How do other owners in condo association evict someone else's tenant if they are verbally abusive and dealing drugs?

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Your first act should be to contact the local police and ask what documentation is required in order to file a police report. You may also indicate that the verbal abuse concerns you and your physical safety (if it does).

Once you've filed a police report, you can turn a copy over to the board, together with a request that the board alert the owner to the tenant's violation of the condominium's basic rules.

The owner in violation then has the responsibility to handle the tenant, so that verbal abuse and drug dealing no longer occur from that unit.

Include a time limit in your request, so as to create a sense of urgency. If multiple owners participate in the request, the board may be additionally motivated to act quickly.
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Can a condo owner stop paying homeowners association dues?

Yes you can, and is it not recommended that you quit paying them. Your association assessments pay for services to support the community, such as sewer, water, master insurance policy premiums, upkeep and maintenance on real estate assets owned in common and so forth. When you don't pay your asse (MORE)

Can a new condo owner evict me after 7 years tenancy?

You should check the laws in your area. The landlord has the right to terminate tenancy at any time under certain circumstances with proper notice. In this case, the new owner may wish to occupy the unit themselves. Under the laws in my area, they can give 90-120 days notice to say that the owner is (MORE)

Can i hold tenant association responsible for my condo being burglarized?

'Tenant association' is uncommon, unless you mean a rental agency who found the tenant who occupied your condominium when it was burglarized. If you believe that the tenant was involved with the burglar, then you can notify the agency and review your agreement with them to discover any recourse you (MORE)

When can you evict a tenant?

You can evict a tenant when the tenant breaks the lease or rentalcontract by not paying rent or lease payments. You can also evict atenant who breaks a lease by breaking rules listed on the lease.

If Condo owner does not pay their monthly dues what recourse does the association have?

You can read your governing documents and confirm that your monthly assessments may represent an automatic lien against your title, upon which the board can act when you don't pay your assessments. You may also have a personal responsibility to pay your assessments. In addition, when you fall beh (MORE)

Can a condominium association evict a tenant of an owner in Maryland?

The governing documents for the condominium association, known as Covenants, Rules, Regulations and Restrictions (CC&Rs), the associated By-laws and any Board Resolutions constitute the steps and processes involved in an eviction process. As well, there may be state laws regarding eviction that mus (MORE)

Can a Florida condo association evict a tenant if the owner is delinquent on payment of condo fees?

The governing documents for the association spell out eviction processes. They also detail the steps that the board can take when an owner falls delinquent in paying their assessments. One option could be to step into the revenue stream enjoyed by the owner from the tenant, as a way to collect past (MORE)

Can a home owners association evict a renter?

Leaving eviction to the association only makes the eviction more complicated and costly, since all owners, then, pay the costs associated with the task. Best practices dictate that the owner be charged with the eviction task, and be fined for every day past the deadline that the errant tenant rema (MORE)

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Can a landlord put a tenant out for a drug bust or do we have to evict them?

No landlord should ever be kicking a tenant out himself. Go tocourt and get an order. Most states have a very accelerated processfor evicting based on drugs and other crimes. In Massachusetts,where it normally takes at least seven weeks to have a tenant out,a landlord can evict based on drugs in fou (MORE)

Can a homeowners association force a homeowner to evict a tenant?

Perhaps. If the tenant does not abide by the governing documents --living in the community like an owner -- then the association mayrequire that the owner evict a tenant. The governing documents maystate what behaviour is expected from tenants. This action may be the last in a long list of attempts (MORE)

Can a Minnesota condo association evict a tenant?

Here is a potential scenario: . If the governing documents state that owners require tenants to abide by the community's governing documents, and . If the tenant violates the governing documents, and . After the association notifies the owner of the tenant's violations, and . If the owner fai (MORE)

Can a homeowners association control who is allowed to be a tenant in a condo?

The association is concerned that whomever becomes a tenant can reside in the community just like an owner, except that the tenant cannot vote. This means abiding by all the conditions, rules, regulations, covenants, limitations and so forth written in the governing documents. Some associations req (MORE)

Are the glass of the windows on a condo the owners or association responsibility?

Read your governing documents to determine who owns the 'windows'. Often the term 'windows' is undefined there, which can lead to confusion when one lists the components of a window. For example, who owns the window...: . Glass . Sash . Frame . Screen . Well . Treatment . Lock . Gas . (MORE)

Can a homeowner's association evict a home owner?

Evicting a home owner from a community is a dramatic action for an association to take against one of its members. Your governing documents offer many options for helping owners understand their requirements to live in the community according to the community's guidelines. Apparently, an owner liv (MORE)

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How do you evict tenants?

Laws vary from state to state. In general, assuming the tenant has broken a provision of their lease but is still paying rent, you must give the tenant a 30 days written notice to leave, and you can then file for eviction through your local court. If they owe back rent, you can pursue eviction immed (MORE)

Do owners know that when they sue their condo association they sue themselves?

Some know, some do not know. Condominium-savvy owners understand that they purchased property that operates as a private democracy based on the governing documents in effect over the association. People who do not understand the ownership, business and operational structure of the association oft (MORE)

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Can a co-owner of a property have the other evicted?

