How many members does PayPal have?

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As of 15/08/2011: PayPal has over 350 million users. The bar underneath the login section will tell you.
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How do you use PayPal?

Pay Pal allows you to make payment for items or services via the internet. Its kinda like the new age money order. You must open an account online on Paypal website, connecting it to your bank account, so withdrawals can be made automatically when you purchase something. Paypal handles the transfer (MORE)

Is paypal free?

To Join it's FREE.\n. \nWhen someone purchases something it costs $0.50 but that's only if it's under $149.99.

What is Paypal?

PayPal is an online service which makes it easy to buy stuff online from thousands of websites.

What is PayPal and how does it work?

PayPal is an online account that allows you to receive and send money electronically with your bank account and credit cards. It is owned by eBay, and is used mainly for buying and selling through auctions.. When using a personal PayPal account, simply link your PayPal account to your bank account (MORE)

How paypal works?

It is up to the buyer to decide in what manner they want to make a purchase. After deciding, Paypal safely executes the transaction by sending the money to the seller. Finally, it is up to the seller to decide how the money will be spent.

How do you use PayPal money to be a member on Runescape?

You go on runescape then you follow the link that say's upgrade to member, then you do pay by cash. Then they will give you some information you have to accept, after that they redirect you on another website, on this website you have to choose how you pay and you select pay with a paypal account.

How do you get a PayPal card?

You can get a PayPal card online by visiting their website andrequesting that one be sent to you. You will need to fill outpersonal information such as a name and address.

How many PayPal accounts can you have?

Under the PayPal User Agreement, members are only allowed to have one Personal account, plus either one Premier or one Business account. It is also possible to register another account purely to receive "micro payments", but generally two accounts per member is the maximum.. On each of the acco (MORE)

How safe is PayPal?

Very safe, only pain is that if you receive to much money at once they will limit your account and takes alot of work to get the limitation lifted.

Is PayPal illegal?

Most definately Is, they illegally withhold funds and send businesses bankrupt all the time. The following is just one of the many lawsuuits taken against PAYPAY for it's illegal operations. In August 2002, Craig Comb and two others filed a class action against PayPal in, Craig Comb, et al. v. Pay (MORE)

How does a PayPal work?

PayPal allows you to send and receive to your PayPal account. Youare able to link your checking account or debit card to PayPal anduse it as a method of payment for online purchases.

Disadvantages of paypal?

One disadvantage of Paypal is you sell through Ebay and there is a dispute, like someone didn't receive an item, the will take your money back to the buyer. I've even read about Paypal freezing accounts over disputes.. If you do not want PayPal drawing from your bank account (after you have it veri (MORE)

What is the maximum on PayPal?

Depends on what you are implying. There limits in a couple different places until certain conditions are met. There may be a withdrawal limit, sending limit and transaction limit. The withdrawal limit and sending limit will be shown inside your account along with instruction on how to rid yourself o (MORE)

What is a PayPal number?

Usually the paypal account is your E-mail which you are used to sign up the site and the number is produced by the site when you finish your checking out.

When was PayPal founded?

The current incarnation of PayPal is the result of a March 2000 merger between Confinity and [5] Confinity was founded in December 1998 by Max Levchin, Peter Thiel, and Luke Nosek, initially as a Palm Pilot payments and cryptography company. [6] was founded by Elon Musk in March 199 (MORE)

Do you need a PayPal account to use PayPal?

No, you don't have to have a PayPal account to make a PayPalpayment. You can make one-off payments through PayPal using yourcredit card without registering for an account.

Can paypal arest you?

Paypal is not law enforcement. However, just like any business entity they can refer you to law enforcement or government bodies in the jurisdiction that the crime/incident took place.

Why PayPal doesn't support many countries?

Paypal does support many countries. The countries which are restricted, are listed in the Wikipedia article (see relates link). There are currently only four countries not supported by Paypal - in addition to those on the US economic sanction list. Japan, Taiwan, Brazil and India are supported - (MORE)

Is Paypal scam?

No it is not. It is a tool for small, and large, business to selltheir wares. They also allow individuals to make internet purchasessafely, with many rules designed to protect both seller and buyer.They are also used to make purchases on eBay, as well as many otheronline stores and websites.

How do you get a PayPal acount?

