Can you use your car as a trade to buy another car even if your name is not on the loan or bill of sale from the dealership?

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Sure. the dealer can accept anything he feels has value toward the, boats, art, etc.,...even work.
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Will a dealership pay off a personal loan if you want to buy a new car?

%DETAILS%. Answer . This is certainly something that can be negotiated with a dealer. It will depend on how much equity you have in the deal, how much money you may be borrowing on your new vehicle, etc. But if you make a it a condition of the deal, yes, it can be done under the right circumst (MORE)

Can you use a car as a trade in for your new car if the trade in is titled to your daughter and has an out standing loan signed by another person and your daughter agrees to the trade in?

Answer . your daughter would have to sign the release documents for her car.. As for the loan, whoever signed the loan would still have to pay the loan, regardless. The loan doesn't go away.. If you do consider this, make sure there aren't any liens or any other claims to that car, through the (MORE)

Is it possible to trade in a car and buy a new one even if you are still paying off a loan for the original car?

Answer . \nYes. You have to make certain the dealership you're working with for the purchase of the new car is covering the entire amount owed on the old car. Also, whoever is doing your financing should give you a check made out to you and the lienholder of the old car so that loan can be pai (MORE)

When do most car dealerships have sales?

Answer . At the end of each month, especially the last day of the month, salesmen will pull out all the stops to make that last sale. . On a broader level, toward the end of the current model year, September - November, dealers want to clean out inventory to provide space for their new vehicles (MORE)

Can you buy a new car and add on the remaining balance for another car loan?

Answer . It is the discretion of the lending institution. When the dealer is processing the transaction they will show all the numbers in the document but it is up to the lending institution to accept. Most dealers are very "savy" and what they will do is inflate the price of the purchased vehic (MORE)

Can a student loan be used to buy a car?

\nSometimes it is possible to do so and even get a good interest rate on it as well. Check with various lending institutions to see which allow that sort of thing.

What is the average amount dealerships make on the sale of a used car?

Answer . I actually sell cars and that is totally classified!!! Kidding. The average used car will gross between $1000 and $1500 which to be honest barely covers the bills. That would give a salesperson 100 to 200 dollars in his paycheck. I have seen dealers take a loss for a car when trying to (MORE)

Can a dealership sell a car from another dealership?

In theory no, in practice yes. This is done all the time. You want a certain car and they do not have it in stock. The call around and find the car you want at another dealer. They sell you the car and go get it from the other dealer.

Bill of sale for used car?

Depending on which state you live in, you may be required to use a state approved bill of sale form. The state approved bill of sale forms typically require information such as: the seller's and buyer's name and address; the car's vin number, make, model, body type & year; odometer reading; and sale (MORE)

Can I get out of a car loan if I did not buy the car?

If you did not buy the car it depends on the creditor. Some will void out the loan, others will not. If they do not void it then you have all the money from the loan... so you can pay the loan in full immediately. I think it is not very good to get a car loan if you didn't buy he car. it is just (MORE)

What is the salary for a sales manager of a car dealership?

No sales manager of a franchise dealership these days making less than 100K per year - no matter what is the pay plan are, if so that's mean that person either new and will not be holding that position for any longer. Sales Manager makes around 120-150K, whereas GSM making 150K to around 250K. Goo (MORE)

What if you get a car loan and not buy the car?

You will still owe the money back with agreed upon interest. There may be some legal issues if you used the car for collateral and you do not own the car. return the money with the interest. the longer you save the loan, the more interest you have to pay!

What is the law for car repossession for a used car at a buy here pay here dealership?

It may vary by state, but car repo (snatch and run) is against the law in Louisiana. If the repo man shows up wanting you to sign some papers, and has a cop sitting close by, don't worry. By law, if you don't sign that piece of paper, they cannot take your car. (The cop and repo guy are friends, or (MORE)

If you trade 1 car for another do you pay sales tax?

