How long will a lien last on a condominium in Florida?

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In order for the lien to remain valid, a Condo Owners Association must initiate an action to enforce the lien within one year from the date that the lien was recorded (Fla. Stat. Ann. § 718.116(5)(b)). This is called the statute of limitations.
Generally, liens for non-payment of assessments remain on the title to the property indefinitely and can be reflected in the owner's credit report.

A lien placed on the title by a contractor may have different parameters that one placed on the title by the condominium association.

Your best answer will be given to you by an association-savvy attorney after you present a copy of the lien for an explanation.
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How long can a lien last?

It depends on your state laws and the type of lien. Different types of liens have different statutes of limitations.

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If you paid a lien, you can work with the attorney who filed it toobtain its release. A release document is required, plus there willbe filing fees to file the release. The a

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It depends on the type of lien and the state where the condominium is located. You are best advised to hire an association-savvy attorney to help you. If you are a vendor f
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Your question assumes that a lien will automatically graduate to aforeclosure action, which is an invalid assumption. If the association has filed a lien on your title, and t