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Credit Dispute Letters

In order to correct an error in your credit report, you need to inform the reporting agency in writing what information you believe is an error or is incomplete. Below is a sample credit dispute letter.
Your Name
Your Address
Your City, State, Zip Code
Complaint Department
Name of Reporting Agency
City, State, Zip Code
Dear Sir or Madam:
I am writing to dispute the following information in my file. The items I dispute are also encircled on the attached copy of the report I received. (Identify item(s) disputed by name of source, such as creditors or tax court, and identify type of item, such as charge card account, judgment, etc.)
This item is (inaccurate or incomplete) because (describe what is inaccurate or incomplete and why). I am requesting that the item be deleted (or request another specific change) to correct the information.
Enclosed are copies of (use this sentence if applicable and describe any enclosed documentation, such as payment records, court documents) supporting my position. Please reinvestigate this (these) matter(s) and (delete or correct) the disputed item(s) as soon as possible.
Your name
Enclosures: (List what you are enclosing)

First get a copy of your credit report from all 3 CRA's(Credit Reporting Agencies). Go over each one line by line, first correcting and disputing any erroneous personal information such as incorrect spelled name, wrong phone numbers, old or incorrect addresses, d.o.b.'s etc. Then look at the TL's(Trade Lines) if you feel as though they are in error or reporting TL's that are not yours, disput this information with the Original Creditor under F.A.C.T.A., or the Collection Agency/Debt Collector under the FDCPA or FCRA directly asking them to validate the information they are currently reporting to your credit reports. Make sure you send all correspondence US Postal Service CMRRR, wait about 15 days, if no response, now dispute it with all 3 CRA's and wait for there response. id the investigations come back verified or updated you now have the Collection Agency for violation of you State and Federal rights as it Relates to the FCRA and FDCPA.
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How do you correct an error in a letter of dispute sent to a credit agency?

Do not send the credit reporting agencies the same dispute letter if is has already been determined to be correct from the bureaus point of view. You must utilize a different tactic if you wish to have the disputed item corrected. FIRST of all, please understand that the credit bureaus do not work for you and could care less about your personal situation. The credit bureaus are paid by their "members". That means that the very people that are reporting negative information about you are the very people that are paying the bureaus for the benefit of reporting that information. Therefor the bureaus are gong to see thing from the creditors point of view. With the above in mind, understand that the bureaus are not on your side, therefore you cannot continue to deal with them as though they are some fair minded arbitrators, they are not. . NEVER, EVER send the bureaus a registered or certified letter, they will simply ignore it and your issue will never have a chance of being resolved. . SECOND you should contact the creditor (via phone or email) that is reporting the information that you are disputing and attempt to get them to "correct" or update the information. . Depending upon the response that you get from the supplier of the disputed information, you can then attempt to utilize their response to get the bureaus to "correct" the reporting of the information in your credit file. . DO NOT EVER INCLUDE A CONSUMER STATEMENT in your credit file. This only serves to put all future creditors on notice that you have had some sort of dispute with another creditor and they will adopt the position that you must be a poor credit risk and will treat you accordingly. Remember the lessons that your mother taught you. You attract more flies with honey than you do with vinegar. Never threaten the bureaus, because that will get you absolutely nothing. just quietly make your dispute and make your dispute as vague as possible. Do not be too specific because then the bureau will specifically address the issue. However, if you simply state in your dispute letter: "The information being reporting for account no. 1234-567 is incorrect. Could you please correct the if for me and send me an updated credit report. Thanks in advance. If your first attempt at correcting a disputed letter is not successful, wait about 60 days before attempting to dispute the same item.

How can you dispute something on your credit report?

Write to the CRA that has the error on your report (more than likely all three). Giving them the exact details, the name of the company, acct#, amount, etc. And your reason for disputing the charge. Be prepared to have proof however, in the form of a paid off receipt or letter from the creditor saying the account is not delinquent or whatever applies.

How do you write a letter of dispute to the original creditor as opposed to the credit bureau?

