How can you win the stock market challenge game?

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Because the game is delayed slightly, about a minuite or two, you get the real time quote of a large company from google (in real time) you wait for the stock to start to rise, than immidiately buy about 500-1000 shares of that stock in the game. Watch the real time quote and when you see it peak and start to decline, wait for it to hit the peak in the game than short sell it.
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How do you win in the stock market?

Do your homework, know what you are investing in, never fall in love with a stock, but always check its performance with the charts, for the past weeks, months and years.

How do you beat the stock market game?

It is a virtual game based on the real Stock Market. There are many teams. Each team has to buy and sell stocks and only stocks from companies. A tip is to buy the stocks that

Can you learn about the stock market from a free stock market game?

Yes, free stock market games help you learn to make stock portfolios and buy and sell stock without the risk of losing your money. In them, you are given virtual money to in

What exactly are free stock market games?

free stock market games are exactly what the name suggests. They are free games that emulate the experience of playing the stock markets without the risk of actually spending

Is the stock market game actually a game?

No, the stock market game is not a game. People are dealing with real money which can be made or lost very easily in either direction. Now that we trade stocks on the computer

Where can you buy a stock market game?

The stock market is more of a business than a game. However, there are many virtual representations of the stock markets available online so that people can emulate the expe
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Can you win real money on virtual stock market games?

Real money cannot be won on virtual stock market games, they are virtual because they are based on the actual stock market but have no risk because it is a learning tool. Most
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Where can you find virtual stock market games?

There are many virtual stock market websites provide free market games for new stockers. I played virtual stock market game on marketwatc, which help me very much in my first
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Are there stock market games available?

"There are stock market simulators. What they are is a game in a sense, that simulate the stock market. It allows you to practice and understand and familiarize with the sto
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Where can someone purchase the Stock Market Game?

The Stock Market Game is a virtual learning game that provides a portfolio that may be purchased online at the Stock Market Game Website that allows students to invest a hypot