How many lawyers in the US Justice Dept?

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As of 2014, there are 10,000 lawyers who are employed by the US Department of Justice. The department was established on July 1, 1870.
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How many different types of lawyers are there in the US?

Technically there are two, criminal and civil. Criminal attorneyspractice in the area of prosecution or defense, covering many areasfrom high priority felonies to traffic and juvenile issues, and"white collar crime." Civil attorneys practice in many areas suchas domestic law, tax law, corporate law, (MORE)

How many lawyers are in the US?

Number of Lawyers in the US . According to the American Bar Association, there were 1,128,729resident and active attorneys in the United States in 2006 and1,143,358 in 2007. A small percentage of the increase (actualnumber 352) is due to American Somoa and Guam being added to thesurvey in 2007. . (MORE)

How many justices are on the US Supreme Court?

The Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) has nine justices:one Chief Justice and eight Associate Justices. The Judiciary Act of 1789 provided for a 6-member Court, with aChief Justice and 5 Associate Justices. Congress adjusted the sizeof the Court a number of times through the during the 19 (MORE)

How many US Supreme Court justices does the Constitution require?

The US Constitution does not require any specific number of justices at all. The US Constitution creates the Supreme Court but leaves it to the Congress to determine how many will be on the Court. Since adoption of the Constitution, Congress has passed numerous laws changing the number of justices (MORE)

How many US presidents were lawyers?

25 of the 43 presidents, including the current President Obama, were members of the bar and qualified to practice as lawyers. Some of them, such as Jefferson, John Quincy Adams and Woodrow Wilson, had a very limited practice. (Obama is known as the 44th President, but only 43 people have been Pre (MORE)

What do lawyers use?

Experienced and qualified lawyers use the service to find cases, connect with clients and colleagues alike. Check it out.

Machines used in housekeeping dept?

Housekeeping departments at hotels, motels, resorts, hospitals, andother residential facilities use machines to expedite the cleaningprocess. Some machines include industrial strength washing machinesand dryers, dishwashers, and vacuum cleaners.

How much is the US in dept?

12 trillion dollars. That's a lot of cash. It is so much money that virtually no one can conceive of how much money 12 trillion dollars really is. While the American people were still trying to wrap their minds around the idea of what a billion dollars is, someone upped the ante. Big time. A govern (MORE)

How many Justices were on the US Supreme Court in 1789 and who were they?

Answer Six or zero, depending on your perspective. Six justices (one Chief Justice and five Associate Justices) were appointed in September 1789, but the Supreme Court didn't convene for the first time until 1790. The Supreme Court had been created on paper in 1789, but did not exist as an (MORE)

How many years do you have to go to college if you want to be a criminal justice lawyer and a divorce attorney?

Formal requirements to become a lawyer usually include a 4-year college degree, 3 years of law school, and passing a written bar examination; however, some requirements may vary by State. Competition for admission to most law schools is intense. Federal courts and agencies set their own qualificatio (MORE)

Which US Supreme Court Justices were not lawyers?

Answer All 112 past and present Supreme Court Justices have held law degrees or have been admitted to the bar at some point before being appointed the bench. Those who served in the early days of the Court would have been said to "read law" under the tutelage of another lawyer before being admitt (MORE)

How many US Supreme Court Justices have been from Minnesota?

Three US Supreme Court justices were Minnesotans: Pierce Butler................................1923-1939..........Harding Warren Burger (Chief Justice)........1969-1986..........Nixon Harry Blackmun...........................1970-1994..........Nixon

Does a US Supreme Court justice have to be a lawyer?

The technical answer is no , there are no Constitutional or legislative qualifications for US Supreme Court justices. All 112 past and present Supreme Court justices have been lawyers, although those who served in the early days of the Court learned the law by reading and apprenticing with more e (MORE)

Can anyone serve as a US Supreme Court justice even if he or she is not a lawyer?

The Constitution has no specific requirements to be appointed to the Supreme Court. However, most Presidents have appointed judges who have had previous legal experience. Many Justices served as members of Congress, governors, or members of the Cabinet. The process of becoming a Justice starts with (MORE)

Have all US Supreme Court justices been lawyers?

Yes. Although this is not a Constitutional or statutory requirement, Supreme Court justices need a solid understanding of the law to operate effectively. Not all justices attended law school, however. In the 18th- and 19th-centuries, many lawyers studied and apprenticed under a more experienced atto (MORE)

What is the Profession of a criminal justice lawyer?