Letters of Dispute Check your statements and get the address. Or check the back of your credit card and call the 800 number. One way or the other,get the address and simply write to them. You have the right to dispute any item in question with any original company. In fact, if you choose to dispute it with the credit bureau and it does not work out the way you like, then the next step is to contact the creditor(orginal company) to dispute it. So why not start there? (Here is a sample offered by another contributor:) ---------- To Whom It May Concern On February 19, 2005 I signed up with Sprint over the phone. I was told I was going to get the 4 phones free of charge. I called a week later to add an additional phone, as I didn't originally realize I needed 5 phones. The gentleman I spoke with assured me that I would get the same deal. He said your 4 phones were free, so this one would be too. I also pointed out shipping was waived and that I would only be charged a one time activation fee. When I received my invoice, there was a 29.99 charge per phone. I immediately called Sprint to dispute. I explained what was promised to me over the phone, as being free of charge. She said the charge was tax on the phones. I was told that a manager by the name of Travis would contact me within 2 business days. I have yet to hear from him. One month later I received my credit card invoice. This was the card given when I requested an additional phone, making a grand total of 5 phones. There was an additional $35 activation fee on top of the one charged on my Sprint invoice. In conclusion, I believe I have been charged the $35 activation fee twice as well as 29.99 per phone that I was not previously advised would be charged. Please advise me the steps to be taken to remedy this situation. -----------

How do you write a letter disputing a judgment on your credit report?

When you obtain a copy of your credit report, look on the back of it where instructions tell you how to submit a dispute. When you mail it back to them, they will investigate it and send you a written response. If you don't know how to get a copy of your credit report, apply for credit somewhere and when they turn you down you can mail that letter to the credit reporting agencies and they will send you a free copy of your report by mail.

How can you dispute items without taking the normal route of writing dispute letters?

The only sure way is to write a letter containing all the necessary information. You can contact the creditor's customer service department and relay the information. That will not guarantee any action will be taken. It is always best, in any dispute to send written correspondence by certified mail. Thereby having proof of your claim. Even if you contact the creditor by phone, it's best to document everything in writing for your legal protection. Get the name of the person you are speaking with, then write a follow-up letter referencing the conversation, your concern, and your understanding of the agreement reached, if any. Be sure to provide any details, such as account and transaction numbers, and dates, as well as copies of relevant documentation needed to identify your account. If you were unable to reach a reasonable agreement, explain in the letter (even if you already explained over the phone) what steps you believe should be taken to resolve the problem. If you have a physical address for the company, send the letter by registered mail. If the only address given is a post office box, request a street address. If the person you are speaking with refuses to give that information, document the lack of cooperation in your letter, then research the company's physical address online. Keep copies of everything for your records. You may be required to provide proof of contact at some future date. Remember, when two parties are in dispute, the other party is the adversary . They have an interest in ensuring the controversy is resolved in their favor, not yours. Do not expect them to protect your interests; that's your responsibility.

Where can you get help for a dispute with a credit card company?


How do you dispute a credit card charge?

Disputing a Credit Card Charge . Issuers must follow rules for promptly addressing a credit card dispute. You'll get a statement outlining their rules for correcting billing errors when you open an account and at least once a year. In fact, many issuers include a summary of these rights on your bills. If you find a mistake on your bill, you can dispute the charge and withhold payment on that amount while the charge is being investigated. The error might be a charge for the wrong amount, for something you didn't accept, or for an item that wasn't delivered as agreed. Of course, you still have to pay any part of the bill that's not in dispute, including finance and other charges. Write to the creditor at the address indicated on your statement for "billing inquiries." Include your name, address, account number, and a description of the error. Send your letter soon. It must reach the creditor within 60 days after the first bill containing the error was mailed to you. The creditor must acknowledge your complaint in writing within 30 days of receipt, unless the problem has been resolved. At the latest, the dispute must be resolved within two billing cycles, but not more than 90 days. In order to dispute a charge for unsatisfactory goods or services, you must: have made the purchase in your home state or within 100 miles of your current billing address. The charge must be for more than $50. (These limitations don't apply if the seller also is the card issuer or if a special business relationship exists between the seller and the card issuer.) and, first make a good faith effort to resolve the dispute with the seller. No special procedures are required to do so. If these conditions don't apply, you may want to consider filing an action in small claims court.. Here are answers and opinions from FAQ Farmers:. Be very, very careful when disputing a payment. Regardless of the amount, pay your credit card bill on time. Whatever you do, make sure your bank or credit card company do not list the balance on your credit card as a "bad debt", other you will not be able to get a mortgage for your house, or a loan for a car because your credit rating will have been affected.

