How much does health insurance for a baby cost?

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If the parents have health insurance through their employer - their will be a "child" or "family" rate. This amount will vary depending upon your employer's plan features and group risk factors. In North Carolina, the cost to add a baby to a group policy cold range from $150-250.

If you are looking for individual health insurance for a baby the rates will vary depending on the following factors:
1 - Plan features such as deductible, copay, and co-insurance.

2 - Current health of the baby. Health insurance companies could "rate up" a baby if there are health conditions present.

3 - Health insurance rates vary from company to company. Some "low cost" carriers offer extremely low rates because they lack an adequate network or are more aggressive in denying claims.
In North Carolina for example you can get a very good policy for your baby from BCBS for around $125.
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Approximately how much does it cost to have a baby with no Medicare or insurance?

Oh Boy! There is no one answer here. The average national cost at a private hospital is $3000. That does not include pre- and post-natal care. Nor does it include any other factors. Such as C-sections, premature delivery, extended stay for a variety of reasons before and after delivery, and so on. T (MORE)

How much does it cost to have a baby without health insurance coverage?

\n. \n Answer \n. \n. \nCosts vary from hospital to hospital, area to area and so on. I had a baby in Feb 2005 so I can give you those costs charged to me. My hospital bill for the delivery was est $6500.00. My doctor bill was $4500. There were also bills for labs, ultrasounds and any oth (MORE)

How much does health insurance cost?

It depends! That's like asking how much a TV costs, or how much acar costs. It depends on what you want for options. The ultimateanswer, though, is TOO MUCH! Generally speaking, for personal use,the average cost last year annually was $2,985 and for a family was$6,328. However, if you work in a busi (MORE)

How much does it cost for 5 doctor visits and shots for a baby for someone with no insurance?

Free and Low-cost Immunizations The cost for pediatrition/well-baby/immunization visits vary depending on how much different doctors offices charge for their visits, etc. If you don't have medical insurance and you have a child (any age) who needs shots, you can always contact your local Health Dep (MORE)

How much does a 'well baby' visit cost if you do not have health insurance?

Costs will vary by locale and even by doctor within a locale. Many doctors will adjust their fees for those who are uninsured, so if you are having financial difficulties, call several doctors. Within the U.S., there are options for those who have no insurance and are below certain income levels (va (MORE)

How do you lower the cost of health insurance?

If you are not fortunate enough to be involved in an employer-sponsored group health insurance plan then you will need an individual one. But those can be costly if you don't know how to go about purchasing one. Compare health insurance quotes online to find a policy that has a price you can afford. (MORE)

What is the average cost of health insurance?

Well, it doesn't much matter how much it costs; I am, and have been paying contributions for the "National Health Scheme" in the UK for forty odd years, and have used it once only.. Seems to me I am in credit with them (as are probably most of the people) so with this in mind, why should we need in (MORE)

How much is health insurance in US?

Answer . Health Insurance Premiums depend on your age, height/weight, health history, pre-existing conditions, and medications that you are taking. Some companies have more lenient underwriting practices than others.. Based on average information and assuming that you are generally pretty health (MORE)

How much does health insurance cost for a woman 80 years old?

Medicade will cover health insurance. Depending on wether or not the person worked plays a facter some people have to pay for the insurance. The worst case is there is no insurance for 80 year old legal permenant residents,they are ineligible for 5 years. The government has another insurance if the (MORE)

How much does a health insurance cost?

The costs of health insurance can be influenced by type of insurance, state of residence, age of the applicant, benefits sought, and health status of the applicant. The Kaiser/Health Research and Educational Trust 2008 Employer Benefits Survey found that the average premium in 2008 for single plan w (MORE)

Why there health insurance cost so much?

Now this is a loaded question and a bit off target. Fundamentally health insurance cost so much because insurance companies (like all companies) need to make a profit after paying for claims and adminsitrations.. You can discuss the merits or evils of profit at length but it won't address the quest (MORE)

What is the average cost for health insurance?

around $500 dollars that depends on the insurer. and the plan.if you get ins thru employer, than it costs less than buying it yourself. for example, one insurance charges 5.00 for 1200 ded plan same ins 45.00 for 500.00 plan and 80.00 for 250.00 ded plan check with your employer f (MORE)

How much monye does it cost to give birth to a baby without insurance in Miami?

Five years ago, in Norther Virginia, USA, it would cost you between $10,000 and $20,000 - unless you can qualify for some sort of help from the social services. It also depends on how the birth itself goes - natural vs. c-section, etc.\n. \nEligibility for such support depends on how much money you (MORE)

How much does it cost for a sick baby to visit the doctor with out insurance?

The cost of a doctor visit varies from city to city. Without insurance, you should call up the doctor and ask for the cash price., based in Portland, Oregon lists some pediatric and child visits under the Doctor Visit category. Each of these services show what the doctor will (MORE)

How much does it cost for COBRA health insurance for a family of four?

As of 8/2011 a health policy for a family of 4 in the U.S. costs between $5,000 and $6,000 per quarter. That's $2,000 per month. That is equivalent to a home mortgage payment on a $200,000.00 home. That is a figure based on a HIGH deductible. If you want a low deductible plan on spending significa (MORE)

When to apply for baby health insurance?

