How do you check the validity of a stock certificate?

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You can contact the state that your certificate was incorporated in, each state has a department that handles such things. They have records of registered certificates
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What is stock checking?

Is a checking on quantity of items or material including issuing and received material within stock

What is validation check?

Microsoft uses this to make sure that the version of Windows you are using is genuine, before they offer you free software. You can check if the version of Windows you are usi

Is a check valid if not printed on paper?

No. A check is valid only if printed on a special paper that is designated for check instruments. Also, a check is valid only if it has the name and details of the issuing ban

What is the validity period of Crossed check?

In India - As of now (Jan 2012), the validity period is 6 months from the Date of Cheque Issue. However, starting 1st April 2012, the validity period will be only 3 months.
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Can you check if your ticket is still valid?

Each ticket should have a unique number on it or barcode. That ticket can then be looked up or call the place of issue. By presenting that number the company who issued it sho
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Is a check valid if dated on a Sunday?

Yes. The date that is mentioned in a cheque signifies the date from which a cheque is valid. So, it does not matter if it is a Saturday or a Sunday or a public holiday. The on

How is a check digit used as a validation check?

A check digit, typically the last digit of a number, can be computed from the other digits. For example, if you have an account number 1234, the bank might add a 5th digit of