How does Brazil make its money?

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they make cars and pepsi. They also export soybeans, coffee, and other manufaturing goods.
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What does Brazil make?

In the way of a few of the many important examples, Brazil makes aircraft , automobiles , corned beef , electrical equipment , ethanol , footwear , orange juice , stee

What does Brazil money look like?

the Brazil money has a color for each value, green, blue, red, orange... has a big woman face, that's is like a man, and the other side, has one animal that change for each va

What is the name of Brazils money?

Brazil uses a currency called real. This money is based on a systemof hundredths called centavos. It replaced the old currency knownas cruzeiro in 1994.
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How did the Portuguese make money in Brazil?

Oh, where to begin.... - They brought in slaves from Africa to do all the hard work for free. - They dug up mines and exported Brazil's precious/semiprecious stones. - They e
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How does Brazil hope to make money in the future?

It aims to make money by continuing to destroying the amazon rain forest to mine for all of the rare resources it contains. Additionally, they seek to expand their secondary a