It varies from state to state. Where I live (Washington State) you pay sales tax on the difference in value between the new car and the trade-in vehicle. Example: New car purchase price $25,000, trade-in car value $10,000; tax is paid on $15,000.. It varies from state to state. Where I live (Washin (MORE)

If you are buying the car can you trade it in for another?

You do have a grace period, if it is agreed upon by you and the seller, to return the purchased auto if you are not happy. At least that has been my experience in my own purchases. I have never immediately traded "it" in for another.. I am sure, should you find a willing salesperson, such a transac (MORE)

Can you cancel an agreement to trade in your used car to buy another used car if the car is titled to your parent?

I don't not believe you can. The only time you could do that is if you had Power of Attorney over your parents. If parents give permission but just cant leave the house to sign papers then it would be fairly easy to get POA for that. Some dealers might even bring the papers to your parent and save (MORE)

Why would a car dealership not have the title for the used car you purchased and does a Bill of Sale take the place of a title proving new ownership?

because most car dealers buy from auctions that give them a floor plan in other words they hold the title and give them a credit so that they can take the car on their lot and sell it and once it is sold they have to go pay off the floor plan to receive the title so that they may register it in your (MORE)

Do Car dealerships buy vehicles?

That depends. A dealership will only buy a car that they can make money off of. I suggest taking the car to the delaership that it was made from. If you have a Chevrolet, like myself, you are better off taking the car to the Chevrolet dealership. The vehicle should be in the best shape possible to g (MORE)

What are some names of car dealerships?

There are literally 10 of thousands of car dealership in the US. What state do you live in? Check the related links here to see a few car dealerships in the largest states.

How long do you have to cancel a loan when you buy a used car from a dealership in Kentucky?

According to Kentucky's Attorney General, you have no right to cancel the purchase of a used car in Kentucky. One trick to get around this is to cause your loan not to be funded by the bank or credit union - this does not work if you got the financing from the dealer. Our credit union often advis (MORE)

Where do older cars go when traded in to dealerships?

That depends on the year and condition of the car. If it is still new enough to sell for a decent profit they will resell them on the lot. if it is beyond "the quality" of the lot they go to auction where your used car dealers get them or the buy here pay here places. Some times if they are really (MORE)

Can you buy a car with bill of sale and lien on it?

No. And not a good idea even if it was. Yes, you can. If you are buying from a dealership (new or pre-owned) and they have taken the vehicle in as a trade-in then don't pay it off and you purchase it....someone is not going to be happy. Or, if you purchase from an individual who still owes a balanc (MORE)

What benefits do sales managers of car dealerships get?

Most car dealers get free company demo cars, also with experience the typical saleman may only work 3 or 4 days a week (even if longer hours). An average car salesman will often progress to level of manager with work or some education who can benefit from being in a job that is very stable and can h (MORE)

Is it better to buy a used car from the owner or through a dealership?

Although you can usually get a lower priced vehicle from the owner it might be best to go hrough a dealership because that way you know it has been inspected and safetied, and you just have more information available on the vehicle. Additionally it sometimes comes with a warranty.

What is a disadvantage of buying a used car from a dealership versus privately?

The price will be higher. They take the blue book price and mark it up. If it was a lease return they will take the residual left on the car and add to it. Either way you will pay more for the car. The one advantage of dealer vs. private party is that if there is a problem with the car you can get i (MORE)

Do you need to show proof of insurance at a car dealership when buying a used car?

Absolutely. Even if you pay cash for the vehicle you will need to prove that you have liability insurance in order to legally drive off the lot. If you are financing the vehicle you will have to show that you have liability and physical damage coverage before driving off the lot. The dealer will con (MORE)

Which dealerships have Citroen cars for sale?

Car dealerships that sell Citroen cars are located in the United Kingdom. Arnold Clark located in Dumfries and Galloway is a dealership. Other dealership names are Telfords Carlisle located in Cumbria and Arnold Clark located in Armadale in the Lothian region.

What is a dealership fee when buying a used car?

A dealership fee is usually known as a Documentary Fee or Doc Fee.It also depends on the dealership. We only charge a Doc Fee whereother dealers may have other fees that they charge for and assignthem a different name.