What are the addresses of the credit agencies to report a dispute?

Answer . Since the FACTACT became law the three major agencies have changed their dispute procedures. The simplest way to find information is to log on to their websites,,, TransUnion Corporation P.O. Box 1000, Chester, PA. 19022, Experian P.O. Box 949, Allen, TX. 75013, Equifax P.O. Box 105873, Atlanta, GA. 30348.

How do you write a derogatory credit letter?

Answer . \nYou would only be able to write a derogatory letter if you a creditor who reports to the credit bureaus. \nIf someone owes you money, you can go to court and file a judgment. This would show up on someones credit report, showing 'you' as the plantiff and the debtor as filed against. The judgment would remain on a credit report until the judgment is paid or falls off the credit report in seven years.

How do you dispute a judgment on your credit report?

I deleted two judgments but You just dispute it like anything else on your report. give any reason like its not yours and dispute often online and in the mail at the same time mix them up. I deleted two judgment of my cdredit file took like 2 years. Just because it is off your credit report does not mean you do not owe it. A collection agency froze my bank account big 49.00. I can not have money in my name in a bank. Start a business account they cant touch that Answer You can dispute anything on your credit report including judgments that you believe to be inaccurate or erroneous by using the Fair Credit Reporting Act. This gives the credit bureaus 30 days to verify the judgment or it must be removed from your credit report. You can dispute something by just ask verification on it by mail, phone, or online.

How can you dispute outdated collections on a credit report?

Answer . \nIf you identify information in your credit file that is incomplete or inaacurate, and report it to the consumer reporting agency, the agency must investigate unless your dipute is frivolous. See for an explanation and procedures

Can you write a dispute report to be included in your credit report?


Where do you obtain the addresses to file a credit dispute?

Credit Blemishes . Your question is unclear. If you have a dispute with a charge on your statement (unrecognized or fraudulent charge), simply contact your issuing bank and advise them via the toll-free number printed on the back of the card. The charge will be put into a dispute file and a temporary credit will be issued. All finance charges on that particular charge are suspended until the dispute resolution process has been completed.\n. \nIf you have a problem with how your bank is treating you (not a merchant, but the bank) you should contact their customer service number and attempt to resolve it through them - you'll be surprised just what a bank will do these days to preserve your business! If unsuccessful, you should contact the Federal Trade Commission. Addresses are available at\n. \nFinally, if your dispute is with an error on your credit report, you must file a dispute with the issuing agency (Experian, Equifax etc.) and they will take measures to clean up your report! You get a complimentary look at your credit report from all three agencies at Follow the on-screen instructions if there is activiity on your report that is incorrect. \n. \nHope this answers your question!

How do you dispute something on your credit?

First of all, you need to contact the merchant, that you have a dispute with. Please be aware that most credit cards indicate that any errors should be reported within 30 days after the statement date. If in fact there is an error, the consumer should request a letter from the merchant of the correction and have the merchant report the correction to the bureau. Also to be safe, the consumer should fill out a dispute form with the credit bureau (can be obtained from the credit bureau's website) and provide them with the detailed information from the consumer and merchant letters. Please also wait approximately a few months for the bureau to update because the merchants report on a monthly basis.

How do you dispute items on your credit report?

1. Get a copy of your current credit report. (I have used which can provide all reports from all 3 credit agencies for around $40.) 2. Write up letters to each collection agency asking why each account was opened along with the account balance. 3. Get the letter certified, copied and send them to the collection agency. 4. (Read both of these steps) If the collection agency replies: you can "Ask For Forgiveness" from them and offer a different ammount than the full balance and barter, be sure that the letter of forgiveness stats that even though you did not pay the shown balance that they close the account and say it was paid in full. If after 30 days the collection agencies do not reply you can contact the collection reporting agencies in which the negative note was placed and provide them with the copied documents showing that 30 days has passed and the collection agency has not replied. The mark will be then be removed.

