How many licensed lawyers in Massachusetts?

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How do you get an automobile dealer's license in Massachusetts?

Do not go to the RMV. The RMV has nothing to do with dealer licensing in Massachusetts. All dealer licenses are issued by the municipality (City or Town). You will likely need to show that your desired location is zoned properly and buy a bond. And pay an application fee which ranges from $100 to $5 (MORE)

How do you get a license to be a tattoo artist in Massachusetts?

Answer . \nThe best way to get a license in ANY state (except the states where tattooing is illegal still) is to apprenticeship at a local shop with a good reputation. If you think you can tattoo circles around the local competition, then offer to be a "guest artist" at there business. If you ar (MORE)

Is there any type of licenses to become a lawyer?

\nYou must have a license to practice law. You obtain the license from the State Bar association. It requires a full background check and passing the state bar examination. To take the exam usually requires a law degree, but there are some exceptions. The exam is two or three days long. And mos (MORE)

Do lawyers need licenses?

1. Answer A lawyer in the US is required to be licensed through the bar association of their state. Anyone that practices law without a license can be prosecuted for fraud. 2. Answer A lawyer in India is required to be enrolled through the Bar Council of India. One cannot practice as an advocat (MORE)

How do you get a license to be a Massachusetts Insurance producer?

Massachusetts licenses are issued to qualified applicants after successful completion of the Insurance License Examination. The examination is offered at test sites in Boston, Lowell, Springfield, New Bedford and Woburn. The examination fee is $65. The exam may be scheduled by calling Thompson Pr (MORE)

Who is a Massachusetts Auto Accident Lawyer?

Iannella and Mummolo is a Massachusetts Auto Accident Lawyer. They are located in downtown Boston, MA. You can contact them toll free at 1-800-369-5300 or visit them on the web at

Who grants licenses to doctors lawyers and teachers?

Professionals are licensed by various licensing board. For example, a lawyer in California would be licensed by the California Bar Organization. A nurse in Georgia would be licensed by the Georgia Board of Nursing.

What type of license is needed to become a lawyer?

A license to practice law. It is granted by the state bar association of the state in question. It typically requires a law degree and the passing of the bar exam and an ethics exam. You need a license to practice law. They are provided by the legal authority in the jurisdiction in question.

What if you forgot to renew your drivers license in Massachusetts?

Then you won't be able to drive until you get the situation corrected. It's more the same in every state. First thing you need to do is call the DMV and see if there's a grace period of any sort. If not, then you need to find out what you need to do in order to get your license reinstated, and do th (MORE)

How do you get piercing license is Massachusetts?

Body Piercing facilities are inspected by the local health protection and inspection office and are licensed by the local city hall business licensing department. Listed in the yellow pages under heading of "Body Piercing" and or "Tattoos". All Body Piercing and Tattoo studios have age limits set by (MORE)

Does becoming a lawyer require a license or certificate?

Licensure. To practice law in the courts of any State or other jurisdiction, a person must be licensed, or admitted to its bar, under rules established by the jurisdiction's highest court. All States require that applicants for admission to the bar pass a written bar examination; most States also (MORE)

How do you obtain a gun dealers license in Massachusetts?

While some states DO have state requirements, you would start with the Federal government- the BATFE, since under Federal law, all gun dealers must hold a license issued by that agency. You will also need a business license, meet zoning requirements, etc, for that to be issued.

How do you get a lawyers license?

Within the Unites States, it takes four years for the bachelor's degree as a full-time student, and three years of law school. Students who successfully complete the program are awarded the juris doctor (JD) degree.

How do you file for a divorce in Massachusetts without a lawyer?

Visit the local family court and a clerk will provide the forms you must file and explain the filing fee. Visit the local family court and a clerk will provide the forms you must file and explain the filing fee. Visit the local family court and a clerk will provide the forms you must file and expl (MORE)

Do you need a license for a 49cc scooter in Massachusetts?

Yes- the machine must be registered with the state and you must have a valid drivers' license to drive it. They are called motorized bicycles. There are also restrictions on where you can drive it. See the related link for details .

Can a lawyer marry you without a marriage license?

No. You need a valid marriage license to get married in the United States and lawyers are not generally among the officials who can perform marriages. You should inquire at your local town or county clerk's office. No. You need a valid marriage license to get married in the United States and lawyer (MORE)