How much does a one-million-dollar life insurance policy cost?

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It depends on the insurance company and it also depends on rather or not the person whom you are trying to get insured was a smoker, drug user, or had HIV/AIDS. You can not get a policy without the insured knowing it. They must pass a health screening. That is what determines your quote. These online insurance companies can't really tell you anything with their online quotes. But if you are really serious then you would need to contact a insurance salesman or some sort of agent. They say, the typical million-dollar policy is around $250. Not affordable for the average person. And also remember that you have to have a reason for wanting a large policy like that to begin with. That type of policy will not be given to the average person who's gross income is $25K yearly. They would offer a person like that a normal life insurance policy. You must have reason for wanting one.
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