How many ultrasounds does Medicaid cover?

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Generally, Medicaid only covers one ultrasound, unless more are medically necessary.
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What Medicaid does not cover?

Medicaid varies by state. You may contact your state Medicaid office concerning coverage for specific procedures.

How many people does Medicaid currently cover?

The link below shows the details on Medicaid... 29 Million children and 15 Million Adults are INSURED under Medicaid according to the Kaiser Commission on Medicaid and the Uni

Does Medicaid cover chantix?

In Colorado Chantix is covered. The problem is First you must us the gum, inhaler, patch, nasal spray, lozenge and bupropion. Then you must take cessation classes, Medicaid co

Will Medicaid cover pain management?

they will as long as the Doc. takes Medicare. Unfortunately, some MD's are starting not to take medicare as much as they once did. So much more paperwork for your SS, OR ssi O

What does adult Medicaid cover?

Medicaid is administered by the States, which have some discretion in what services to offer, especially for adults. In general, the Federal government requires Medicaid to pr
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Does Medicaid cover spider veins?

Medicaid will cover treatment for varicose or spider veins only if they are causing a medical issue; pain, swelling, heaviness, or venous reflux proven in a duplex study. Cons

Does medicaide cover Bracelace?

[This assumes that the writer means "braces."] Most States use the Salzmann Index of Handicapping Malocclusion to determine eligibility for orthodontia (braces). The Index sco