How can I find a New York criminal attorney?

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You can find a good New York criminal attorney. New York criminal attorney having a good experience. New York criminal attorney helps you to handle your case very carefully.
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Any good criminal attorneys in Paterson New Jersey?

I've had great results with the Law Offices of Chang & Scolavino, they're in Paterson on Madison Ave. I don't remember their exact address but their number is 973-925-2525. I had two cases one down in Burlington County and the other one in Bergen County and both were taken care of in a very professional manner.

How do you expunge old criminal records in New York State?

To request the expungement of an offense from your STATE (not Federal) criminal record: You must have either been exonerated, acquited, or served the complete term of your sentence - then file a petition/motion with the court setting forth valid reason(s) why your request should be granted. A judge will review your petition and the circumstances of your case and issue a ruling either granting or denying the request. AN EXPUNGEMENT IS NOT A PARDON! Expungement only removes the record of your offense from being available to the public. Law enforcement, the courts, and government agencies will always have access to your actual 'true' record. NOTE: If you are a convicted felon there are other factors that also come into play - make sure you research your limitations carefully! Better yet - retain an attorney to assist you.

David Zifrin new york criminal conviction?

From what I have been able to find on the NY DOCS site there is no listing for David Zifrin. this would indicate that at some point he was cleared of the frame job NYPD and the Kings County D.A. did on him. It would have had to have gone through the NY State Court of Appeals.

Was Lochner v New York a civil or criminal case?

Lochner v. New York, (1905) was a civil case that addressed the constitutionality of State labor laws, specifically the right of New York State to pass legislation setting the maximum number of work hours permitted bakers to 10 hours per day, or 60 hours per week. The Court held that the State had no legitimate interest in protecting the health of this class of worker because there were no substantial risks involved, and that the legislature had exceeded its authority under the state's police powers. According to the Court, the restrictions were unconstitutional under the Fourteenth Amendment Due Process Clause because they violated the workers' liberty interest in freely contracting with the employer. While presented as a protection of the working class, Lochner-era decisions almost invariably favored industry over labor. Case Citation: Lochner v. New York, 198 US 45 (1905)

Where can I find a quality mesothelioma attorney in New York?

Weitz and Luxenberg PC has been handling mesothelioma and other asbestos related litigation for over two decades and has amassed millions of dollars in compensation for clients. Please type Weitz and Luxenberg into your search engine of choice and view their website for more information.

Where can you find a persoal injury attorney in New York?

Wingate, Russotti & Shapiro is a personal injury law firm in New York. The firm has achieved succes in cases like medical malpractice, automobile accidents, injury in work accidents and more, you could get some more information on the web.

How much is an attorney consultation in New York City?

"While each New York City attorney has different fees according to their practice, you can obtain a consultation for free for certain circumstances. The New York City Civil Court will provide a free consultation with an attorney."

Where can one get a New York criminal lawyer?

There is a website dedicated to finding New York criminal lawyers alone, which is new-york-lawyers. They hire lawyers that are practiced in one area of law, so you are bound to find a lawyer for your needs.

How does one find the best personal injury attorney in New York?

Many attorneys will claim to be the best accident attorney in New York, however, there are ways to make sure the attorney you hire is skilled. The first step in researching an attorney is to contact the local Bar Association and verify the attorney is in fact a member in good standing. The state Bar Association will have resources available so you can determine whether the attorney has been sanctioned for malpractice or ethics violations in the past. Finally, if once you have a consultation the attorney is promising a settlement that sounds too good to be true, it probably is. A truly professional attorney will be honest and make sure you have realistic expectations about the outcome of your case.

Where can one find good copyright attorneys in New York?

The best way to find good attorneys of any kind is often through the recommendations of friends or colleagues. If this is not possible then one can find attorneys specifically skilled in copyright law through the phone book, or online at the New York Findlaw Lawyers directory.

Where can a trust attorney be found in New York?

The best place to find trust attorney would be at Findlaw where they have a directory of trust lawyers to choose from. Another great place is at avvo where they have over 1000 lawyers listed and separated by areas of New York.

Where can one find New York injury attorneys?

Since there are literally hundreds of personal injury lawyers in New York, it is a good idea to use some sort of service to help find the one suited to a person's particular needs. Legal Match is an online service where they match each person with the right lawyer.

Where could one find tenant attorneys in the city of New York?

The website Lawyers allows one to search for attorneys in a specified area and geographical region, accompanied by client and peer ratings. One option for tenant attorneys in New York City is Rubin & Licatesi, P.C., who currently hold perfect peer and client ratings.

Where can one find a criminal defense attorney in LA?

Check Yelp's website for attorneys in the Los Angeles area. Not only will you find a lot of criminal defense attorneys, but you will find reviews. Remember, you will also be provided with an attorney if you cannot afford one.

Where can one find a Californian criminal defense attorney?

The best way to sift through the thousands of attorneys in California to find one that can serve one's needs is to use a directory. Websites like SuperLawyers allow one to find an attorney near them that specializes in the field they need assistance with.

Where can one find reliable attorneys in New York?

One can go to various websites that rate lawyers on a variety of factors, based on information from their clients, to find a reliable attorney in New York. Some of these websites are TopLawyersofAmerica and Research.Lawyers. Additionally, one can reference the New York State Bar Association website for information about lawyers who have been disciplined or sanctioned by the state bar.

Do you have a right to an attorney in a civil case in New York?

For many types of Family Court cases, and depending on income, a party is entitled to have a court appointed lawyer. In Family Court, children are represented by these attorneys free of charge. For more information on obtaining a court appointed attorney, visit the Clerk's Office in the Family Court. For other types of civil litigation attorneys are not provided free of charge.