, depending on the house. The RMHC Global Po (MORE)

Does Ronald McDonald still run McDonald's?

Ronald McDonald has never 'run' McDonalds. He is merely the symbol and mascot. Also, he is the symbolic figure of the Ronald McDonald charity houses and organizations. The actual business began in 1940, with a restaurant opened by brothers Richard and Maurice McDonald in California. Read more (MORE)

Who dresses up as Ronald Mcdonald?

i don't know who dresses up as him now but i do know that Willard Scot from good morning America was the first person to dress up as him and then it went on from there. i hope this helped :]

Was Ronald McDonald ever black?

unfortunately, in racist comebacks by the whites, Ronald McDonald was black to make fun of blacks. it's disgusting but true.

Is Ronald McDonald a pimp?

well if burger king is gay and dairy queen is bisexual then yes Ronald Mcdonald is definitley a pimp.

Who does the Ronald McDonald house serve?

McDonald's House is a home-away-from-home where families can stay while their child is being treated in a nearby hospital. It provides a safe, nurturing environment for families during the stressful time when their child is receiving care.

How does Ronald McDonald house receive their funds?

You can donate money to the Ronald McDonald foundation when u go to mcdonalds. in front of the cash register theres usually a thing to collect the coins That's how they receive their funds! Hop This helpss!! for more visit the mcdonalds site i think they tell u there...

Is Ronald McDonald the oldest advertising icon?

Not even close. The Morton Salt girl is easily 60 years older than Ronald, who has only been around since the 60's. Advertising has been around for a long time and it would be very difficult to identify the oldest Ad Icon.

Why is Ronald McDonald called Ronald McDonald?

The McDonald's Restaurant originated from the two McDonald's brothers. Although it was subsequently taken over by Carl Karcher, then name stuck. Ronald McDonald's first name was presumably chosen because it rhymes with "Donald."

What does Ronald McDonald house do with the money given to them?

Ronald McDonald House is a support charity for families of kids with cancer and other serious illnesses. They buy and operate large residences, similar to boarding houses, where kids (and their families) can stay when they are receiving medical care in a distant city. This helps reduce the enormous (MORE)

What is the opening lyrics for wacky adventure of Ronald McDonald?

Wake up, wake up! It's time to play Time to get going and see what we can play! Ronald: Morning Sundae! Sundae: Morning Ronald Gotta get ready to enjoy the view! Looking kind of cool! Looking kind of new! There are thing that we should be trying! Me and you! The new day is here and t (MORE)

What does a Ronald McDonald house look like?

you can bathe your pet in vgienar.just pour the vgienar on,let it sit in the fur for a few minutes.rubbing it in real good,and just watch the little bastards run,then just wash it out with straight water,your pet will most likely smell like an onion ring for a few can also leave dishes of s (MORE)

Why isn't Ronald McDonald fat?

He always exercises by doing tons of comercialls and is skinny to make customers think that it is not a bad fast food restaurant. He chases kids around so the would get addicted to the greasy taste.

Who is more famous britney spears or Ronald McDonald?

It depends on the group of people but most people knew who Ronald McDonald was before they knew who Britney Spears was but once they found out about her she got more popular than Ronald but it seems like kids 5 and under probably like him more and there are more people 6 and over in the world so my (MORE)

Who is more famous Ronald McDonald or lady gaga?

I think Lady GaGa is more famous only because she inspires more people then Ronald Mcdonald. Ronald is just a clown. Lady GaGa is not just another person she is A real person that inspires us to do good things. But that is just my opinion. Hope this helped!

Who is more famous Ronald McDonald or sonic the hedgehog?

Your question cannot be answered with the information currently available. "More Famous" is too idiomatic to provide an adequate answer without poll data from various areas & age groups, perhaps even from different socio economic groups. Without any data of this sort there is no way to really d (MORE)

Who is more famous Bart Simpson or Ronald McDonald?

Well Ronald McDonald has been around much longer than the Bart Simpson, so on the basis of age Ronald McDonald is more famous that Bart Simpson. Ronald McDonald and the restaurant chain McDonalds is also world famous.

Who is more famous Ronald McDonald or Garfield?

Your question cannot be answered with the information currently available. "More Famous" is too idiomatic for anyone to provide an adequate answer without poll data from various areas & age groups, perhaps even from different socio economic groups. Without any data of this sort there is no w (MORE)

Who is more famous Mario or Ronald McDonald?

This one is hard to answer, because one is a video game character and the other is a symbol used by a popular restaurant for a long time, but not used as much today. Here is what several contributors said: I'd say Mario, as although he's been around for 25 years when compared to McDonald's 70, Ma (MORE)

What charities does Ronald McDonald contribute to?

Ronald McDonald runs his own charities called "Ronald McDonald Houses" all around the world. They help provide a place to support families in their times of need, financially, emotionally and physically.