Could you set up a business catching people driving whilst on a mobile phone?

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The "business" that does this is called the police.

Administering the law should not be a commercial business!
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Who do you get to set up mobile homes?

Most mobile home manufacturers will suplly you with a list of reputable set up contractors. Don't make the mistake of hiring just anybody, get referrals. You can also find referrals by going to mobile home park offices.. Most mobile home dealers will deliver and set up the mobile home. Connecting o (MORE)

How do you set up a business letter?

Depends on what is your purpose and goal to accomplish. When you use Google with the words, "write a business letter" you'll hit more than one good resource for what you need. In most cases such a letter is to make a connection with a new prospect or invite an account to participate in a promotion o (MORE)

Why do people set up business?

The reason I started my own business was that I didn't like someone else to make orders on me and I wanted to be my own boss. Also I wanted a high standard for living and to make money and have a job or career in life.

What risks are there when setting up a business?

Some risks associated with starting a business is the concern forwhether it will succeed, where will you get the money from and whowill you hire. When you approach each problem separately, you canovercome the problems.

Could you text with the first mobile phone?

The first mobile telephone system was built in Sweden in 1956. Beside being a rotary dial system, incoming signals had to be routed through an operator, neither being text-friendly. Modern SMS messaging was not invented for another thirty-six years. So, no.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of mobile phone use in the DJ business?

i need to no the advantages and disadvantages of using a mobile phone with your business. is it a good or bad idea? if you have an answer please tell me quick im at school and i need it for an assignment. thanks i need to no the advantages and disadvantages of using a mobile phone with your bu (MORE)

Mobile phones in business?

These are the smart phones, iPhones, and other advance mobile phones that has an internet connection.

Who came up with the idea of the mobile phone?

Why hello my friend. . I have recently stumbled across your query and i would like to tell you that the inventor of this was Jesus Christ, our lord. . Amen . Thank you for your time.

How can you set up a business?

First you have to know what you are gonna be doing at your business. then you have to have experience of what your choice is. after that you have to save a lot of money in order to start the business. after all that is done u have to buy the things u need for the business, also hire people for the b (MORE)

What do you need to set up a business?

Before you go about starting a business, understand why businesses fail today, and then do the opposite. Some reasons are as follows. No written plan Little or no education in business No coach or mentor Did not take advantage of appropriate resources (SBA for example) Lack of start-up financ (MORE)

How do you set up a small business?

Your question is very general so I will say this start small, don't invest a lot of money and try to select a business that has a proven track record. And the key is having a passion for what you do. If you do not wake up every morning and can't wait to get started you will never succeed.

How do you top up a mobile phone?

To top up my mobile phone I dial 453 and someone will tell you how much credit you have and then ask you to press a certain number to top up. Then you just need to either dial or tell them credit card details. To avoid any mistakes the person on the phone will repeat what you have dialed/said and yo (MORE)

Steps in setting up a business?

Well, today you would want to A) Get a website B) Find a headquarters C) Make your service or product D) Setup your service or product. E) Advertise your opening. F) Hire employees if neccessary. G) Get some startup money.

Why must a mobile phone not be used whilst using an AED?

What is believed is that "signals can disrupt analysis". Thoughthere is little or no proof, you can choose to or not to believethis. Like the common knowledge that "mobile phones can disruptaeroplane control" which i think is a total lie but these arebasically opinions, choose what you believe.

Why do people set business up?

They do that because they want to earn money, some are too lazy to find a job and some want to earn the money by themselves.

What is the penalty for driving whilst using a mobile phone?

Firstly - a disclaimer. I'm not a Policeman or a lawyer, or even particularly knowledgeable. However, I'm researching into something similar and so may be able to help... (EDIT: I've now realised that site is mainly used by Americans - so this may not be much use. Sorry!) It would depend on wh (MORE)

Advantages of a mobile phone in businesses?

With the sophisticated phone system offered by virtual PBX, mobile communication devices such as PDA's and cell phones are used to be part of the call management system. Through this devices owners will be given updates about online faxes and incoming call where ever they are. Thus, providing mobili (MORE)

Why do people buy mobile phones?