How do you write a letter of dispute for security deposit increase? . (DATE). Dear (Landlord's Name),. I am writing to dispute deductions taken from my security deposit.. The holes in the walls from the pictures I hung are normal wear and tear. Money for spackling cannot be taken from my security deposit. . The charge for cleaning the rug is too high. I realize it was our fault for staining it. However, you are charging too much. It should not cost more than $XXX. . Therefore, I believe that we are entitled to another $XXX returned from our deposit. If we do not settle this, I am willing to go to Small Claims Court over this matter.. Sincerely,. Name(s). Former tenants at: (previous address) Current address: .

How do you write a letter of explination for derogatory credit?

In 2003 my daughters father died. Which was very difficult for her. Then a year later she hurt her back and was unable to participate in sports, which was her life. She ended up hanging around some bad people. I saw her crying out for help. I needed to relocate to get her away from the bad influences. I had to make a choice of bad credit or losing my daughter to drugs. We tried to sell our home and the renters had destroyed the manufactured home during the same period of time. I am not proud of filing bankruptcy, but saved my daughters life. We moved to a new town, she meet new friends and started over. My daughter is very well. That was a extremely difficult time in our lives.

The best time to dispute your credit report?

The best time of year to dispute derogatory accounts on your credit report is after Thanksgiving and before New Year's Day, according to author and credit restoration expert, Terry Price.. Why is holiday time the best time to boost your credit score?. During these busy times there's a better chance that the credit bureaus fall short on resources to comply with the time requirements of a consumer's request and will either be forced to delete or correct the contested items.

Who do you write a letter of dispute to?

You can write a letter of dispute to the collection agencies ifthat is who listed your credit account wrong. If it is a company,you can write a letter directly to their account or customerservice department.

Will your credit score be affected after a dispute?

Yes (if it is a dispute on an item on your credit report). Either your score will improve because you corrected a negative error, or it will not change because no correction was deemed appropriate and nothing will change.

How do you write a credit inquiry explanation letter?

Example of a credit inquiry explanation letter: Any inquiries into my credit in the past 90/60/30 days have been mortgage/rent/student loan related. I have not opened any new accounts or applied for new credit other than mortgage/rent/student loan. I have applied for several new tradelines in the past 90/60/30 days as I have need several items. These accounts should be appearing on my credit report and included in my debt ratio. Please let me know if I can provide further information on any tradelines I have opened. (You will more than likely be asked to provide statements that show minimum payments due.)

How do you write a letter of dispute and bank fee?

To write a letter of dispute and bank fee be sure to include allpertinent information. Include bank account number, name, address,billing statements, what you are disputing and address them DearSir or Madam.

How do you write credit card application letter?

To. HDFC Bank LTD Subject: New credit card dear sir, I would like to request you please send me the new credit card on following adrress. Actuall new credit card was returned on 1 march because of the new adrees. Amit Shamrao Ghodake F 19 New daulat society sector 16A vashi Navi Mumbai

How often can you dispute credit report?

You can only dispute information that you believe is incorrect. If you dispute the information and the credit bureau investigates and determines the the information IS correct, you cannot dispute it again. However, if you still feel that the bureau is wrong in reporting the information, you can always take up the dispute with the lending institution that is reporting the false information. Beyond that, you may want to seek the professional advice of an attorney to assist you with this. But avoid "credit repair" companies. The vast majority are just scams.

How do you dispute a bankruptcy on my credit report?

It is not uncommon to come across errors in your credit report ranging from the spelling of your name, to social security number, to incorrect recording of payments. These errors can occur for several different reasons---but regardless of the cause, the burden is upon you to fix it. If you come across errors, you absolutely should fix them. It is only to your benefit to have the appropriate information reflected. Even a misspelling on your name could cause later confusion. For example, taking out a loan, the creditor may wonder whether you have credit under those other names or not, creating another step in the loan process where you'll have to explain yourself. While no one will catch errors other than you, the credit bureaus are required by law to investigate your claim of mistake and correct errors. So here is how you can go about clearing those errors up: Here are the steps you should take. . Write a letter to the credit bureau where you found the mistake. Explain the problem and provide the correct information. . If applicable, contact the creditor or store that reported the incorrect information. Try to clear it up on that end, as they have a responsibility to report accurate information. . Keep copies of all of your correspondence---chances are you'll be asked to produce it more than once. . Get written confirmation that the changes have been made to your credit report. This way, if the problem does not get fixed or reverts for some reason, you don't need to go through all of this again. . Check your report in another month or two and verify the changes have been made. It can take time for the changes to appear, so be sure to keep on top of it. . Submit a statement to the credit bureau explaining the mistake, just for their files. Note that if you are actually late with payments or the information is true, a personal statement explaining your circumstances will not help matters. But in the instance that a mistake is being cleared up, it can help to have a personal statement on file.

