Function of credit analyst?

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A credit analyst is the one who evaluates the credit worthiness of individuals and businesses. They make decision about customer credit applications using different criteria that includes credit viability, customer payment history and purpose of application.
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What do you mean by functional requirements in context to business analyst?

\nFunctional requirements are what the business users expect the software to 'do'; what tasks they wish it to perform. (e.g. write paychecks, calculate launch date for lunar o

What is an IT analyst?

An IT analyst is a system specialist that works with variouscompanies to determine what types of systems and software work bestfor them. They learn the company's needs and the

What are the functions of compensation analyst?

Answer . An ideal compensation system will have positive impact on the efficiency and results produced by employees. It will encourage the employees to perform better and

What is the function of credit?

It allows you to buy things with future money (money you haven't got yet), AND it allows the lender to make money from your impatience. (a LOT of money).

What does a IT analyst do?

Typical duties can include: Determines requirements, designs, installs, and maintains server hardware, operating systems, software, scripted procedures, computer management

Job description of credit analyst?

Credit analysts (or credit risk analysts) undertake risk assessment analysis of various types of lending proposals from the straightforward to the very complex, which can be f

What is role of system analyst and who is system analyst explain function of system analyst?

The role of system analyst : System analyst is the person who is responsible for the analysis of the system. He is the person who is responsible to deal with the customers an
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Where can one find credit analyst jobs in NYC?

Credit analyst jobs can be found in New York City by visiting financial businesses. Try JP Morgan or Standard Chartered. Try job webpages such as 'glass door'.
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How can you find a credit analyst job opening?

Monster and Indeed are two popular online sites to search for jobs in this particular field. Checking with local credit agencies may produce results.