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Basically e-marketing, web marketing and i-marketing are considered as a internet marketing for products or services over the internet. getting most useful back links, branding of business and paid advertisement are best examples of Internet marketing which are being used by marketers.
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What is Internet marketing?

Internet marketing also known as online marketing, e-marketing or web marketing is the marketing technique used online by the companies to sell goods and services directly to

How does Internet marketing differ from traditional marketing?

\n. \nContrary to popular belief, internet marketing does not differ too much from traditional marketing. The internet affords us a faster and more convenient way to reach

How are traditional Marketing and the Internet marketing alike?

Well...internet marketing and traditional marketing are alike by essence. Both are about promoting the product by different tactics and strategies. So even if the internet has

How Internet marketing affect Marketing performance?

Now customers for our business have a great load. All have a lot ofwork and little time. Internet allows you to learn about theproduct without leaving your home, it allows you

What are good examples of internet marketing?

Internet marketing is used alot today. Popups and Ads are some examples. People also set up web pages to market online items. Most of the things you see online that tries to s

Do you need a degree in marketing to do internet marketing?

Internet Marketing is a growing field. Whether or not you decide to get a degree before persuing it as a career really depends on your goals. If you want to work for a major c

How can the Internet be marketed?

If you are asking how you can market products, websites, etc on the internet then there are many ways. Lots of sites are designed specifically for marketing products. Your bes

What was not an example of the internet?

the tires on your car . a tree . an earthworm . the atlantic ocean . a volcano . a salt mine . a plastic grocery bag . a roll of toilet paper . a potato chip . chedda