How much does a one-million-dollar liability insurance policy cost?

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Too many variables. Liability insurance for what? You need to contact an insurance agency that handles commercial insurance and ask them.
Answer Somewhere between $50 - $1000 a month... $50 If you are doing something like selling flowers or something harmless, more if you are into EOD or radioactive waste handling...
 Answer Probably about $100 a month for the average, not-too-dangerous service based small business.
 Answer But for real, like the other guy said, you need to call an agent- this stuff varies by location (someone working in the ghetto in Detroit or SCLA or something will definitely have different rates than someone in BF Maine or Montana). If you don't want to be too specific just ask an agent for a quote that lists the various deductibles and rates thereof. Unfortunately you wont find online quotes for stuff like this- it's not as cut-n-dry as car insurance, for example, too many variables...
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