How did Lebanon started?

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It was a part of the turkish kingdom, Al Saltanah Al Osmaniyyah. Then after the World War 1 , this kingdom lost in the battle against France and England, some of the causes were the Arabs (and lebanese) revolutions. France promised Arabs that they'll give them total freedom if they made revolutions agains't Al Osmaniyyah, but that didn't happen thought the Arabs kept their words and helped France win the War. After the War ended, France took advantage of this and dominated Lebanon and half Syria, while England dominated Palestine and Irak, then gave Palestine to the Juwish so they can build Israel and help them in World War 2. But the arab revolution kept on going even after World War 2, and they succeeded in getting their freedom and kick France outside Lebanon and England outside Irak. Too bad they couldn't kick the Jewish out of Palestine Too.
P.S. , I'm Lebanese.
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