Does general contractor premium goes high how much even if he gives job to subcontractor if gc pays money to subcontractor from his account still it will be counted as sales?

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What insurance obligations does a contractor have to his subcontractors?

Simple summary for complex issue . \nIn theory when a PRIME contractor hires a SUBCONTRACTOR, and the SUBCONTRACTOR causes a loss, damage, injury, etc., then the SUBCONTRA

How long does it take for a contractor to pay a subcontractor after a job?

Answer . I used to work in the credit dept at Sherwin Williams and always dealt with subcontractors who were late on payments because of contractors. Each contractor is dif

How do you get paid if you are a subcontractor and the general contractor didn't pay you for working on a house can you put a lien on the owners house and how long after finishing can you do that?

If the you will.never.get money back. EVER THEY get away with everything. I.say regardless u will never get money back. Go beat the Shit.out of.him and order wh

Can a subcontractor sue a contractor for nonpayment?

Yes under contract law a subcontractor can sue for breach of contract. However subcontractors should become familiar with the state's construction or mechanics lien laws which

What is the difference between a contractor a subcontractor?

The answer is in the title. A contractor is typically a builder or trades person who signs an original document for an original project with a client to perform a constructive

Subcontractor not paid by contractor?

A subcontractor can turn to Construction or mechanics lien law in order to secure payment. By being lien law compliant, meeting specific requirements such as preliminary notic

Can an independent contractor also be a subcontractor?

yes they can - a prime contractor holds the actual contract and then in essence hires a subcontractor to do some of the work. an independent contractor is not an actual employ
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What rights does a subcontractor have when working for a contractor?

Firstly you have all the rights granted by your contract with the contractor. Secondly you have the state's lien statutes which grant you lien rights providing you meet specif
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As a general contractor do subcontractor injuries affect the EMR of the General Contractor?

No. They will not affet the GC because they are two different entities. This method of rating is also similar to the OSHA Recordables and 300 Log. A GC will not report acciden

Would a laborer who works for a contractor receives a weekly check but has to pay his own income tax out of this money be considered to be a subcontractor?

A self employed taxpayer. NO employer to withhold the social security and medicare taxes out of your gross pay before your net take home paycheck is issued to you. As a self

Can a contractor force their subcontractor to raise their car insurance premium?

I think you mean can a general contracto force their subcontractor to raise their car insurance coverage limits. Some people choose to buy insurance with very low limits which