How did the bombing of the World Trade Centre change the world?

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It changed are world besause so many opeople died and those were the highest buildings ever.
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Who bombed world trade center?

The World Trade Center bombing was carried out by a group of conspirators. According to Wikipedia, they included Ramzi Yousef, Mahmud Abouhalima, Mohammad Salameh, Nidal A. Ayyad, Abdul Rahman Yasin, Ahmad Ajaj, Khaled Sheikh Mohammedand Eyad Ismoil. The attack was carried out on Feb 26, 1993. Mo (MORE)

Why was the World Trade Center bombed on September 11?

The World Trade Centre was not bombed on September 11 2001, two planes were used to crash into the Twin Towers. These planes were hijacked by terrorists who were Muslim extremists who had a very skewed opinion/view of their religion. . The men who did this thought it was their religious calling..

Who bombed The World Trade Center?

Ramzi Yousef masterminded the bombing . Eyad Ismoil drove the truck carrying the bomb . Khaled Shaikh Mohammed provided finance Abouhalima, Ajaj, Ayyad and Salameh carried out the bombing

1st World Trade Center Bombing?

sad day on 9/11. One guy joked n almost got jumped, and said the towers were the devil horns as new York is the head of America. Not funny n stupid

What country is suspected to be behind The World Trade Center bombing?

According to US administrations since 9/11, Al-Qaeda a terroristorganization headed at the time by Osama Bin Laden was behind theWorld Trade Center attack. Osama was living in Afghanistan at thetime as a guest of Taliban regime. Although all of the hijackerswere from middle east but its not proven t (MORE)

When was the World Trade Centre built?

The groundbreaking ceremony was held on 5 th August 1966, and the ribbon cutting ceremony was held on 4 th April 1973. One World Trade Centre, or the North tower, was completed in 1970 while Two World Trade Centre, or the South Tower, was completed in 1972.

What are they going to build in place of the World Trade Centre?

A new World Trade Center Complex is currently under construction; it is comprised of seven buildings, the centerpiece being the 1776 foot (1792 to the tip) One World Trade Center. The new complex also features a transportation hub, 9/11 memorial, and museum. Construction began in 2002 and thus far, (MORE)

When was the first World Trade Center bombing?

The first bombings at the World Trade Center occurred in either September or October 1993. I'm not quite sure about the month, but definite on the year. . The World Trade Center bombing occurred on February 26, 1993 . It happened below the North Tower, due to a truck bomb being detonated.

Who bombed the world trade centers?

The U.S government C.I.A. they helped and made it all possible so that way they could have a reason to invade Iraq and there next traget is Iran

Was there a bomb in the World Trade Center attacks on September 11?

No. There was no bomb in the World Trade Centre attacks on September 11 2001, although the terrorists on board the planes may have *claimed* that they had a bomb to gain control of the plane- it is doubtful that we will ever know. The buildings were brought down by terrorists flying planes into them (MORE)

What design faults were highlighted by the attack on the World Trade Centre?

This is a fantastic question, thank you. Clearly by design faults you mean in the Trade Towers, but the real design fault that was uncovered in part of the political design. So . . . I will quickly address both. Since it is absolutely proven that the buildings were planted with explosives, there is (MORE)

Were there bombs in the World Trade Center?

The Twin Towers of the New York World Trade Center both collapsed due to fires after jet passenger planes were flown into them on September 11, 2001. . However, an earlier attack on the WTC took place on February 23, 1993. A bomb-laden van exploded in the underground garage beneath the North Tower. (MORE)

Why did the world trade center change history?

because the trade centers are important to us and the people that died in the attack are important to us. there are families that had family members in the attack so that is why it was important.

Why did they bomb the world trade center in 1993?

They bombed it in 2001, and it was because the iranies are jelous of the Americans and decided to try to rip our country apart and try to bring our hope of survival down, but they only made us stronger knowing that we could concur something like that together.

How does world trade lead to cultural change?

It forces other countries to conform to the economics of thecountries they have to deal with. They have to find common groundto exist with each other to make it work. Like what is going on with China and the U.S., one wants the otherto clean up it's act or it's processes and not pollute the world.It (MORE)

Why did Osama bin Laden bombed the world trade centres?

Because George W. Bush made a deal with him. The reasoning was that he hated America the only problem with that reasoning however is that America was his Ally for many years while he was fighting for them in the mid east and The USA has up to this time not yet explained that he actually did have a (MORE)

How many miles is it from Central Park to the World Trade Centre?

According to the measurements I got from Google Maps, it is about a 4.6 mile walk from the southwest corner of Central Park to the World Trade Center (Ground Zero). Central Park is a little less than one mile wide, and two and a half miles long, so, depending on where in the park you are starting ou (MORE)

How did the atom bomb change in World War 2?

It helped us win the war over Japan. After the first atomic bomb was dropped over Hiroshima, the Japanese still refused to surrender. A few days later, the second bomb was dropped on Nagasaki and Japan finally signed their unconditional surrender on August 11, 1945. This day is commonly known as V-J (MORE)

Why did George Bush supposedly bomb The World Trade Centre?

That's a conspiracy theory. The conspiracy theorists think George Bush may have done it because he was friends with Osama Bin Laden and wanted to go to war to become more powerful However, here is no proof that George Bush did bomb the World Trade Center, and its extremely unlikely that he did.

What is the distance between the World Trade Centre and the Dakota Building?

They are about 5 miles apart as the crow flies (meaning, if you were to draw an imaginary straight line between them on the map). In road miles, the distance is about 6 miles, if you drive west from the Dakota (at 72nd and Central Park West) to the West Side Highway and continue straight down the W (MORE)

How many people died at the World Trade Center bombing?

Six people were killed and over a thousand were injured in theWorld Trade Center bombing of 1993. If you were talking about the September 11 attacks on the WorldTrade Center, then, the World Trade Center was not bombed onSeptember 11, 2001. Planes were flown into the towers, causing themto collapse (MORE)

Why is Nubia considered the trading centre of ancient world?

Nubia was a trading center of the ancient world. Nubia traded goods with people who live in centrel Africa as well as people of ancient Egypt .Nubia trading routes extended north , east , south , and west.Nubian traders traveled in groups called caravans . They used a system called barter system.

Why and how did world trade centre building 7 come down in its own footprint?

It did rather exceed it's footprint, but the reasons it didn't "fall over" are as follows; 1. The structural failure was towards the top, so the bottom was fine and thus all stayed upright until the vertical shock loads of the falling floors above caused failure, which was progressive and local. 2. (MORE)

What is the reason for the attack of world trade centre?

The reason for the attack on the World Trade Centers can be analyzed on many levels, but there is also a simple explanation. The World Trade Centers were attacked in order to act as a catalyst for increased defense budget/spending for the United States, and it's allies. That is the reason for the at (MORE)

Who did the bombing world trade center?

The bombers were Mahmud Abouhalima, Mohammad Salameh, Ahmad Ajaj and Nidal Ayyad. There were various other behind the scene members that were also implicated in the bombing as planners, financial supporters and conspirators.