How many hits does Craigslist get a day?

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It is a very good question you ask because Craigslist gets a truly remarkable amount of traffic. As a web analyst I would first like to point out that 'hits' is a concept that is rarely used these days. The short version of the reason why is that 'Hits' can refer to everything from visits from search engine spiders, crawlers, poppers, screamers, and a host of other non-human web denizens. Craigslist gets visits from around 40.8 Million people per month. 40% 18 – 34 38% 35 - 49 years old 54% Male 78% Caucasian 7% Afr. Am. 8% Hispanic 5% Asian 17% $0 – 30k 25% $30 – 60k 27% $60 – 100k 32% $100k+ 43% College Graduates More information is available on web analytics at
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