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How many people use Amazon.com?

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615 million people use amazon.com
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How many black people there are in the US?

39,476,759 people Population of US - approx. 311,000,000 Percent of population that is African American - 12% 311,000,000 x .12 = 37,320,000 African American US citizens

What is Amazon.com?

Amazon.com is a global website where thousands of merchants sell products through Amazon.com, Amazon Marketplace, and their many subsidiary businesses. In addition, there are sister sites in Canada, China, France, Germany, Japan, and the UK. They also offer the following: - Commission opportuni (MORE)

How many people in the US are obese?

Obesity 2009 Report has it at 32.7% That is incorrect, because that would mean 92.7% of the country is overweight(obesity included) and that is incorrect. 60% of the country is overweight, and of that only about 27% of that number is obese. So 50,382,000 people are obese in America.

How many people in the US have autism?

The prevalence of autism in the United States is 1 in 150, according to the CDC's Autism and Developmental Disabilities Monitoring Network in 2007, . That puts it at two thirds one percent of US population. The US population is about 306 million, so, I'd say roughly 2 million diagnosed Autistic p (MORE)

How many people use wheelchairs?

It turns out that thousands of people use wheelchairs.But mainly elderly people would use them as people have problems with their back etc. It is called ` disabled`. .

About how many racist people are there in the US?

too many That's impossible to answer because there are more racist people than will admit to being racist. Also there isn't an exact answer there would have to be an esimate. What do you need this information for?

How many people fly in the US?

In the year 2010 there were 631,939,829 total passengers thatboarded flights according to the Bureau of TransportationStatistics. The average number of people that fly per day in theUnited States is around 1.73 million.

How many people use Linux?

Millions of people use it. It's hard to tell exactly how many people use it as their desktop OS, as it's free for download and you can use it on as many computers as you want. Still, recent estimates put the number at around 65 million (that's more than the population of the UK!). Also, we s (MORE)

How many people linve in the US?

This question is impossible to answer, since people die, and new people are born every second! But approximately 300 million + people live in the U. S.

How many people are blind in the US?

About 8 million people are blind in the United States; however,figures vary since definitions of blindness can vary. Sometimespeople who have limited vision are counted, while sometimes onlytotal blindness is counted.

Toys R Us and Amazon.com advantages and disadvantages?

toys r us you get the stuff you want right then. but they are more expensive. amazon.com is cheaper but you have to wait a while before you get whatever you need and there is a chance of being ripped off. (i know this from experience) It's unfortunate that you've had a bad experience with amazon.com (MORE)

What programming language does Amazon.com use?

Hi guys! Amazon.com is currently the largest company in theword. This company uses the following technologies for the site. 1. OS . Linux . 2. programming languages java c++ python asp.net php 3. DBMS oracl sql mysql simpldb

How do you use Amazon.com?

To use Amazon you have to know what it is. It is a shopping website. So at the top of the webpage you will see a search bar. tape in some thing you are looking for, and press the arrow, or your enter button. Once you get to your page there will be a few blue lines that say things like 'see more,' (MORE)

Can you use a visa gift card on Amazon.com?

Yes, you go to the option of "Add a new visa card" and put the information. You would put your name, or whoevers giftward it was. And then put the card number and the experation date.

How do you get on Amazon.com?

I don't quite know exactly what you mean. TO BUY SOMETHING . You can create an account at the top. The signup button is right above the search bar. TO SELL SOMETHING . You can sell something by clicking sell your stuff at the bottom of the home page, under the section titled "Make Money with (MORE)

How many people use The Bible?

Millions and Millions of people have bibles. There isn't that much that read it, there's even some people who go to church, and don't open it.

How many people use fertilizer?

Everyone has probably used fertilizer at least once and almost 80 percent uses it constantly for optimum results in their garden.

How many people in a regiment in us?

Regiments vary in size - not just in the US, but throughout the entire world. A regiment can consist of just a single battalion, or it can consist of several battalions.

About how many people use psilocybin?

It tends to be very minimal in the UK, although other countries may be much greater. Most of the population doesn't even know that psilocybin exists. Even the newspapers do not acknowledge it in favour of elected articles.

How many people in the us are uncircumcised?

The circumcision rate has gone down in the past 20 years, but it could be a 50% thing. ive heard answers across the board and each place i go is really bias in their opinions about it some say 85% some say 15% are uncircumcised some say 85% some say 20% are circumcised i would s (MORE)

Who many people use Roblox?

There is no way to tell the exactly number of people on Roblox because it is growing rapidly. There are thousands of people that play Roblox daily. Also, hundreds of accounts are created each day.

How many people in the US have ulcers?

It is estimated that 2% of the adult population in the United States has active peptic ulcers, and that about 10% will develop ulcers at some point in their lives.

How many people in US have autism?

The CDC puts Autism diagnosis at 1 in 68, however it is impossibleto say how many Autistic people exist in the US. Many people arenot diagnosed or may not even realize that they're Autistic,furthermore certain groups are under-diagnosed - for example girlsare less likely to be diagnosed than boys, a (MORE)

How many people are in nortenos in the US?

Nortenos are a mostly but not exclusevly Hispanic more specifically Mexican gang that are under the Blood Alliance along with gangs such as the Bloods, Pirus & Brims. *I would say rougly it's about 500 thousand or more Nortenos/Bloods.

How many people use WikiTree?

WikiTree has over 34,400 registered members. The site is seen by many more people who don't register. It currently gets about 200,000 visitors per month.

Can one purchase a used laptop computer at Amazon.com?

"Yes, Amazon has their own deals or they can link to another distributor to get you the best prices on laptops. If you are looking for something customized it is best to do it through the makers rather than Amazon."

How many people used collosus?

Only a small number of people used the collosus machine because it was primarily designed to help the British decode secret German messages during World War 2. Due to the sensitivity of the information the number of users were limited.