How do I get a disputed debt off of my credit report?

The legal answer is that the process of disputing a debt is simple that for disputes. If your only dispute is that you do not want a litigate debt reported on your credit then you would not legally have the grounds for filing any disputes. If however, the debt is genuinely incorrect or not yours; then you should be able to google "credit dispute" and find sample letters and instructions on the process of assuring that your credit report contains accurate information. I would avoid any company or service that claims to "fix" your credit, as most of the time its just a scam, and they just send the same letters you can download off the internet for free.

How do you write Credit note letters?

A credit note is similar in form to an invoice, and contains much the same information - the details of the customer, supplier, and the nature of the business that lead to the credit, the amount and tax status of the credit. It is also essential to outline the conditions attached to this credit, such as limits on when and for what goods and services it may be used. A letter to accompany this should be brief, and direct attention to any important information on the note.

How do you write a property dispute letter?

Hello Mrs. Denise Marks, We have had problems with our property line and I would like to provide you with a copy of my survey. If you do not agree with my survey please have one done and we will compare the two. I do not appreciate how you immediately in one day put up a fence on my property soon as I had a survey done. I know personally that you are taking part of my property and I would like to resolve this in a peacefully manner because we are neighbors. Mrs. Denise, If you can not provide me with a copy of your survey in one weeks of this letter I send to you, I would like for you to remove your fence off of my property and if you do not I will have to go another rout of action with this.

How do you write a reinstatement letter to a credit card?

Begin with Dear ____: . Be professional in your letter. . Take responsibility for your past last payments or debts. . Explain how your financial situation has changed, or how yourfinancial habits have changed, and why they should give you asecond chance as a responsible borrower. . Sign off with Sincerely, _______.

How do you write a sentence for dispute?

The parents' dispute ultimately affected the children the most. In war, a dispute is often settled by a compromise or treaty. Quickly, the dispute got out of hand.

How do you file a dispute on your credit report?

Just phone the credit card company and tell them what the problem is. They may be willing to fix it without requiring you to file a formal dispute. If they do have such a requirement, they will tell you what they require.

How do you write a dispute letter to a creditor if the account is not yours?

If the account is not yours, you must have some connection to the person whose account it is, otherwise you would have no reason to be writing to the creditor. Therefore, you explain, I am writing to you on behalf of (whomever it is) because I am (his lawyer, his son, his secretary, etc.) and then you just proceed with your letter. There is nothing unusual about this, people write on behalf of other people all the time.

How do you dispute a problem with the credit reporting agencies?

After carefully identfying errors on your credit report contact the agency/agencies that you wish to dispute the content via website to acquire the dispute form. Experian, Transunion and Equifax provide a free yearly report which can be used to help identify problems. Be sure to fully complete the form , include information pertinent to proof, and submit via website or standard mail. It takes about 90 days for a response, check report often during this period and contact agency after 90 days without response.

What is to dispute an item on your credit report?

When you dispute an item on your credit report you write a letter to the company and tell them what is wrong and why. This can be very hard to get done because often the credit reporting companies ignore these letters. It can be as simple as an wrong address listed on your report or to something more harmful, but you have to keep it up to get them to change it ( keep copies of your letters).

How do you raise your credit score now that you have disputed everything?

It's best to obtain a credit monitoring service from one of the big 3. It will alert you when something fraudulent hits your account or if something from you slipped through the cracks. Also, pay everything moving forward on time. Take your mail to work with you and make sure everything gets paid on time. Your score will gradually go up. If disputes come back indicating you are responsible for what every reason, pay down as much as you can. Those creditors or third party agencies will report payments accordingly. If you're really want to boost your credit quickly, take a secured credit card for $300. Use it for lunches and small purchases and make your payment on time. The key is not to let your balance dip below 50% of the $300. ($150.00) Good Luck!

How can one solve an Experian credit dispute?

If there is an issue on Experian credit, one should immediately contact the toll free number listed on the credit report. The operator will instruct the individual on the proper procedure for clearing all disputes.