How does a condo assoc take out a lien for non payment of monthly dues?

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You can find the answer you want in your governing documents.

Usually, assessments automatically represent a lien against the title, and the board -- with its attorney -- can file a formal lien with the hall of records where the unit's deed is filed, for unpaid assessments.

An attorney who represents condominium associations in your area can help you file the necessary lien, given appropriate records to indicate non-payment of assessments owed and unpaid. In addition, be prepared to show evidence of the association's attempts to collect past-due assessments.
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Can a condo association take my condo after placing a lien?

Typically, yes, if it is a bona fide lien due to not paying your assessments or for a fine as a result of non-compliance with house rules. Note that laws vary from state to st

Can you take 2 horses for non payment of monthly board?

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Can a HOA put a lien on a house for non payment of HOA dues?

You should review your copy of the Homeowner's Association Agreement or Declaration if you have questions about its policies, rules & regulations, provisions and by-laws. The

If Condo owner does not pay their monthly dues what recourse does the association have?

You can read your governing documents and confirm that your monthly assessments may represent an automatic lien against your title, upon which the board can act when you don't

What happens if the condo assoc puts a lien on your house?

Read your governing documents to decide why the association has filed a lien on your title. Usually, filing a lien is down the list of a series of steps that the association

Can a HOA put a lien on a house for non payment of HOA dues in ca?

Usually, yes. (It's difficult to tell from your question whether 'ca' means California or Canada. Laws are different in each 'ca'.) Read your governing documents to confirm

Can a condo association place a lien on a property for non-payment of association fees?

Yes. The association can file a lien on your unit's title, which clouds it and which shows up on your credit rating. Read your governing documents to remind yourself of you

Does a lien from condo assoc go away once fee's are paid?

In order for the lien to be removed from your title, the association must file a release of the lien, and would do so once your assessments are paid, together with any fees an
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Can a condo association file a lien on property for non-payment of a fine?

Yes. Read your governing documents to confirm that any monies you own the association, whether they be in the form of a regular assessment, special assessment or fine, const
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What time limit to file a lien for non payment of condo fees in Ontario?

Best practices dictate that you engage your association counsel to help you in this matter. There are different kinds of liens, and if you expect to collect past-due assessmen