Generally, no. Co-owners of real property each have the right to the use and possession of the property. The situation may be modified by a restraining order if the court renders a decision that one party has acted in a harmful manner toward the other. Or, if one party has stopped paying their share (MORE)

Can a New York Condo association collect rent from the tenant if the unit owner is delinquent in paying common charges?

Probably, yes. Read your governing documents to become more familiar with your obligation to pay your common charges, and the association's responsibility and processes by which they are required to collect the monies that you owe. Generally, from these captured funds, the association will not o (MORE)

Can a Florida condo association evict a personally bankrupt unit owner?

Read your governing documents to determine your rights and responsibilities as an owner. When you declare bankruptcy, you draw a line -- the filing date -- prior to which you request that owed debts be forgiven. Your list may include your unit mortgage and past-due assessments. After the filin (MORE)

Can a condo association evict you if you still hold the mortgage?

Classically, eviction is an action taken against tenants, not owners. Read your governing documents to determine the types of behaviours you can engage in that violate the agreements you made when you purchased your residence. If your behaviour rises to the level that compromises the safety, sec (MORE)

Can condo owners be evicted by land owners?

Theoretically it MAY be possible, but in practicality probably very difficult. In some states, (Florida being one example) the condo building(s) may be built on real estate on which the condominium association pays so-called 'ground rent' to the property owner for the privilege of occupying their (MORE)

Can condo home owner association prevent someone from buying a condo?

Whether it's a condominium unit or a home that is embedded among assets owned in common with other owners, unless the governing documents of the association specifically dictate a screening process that every potential buyer experiences, a potential buyer cannot be singled out and prevented from suc (MORE)

Can a co owner of a property have the other evicted?

No. Co-owners each have the legal right to the use and possession of the property. No. Co-owners each have the legal right to the use and possession of the property. No. Co-owners each have the legal right to the use and possession of the property. No. Co-owners each have the legal right to the u (MORE)

Can a Florida condo association evict a tenant if he has broken condo guidelines?

Read your governing documents to determine the association's guidelines for tenant behaviour. It's possible that when a mis-behaving tenant cannot be controlled by the owner/ landlord, and the association has notified the owner/ landlord of violations, given the owner an opportunity to defend the (MORE)

If as a condo owner you feel you are being taken advantage of by the President owner of the other condos and you want to get out of the association how do you do it?

Getting out of an association is only possible by selling your unit to a new buyer. "Feeling like you're being taken advantage of..." is possible if you are new to condominium ownership, or do not fully understand the covenants, conditions, restrictions, regulations or by-laws that govern your asso (MORE)

How do other owners in condo association get a tenant evicted who is using drugs and causing a disturbance?

The disturbance issues are a matter for the unit owner. Owners with a complaint against a unit's resident can notify the board and the association's manager. If the 'quiet hours' guidelines documented in your governing documents are being violated, then a remedy can be pursued. Ultimately, the uni (MORE)

Can you be evicted for speeding in condo association?

Read your governing documents, including amendments, resolutions and board meeting minutes to determine what constitutes speeding, and the notifications required prior to eviction. Tenants and owners alike are expected to live within a condominium community with behaviours bounded by the governing (MORE)

What are the cons of buying a condo when the home owner association is in litigation?

Any litigation, excess attorneys' fees, legal red lights that showup in your due diligence before buying into an association are justthat: red lights. Litigation in associations is based on actions, governing documentsand usually some financial consequence. There is no predeterminedwinner; the prev (MORE)

Is condo association responsible for rooms added by owner?

Your answer lies in the process you followed to gain approval forthe addition. If you petitioned the board with a plan for your remodel and itincluded alteration or adjustment to real estate elements owned incommon -- plumbing, electricity and so forth within the walls ifthey are owned in common, a (MORE)

Can a landlord evict a tenant if one other tenant is calling and complaining about them all the time?

This depends on whether the tenant's frequent calling and complaining are justified. If the complaints are justified, the landlord may not evict the tenant because of such assertion of the tenant's legal rights. Such an intervention would be considered retaliatory and may entitle the defendant damag (MORE)

How can someone evict a nonpaying tenant?

For every country there are a set of laws that deal with the evicting of non-paying tenants. In the UK there is the 1988 Housing Act and the 'no fault' section 21 process. The procedure usually requires a court hearing.

Can a condo association keep someone from moving out?

No. An association's board of directors can make it difficult forsomeone to 'walk away' from a unit, by implementing fines andmaking them personal debts, and so forth. There is no situation during which an association can 'keep someonefrom moving out'.

Can a condominium association evict a tenant of an owner in Florida?

Generally, tenants are required to live in condominiums in the sameway that owners are required to live there. Several steps must bein place, however, according to best practices, in order for anassociation to evict a tenant. First, there must be evidence that the tenant has been given allthe pertin (MORE)

How many reasons could a condo owner get evicted for?

Evicting an owner from a condominium is the job of a sheriff whenthe bank has foreclosed on the mortgage and the owner remains inresidence. Otherwise, threatening a resident owner with eviction could beconsidered harassment. However, yours may be a special case. If you are being threatenedwith evic (MORE)