This can vary between companies due to different underwriting requirements. If you are considering adding the newborn to your current medical insurance policy, and want the child covered from date of birth, you should act quickly after the child is born or adopted as some plans have a limited tim (MORE)

What was the cost of health insurance in 1960?

In 1960 by all known sources I can find the cost of health insurance was approxiamately $50 per annum while take home salary was near $3600. Per capita medical expenditures was around $180 compared to $7,000 today. Hence, living longer costs money and a lot of it!

How much does it cost to have baby health insurance?

It depends on the age of the baby. At BlueCross Blueshield of Florida, the baby must be at least six weeks old before being eligible for coverage on a plan together with you. A child must be at least one year old in order to get a child only plan. If you are in Florida, see my profile link below and (MORE)

How much dos baby health insurance?

Baby's insurance cost will be very less. As the age increases the insurance premium increases. you can find out your answer in

How much does Denver health insurance cost?

The cost of Denver health insurance depends on a several factors; sex, age, smoker, body mass index, preexisting conditions and possibly your profession would be the main factors that an underwriter would take in to consideration. Try this site where you can get quotes from different companies usin (MORE)

Cost of health insurance in California?

Health insurance in california is priced based on many factorsincluding age, geography, and current health status. Plans caninclude coverage for hospital only (Cheapest) to plans that haveyou paying $0 to see your normal physican ($0 Copay PPO or HMO). The cheapest plans (Young, no health issues, h (MORE)

How much is monthly health insurance?

It depends, as an insurer will give you a quote based on your age and medical history. To find the best price from an impartial expert you can first get some do some research. Otherwise it's a case of getting recommendations from friends or contacting each provider individually for a quote. Depen (MORE)

How much is pet health insurance?

The cost of pet health insurance varies. Pet insurance may discriminate based on age, breed, or preexisting medical condition. There are companies, such as Pet Assure, however, that pride themselves on being pet insurance alternatives. Pet Assure offers comprehensive affordable pet insurance regardl (MORE)

How much does family health insurance cost with Blue Cross Blue Shield?

This depends on how many people you need to put on your plan, as well as any health problems people in your family might have. It would cost much more if a member in your family was older, or had health problems, but you are looking at paying around a hundred dollars per person per month.

How much does Humana health insurance cost for a 50 year old?

That would depend on the type of plan you select. Also dependent on that is your gender, whether or not you are a smoker, and what kind of health conditions you have that are considered preexisting. You'll want to go to the Humana website to get an accurate quote for your situation.

How much is it for individual health insurance?

A personal health insurance policy, sometimes called an "individual" or "family" health insurance policy, covers you and your designated family members. You purchase a personal health policy through a licensed health insurance agent who is appointed to represent the insurance carriers in your state. (MORE)

How much does student health insurance cost?

Depending on the provider, student healthcare can be fairly cheap. One can obtain insurance through your school, which will not cover much, but only charge around thirty dollars a month.

How much does cat health insurance cost?

Trupanion is a group that provides cat health insurance. Unfortunately, they don't list their prices on their site. They state that the cost of cat insurance depends on the health and age of the cat that is being covered. They basically have plans that will work with just about every budget. They of (MORE)

How much does Celtic health insurance cost?

Celtic Health Insurance advertises rates as low as fifteen dollars a month. However, premiums are going to vary based on choice of deductible, number of people being covered, as well as age, sex, and where you live.

What is the cost of health insurance in Cuba?

"Health insurance" as a business does not exist in Cuba. Cuba has a national health system that is free to all it's citizens, so insurance would have no purpose. Health care is dispensed on the basis of need.

How much does Indiana life and health insurance license cost?

Your question is not altogether clear. However, if you are asking about the cost of an Indiana life and health insurance license costs, it depends upon the kind of license that you wish. For example, it you wish to start a life and health incurance company that is domiciled in Indiana, state law spe (MORE)

How much does it cost to deliver a baby without health insurance?

In 2010, the cost to deliver a baby ranged from $2,000 for a normal, vaginal delivery at a birth center to $23,000 for a cesarean section with complications at a hospital. If you are in a low-income household, you may qualify for Medicaid. Ask your doctor for help to apply for it. If you do not qu (MORE)

How much are health insurance plans?

Health insurance rates depend greatly on several factors, including your gender, age, health,location, level of coverage, and amount of people being insured (single versus family). In 2011, the average cost for a single person between the ages of 35 and 44 years was $192 per month. A family plan in (MORE)

How much is health insurance in Tennessee?

Health insurance plans in Tennessee vary greatly depending on how comprehensive the plan is. The more comprehensive the plan, the higher the premiums will be. Also, choosing a low deductible will also cause higher premiums. One can expect to pay anywhere from $100 a month to over $1000 a month.

How much is health insurance for students?

For a student if the insurance is being offered by school it wouldbe generally easy and affordable otherwise there are plans forstudents available with minimum health coverage or under the familyhealth umbrella they can be covered. Turtlemint also suggest to gofor minimum health coverage for student (MORE)