Depends on what phone they're buying. You get discount buyers and brand buyers, just like in supermarkets. People are buying cheep phones because they need contact people and they have little need for gadgets. Or perhaps its as simple as they cant afford to buy a smartphone. People buy expensive p (MORE)

How to set up the internet on your phone?

I don't really think you can you have to get it in your plan and I know it cost a big chunk out of your wallet but I don't think there is unless you get it on one of those whir less hot spots I think but that cost to

How big is the mobile phone battery business in India?

According to a research in January, India will soon have third most mobile phone users in the world. So it is clear cut common sense that mobile phone battery is and would become even more profitable in the coming years.

Alice leaves her house driving east at 45 miles per hour Thirty minutes later her husband Dave notices she forgot her cell phone and sets off after her How fast must Dave travel in order to catch up?

In 30 min she would have traveled 22.5 miles so if you wanted to catch up to her in 30 min you would have to travel twice her hourly rate which would be 90 miles per hour . Dave will catch Alice if he travels at any speed greater than she does, that is if he drives at any speed greater than 45mph. (MORE)

Disadvantages of mobile phones in a business?

A phone system is one of the most important purchases your business can make. A small business phone system will provide the core set of features you need but you also want to ensure compatibility with other equipment you already have. You definitely want features such as voicemail, messaging on- (MORE)

Why did your mobile phone light up by itself?

When you are charging the phone, it will often light itself up to indicate that the charge is complete. Some phones light up as a reminder of missed text messages or phone calls.

How do you set up facebook for a business?

Same way and reason you started your business site or blog. Choose your keywords, set up a fan page named to target those words, then use the iframe app (static iframe tab is good) to import your HTML code. Process takes less than 30 mins. Then you have a business site embedded in a social networ (MORE)

Where can people get business phone numbers?

"Business phone numbers can be found in variety of ways. The old-fashioned way is the local white pages, which have businesses in alphabetical order. The easiest way may be to use a search engine to look for the company's webpage."

Why do businesses set up in China?

China's population makes up over one fifth of the worlds population which means there are 100's of millions of more customers. Businesses also expect benefits like paying their workers less

Where are the roaming settings on mobile phones?

When you sign up for a mobile phone, there is usually a local area (could be your entire state, or could be your entire country). When you are inside your local area, you do not pay extra fees for long-distance connections. But if you travel outside your local area (could be to another state, or (MORE)

How do you set up cctv in a business?

Setting up a cctv in a business is an easy task. It can be done in three easy steps. First, you will need to position the camera to the location you want monitored and plug in the power cable in wall outlet, attaching one end of the coaxial cable to the jack on the rear of the camera and the other e (MORE)

Who are the best providers for business mobile phones?

While many state that using your personal phone for work can be cost-saving a beneficial, many do not want to tie those two aspects of their lives together. Business Traveler's annual survey has named AT&T as the top provider for business uses. Broad international coverage and extensive selection (MORE)

How can one top up a mobile phone?

Ways to top up on a mobile phone are either in store from high street retailers that have the green top up logo, or from a credit or debit card. Top ups can be used about anywhere.

Where could one get advice on setting up a business website?

One could get good advice on setting up a business website by going to the U.S. Small Business Administration website. Good advice on setting up a business website could also be obtained by finding a good website developer that has many years in developing business websites.

What is considered the best mobile phone for business?

The Blackberry brand is considered the best mobile phone for business. The physical keyboard on the phone is considered to be an asset for business people so they can quickly and effectively answer emails and text messages.

What is the best business mobile phone?

There are many cell phone providers that offer business deals. Currently in Canada the most popular company to use for business is Telus as they have the Mortorola phones.

How do you start a mobile phone repair business?

Mobile phone repair business is partly dependent on technicalskills and partly on business skills. For learning onhow to fix cellphones of different brands, you can attend anyauthentic training center nearby your area. However, once delved into the market, it is much expected that youchoose the (MORE)