I have put the link to PayPal for you to click on and sign up. Just follow the directions "Sign Up" or register a new account.

PayPal how do you cancel your paypal?

The site just recently changed but you can still close the account fairly easily. Once logged in click "profile". Once there click a hyper link which says something to the extent view the classic profile page or view. Once there under the first column there will be an option to close the account.

What is paypel not PayPal.?

PayPEL IS NOT PAYPAL. It is a scamming phishing site. DO NOT GOTHERE. Google and you will see the lead in site. It hasno bearing on Paypal at all. BEWARE! YOU WILL LOSE YOUR IDENTITYAND ALL YOUR MONEY IN PAYPAL.

How do you sell on PayPal?

You don't sell on PayPal you use paypal to complete financial transactions. Paypal is how someone pays for the item they bought from you on Ebay.

Is paypal antigun?

Depends on how you look at it. They know that firearms are multi billion dollar a year business and they know they would like to tap into it. Firearms have so many laws around them that extend to the seller and even the processor. As a firearm owner myself I know that there are cities, businesses an (MORE)

What is alternative of PayPal?

Revolution money exchange is an alternstive that some people use that functions more like a bank account. Credit card payments are alternative to PayPal. Also prepaid cards like Ukash or Paysafecard (which is even better) are also considered to be alternative to PayPal. The problem is, you can't u (MORE)

How many members does match com have?

It's unclear for a couple of reasons. For one, the number changesdaily. For another, many members that are no longer active nevertake their profile down. And lastly, the majority of theirso-called "members" are non-paying subscribers. Which means theycannot send or receive messages. So essentially t (MORE)

Who owns PayPal?

e-Bay owns Paypal. It was founded by . Ken Howery . Max Levchin . Elon Musk . Luke Nosek . Peter Thiel

What is PayPal and what is it used for?

PayPal is an electronic gateway allowing payments and transfers to be made through the Internet . PayPal serves as an electronic alternative to traditional paper methods such as and has been involved in many cases of litigation concerning fraud scams of which they quickly resolve. A PayPal account (MORE)

How can create paypal?

You can sign up a paypal account with your e-mail address. The related links below is a paypal sign-up link. Just click it and sign up.

Does paypal have bills?

Paypal does not extend credit or offer any credit product of their own so there is no need to bill you because you need to money upfront. The exclusion to this would be certain products underwritten by outside sources which paypal provides or their new company that eBay acquired bill me later.

How can i get money with PayPal?

My friend and I have been using PMA, PayPal Money Adder. Thecreator of the real deal working PMA. He's the one that started itall before it became popular on the web and people has beencreating fake clone with it. It's not adding money, it's transferring from paypal withholdingaccount through PayPa (MORE)

What is via paypal?

Via means 'by way of.' It typically means that you are required to pay through the use of a PayPal account.

How you get paypal?

Paypal is very easy to get if you are from paypal accepted list ofcountries.Even if you are not from listed countries then still youcan get paypal account by using Payoneer because it gives USA bankaccount number and other info which you can get to use Verifiedpaypal account in Pakistan and many oth (MORE)

Can you donate on PayPal?

Yep. Paypal is the payment gateway, the wallet if you wish. It is the button, shopping cart, and/or form that allows you to pay a person or business. .

Can children have a PayPal?

Yes. There are two types of accounts, a regular Paypal account and a student account. In the User Agreement Paypal states that you must be at least 18 years of age to hold a regular Paypal account (i.e. personal, premier, business accounts). However, they do not really monitor this specifically by a (MORE)

Why does PayPal India have so many restrictions?

The government of India forced PayPal to restrict itself heavily in 2009 and 2010. Indian PayPal users could not purchase anything with PayPal money and had to move money received through PayPal to a bank account. This was due to PayPal essentially being a bank but avoiding all taxes and regulations (MORE)

Is paypal good?

Paypal is an overall trustworthy site. It is also useful if you are purchasing from small online businesses or from eBay.

How do i disable PayPal?

Disabling your Paypal account is easy. All you have to do is gointo your account and click on cancel.

What is a paypal debit?

When you use PayPal to complete on-line payments, PayPal gives themoney to the seller immediately, then recovers the cash from yourlinked bank account. The purchase is immediate - but the fundsrecovery might take a few days, depending on how fast your bankworks. On your bank statement - any payments (MORE)