The "profession" of any Lawyer is exactly that: lawyer/attorney (same thing).. Lawyers in the field of criminal justice can specifically work as defense lawyers (either privately, as part of a contract, or for a Public Defender's office or association), or prosecution lawyers (district attorneys, a (MORE)

When can US Supreme Court justices question lawyers?

The US Supreme Court justices question the attorneys representing the parties to a case during oral arguments . Each attorney has 30 minutes to present his or her reason the justices should find in favor of his client, as well as clarify points and answer any questions the justices raise. The justi (MORE)

Why is the US Dept of Justice suing the State of Arizona?

The US Dept. of Justice is filing suit against the State of Arizona over the state's new law regarding immigration enforcement. The justification being used is what is called the "supremacy clause" of the US Constitution. This clause states that what is regulated by the federal government cannot be (MORE)

How many justices serve on the US Congress?

None. Justices are judges who serve on the US Supreme Court, head of the Judicial Branch of the United States government. The US Supreme Court seats nine justices. Congress is the collective term for the two parts of the Legislative, or law-making, branch of government, made up of the US Senate a (MORE)

How many justices were on the US Supreme Court in 1789?

As of September 26, 1789, when Congress confirmed President Washington's first Supreme Court nominees, there were six justices . One justice declined the nomination, so the sixth seat remained vacant (leaving only five justices ) until James Iredell was appointed in 1790. The Judiciary Act of 1 (MORE)

How many years can a US Supreme Court justice serve?

According to Article III of the US Constitution, Supreme Court justices serve " during good behavior ," which means " for life " or until they choose to resign or retire, as long as they don't commit an impeachable offense (bad behavior). Only one US Supreme Court Justice, Samuel Chase, has been (MORE)

How many US Supreme Court justices have been women?

Four . There have only been four women, total, on the US Supreme Court in the nation's history. President Reagan appointed Sandra Day O'Connor as the first female justice in 1981. . Sandra Day O'Connor (1981 - 2006, retired) . Ruth Bader Ginsburg (1993 - active) . Sonia Sotomayor (2009 - active (MORE)

What is a criminal justice lawyer called?

If you refering to what is the term for a person who is trying the state's case against the defendant, they are called the Prosecutor. Added: His opposite number in the courtroom, would be the Defense Attorney.

How many US Supreme Court justices have been Jewish?

There have only been eight Jewish members of of the U.S. Supreme Court in the Court's history. The first, Louis Brandeis, was appointed by Woodrow Wilson in 1916. Three members of the sitting Court are Jewish. Louis Brandeis.............1916-1939..........Wilson Benjamin Cardozo........1932-193 (MORE)

How many personal injury lawyers are there in the US?

According the the American Bar Association there are over 76,000 personal injury lawyers in the US comprised mostly of law firms with 50 or less lawyers. There are also multiple directories that list in excess of 50,000 personal injury law firms and lawyers.

How many justices are on the US Supreme Court and how long do they serve?

There are nine justices , including the Chief Justice, on the US Supreme Court. According to Article III of the Constitution, justices serve "during good behavior," meaning as long as they don't commit an impeachable offense. For practical purposes, Supreme Court justices are considered to have (MORE)

How many lawyers use technology?

To be honest, most lawyers use technology. The definition of technology is "Machinery and equipment developed from such scientific knowledge." So therefore a cellular phone is technology. But in other terms, some lawyers such as myself use Microsoft Office to type up speeches, documents, etc., so ye (MORE)

How many justices are on the US Supreme Court this year?

There are currently 9 Justices in the US Supreme Court. The number varied in the early years of the court from a low of 6 to a high of 10. The Circuit Judges Act of 1869 set the number at 9 and it has been there ever since.

What is the purpose of the US Dept of Education?

The United States Department of Education was established in 1980. Its purpose is to improve and sustain the quality of education in the United States and to ensure equal access to all students.

How do you use the word dept in a sentence?

In regular school writing, you should write out the worddepartment, and not use the shortened form. In informal writing: The college student reported to the Counseling Dept. The dept. head was elderly. I went to the dept. store, but it was closed.

How do you request a Dept of Justice incident report?

There is a lot of missing information in the autopsy,corener andDA's protocol reports I received. Facts that differ from report toreport, how do I request more info/ Such as, DOJ reports andrenderings, officer statements, witness statements ect?