Can you get renters insurance to cover a trampoline?

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Highly unlikely, Most would cancel your insurance policy at the mere mention of a trampoline.
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Does renters insurance covers a carpet burn?

Answer . Not if it 'came with' the building. For instance wall to wall is considered under the dwelling coverage on the home owners policy. So if you didn't bring it in with you, it belongs to the landlord, and your renters policy will not cover it. Now if you are saying you damaged the landlords property, file a claim and see if there might be some coverage under your liability section. States differ on this.

Will renters insurance cover a in ground pool?

It depends on what you mean, Covered for what kind of loss? Your renters insurance covers your personal property and certain ofyour liabilities to others, generally the owner of the rentedproperty and your guests. If you somehow accidentally damaged the pool in a home you rentedthen there may be coverage under the liability portion of yourrenters insurance policy. If the pool suffered a weather related loss or damage from groundmovement or another natural act then that would be covered underthe property owners insurance policy. You don't own the pool, thelandlord does and if you didn't break it then your not responsiblefor it beyond whatever agreed maintenance you were to perform. If the pool just needs maintenance, cleaning, repair or servicingthen no that's not covered at all as it is not considered a loss,it's just normal expected maintenance that all pools need.

What is renters insurance?

RENTERS INSURANCE Policies available to those who rent a dwelling; usually covers personal possessions and liability, but not the dwelling itself.

Do you have to have renters insurance?

Some landlords may require you to carry tenants insurance in order to rent. If they don't it is still a very good idea to have it and very inexpensive.

Does renters insurance cover items in storage?

most of the time NO renters insurance only covers whats in an APARTMENT. However you can get insurance from the storage unit to cover whats being stored in the unit..hope this helps

What renters insurance usually covers?

your personal property, loss of use of your apartment and your personal liability. the policy has conditions - generally you need a "covered cause of loss" for coverage on your personal property - some causes of loss are fire, theft, expolsion, etc. they are listed on your policy or your agent can provide you a copy of the policy before purchase.

Does owners liability insurance cover tenants trampoline?

NO, The landlords, or owners insurance is specific to the named insureds property and liabilities. If your tenant has chosen to own a trampoline that would be there own responsibility and their own liability in the event of a loss or injury. Bear in mind though that whether the owner lives in the house or it is leased to a tenant the insurance company will most likely cancel the policy if they discover a trampoline on the property. Answer Please remember that liability insurance covers negligence, so the trampoline would only be covered by liability insurance if you can prove some level of negligence associated with the trampoline.

Does home owners insurance cover renters losses?

No. A renters policy would cover a renters loss, Not the Home owner. Actually a homeowners form HO-4 is for renters. It provides similar coverage to a "normal" homeowners policy with the exception of not covering the home itself. There are many homeowners forms for different situations. HO-8 OS for condos, HO-10 is primarily for older homes that you don't want to cover for replacement cost so you insure it for the real estate value so you aren't penalized on claims for carrying less than the replacement cost of the home, etc.

Does homeowners insurance cover renters belongings when their house was broken into and items were stolen?

If you are the owner of the house, and are renting to tenants (making you the landlord), then you only have insurance on the house (dwelling coverage - not homeowners coverage) and not the personal contents of the renters. In this case, no, your insurance will not cover their loss. It is the responsibility of the renters to purchase insurance coverage on their personal belongings. . If you are the renter (tenant), then you have to buy contents coverage on your personal belongings, such as furniture, clothing, etc. The landlord is not responsible for your belongings, whether the loss is from robbery, fire, etc. . In order to purchase homeowners insurance you have to own the home (but it can still be mortgaged) and you have to live in the home. Otherwise, you have to have a dwelling policy on the house if you want it insured, whether it's vacant or rented. If, however, there is still a mortgage on the house, the bank (or mortgage holder) will require you to have insurance on it. . If the house is paid for, then it is at your discretion whether to have it insured or not, for the value of the house. But if you rent it out, your state may require that you carry liability insurance on it.

Does renters insurance cover property damage done by your dog?

It depends on what type of coverage you are looking for. If your dog chews up your own property, probably not. You need to be proactive and either teach your dog not to chew up your stuff or isolate it so it can't chew up your stuff. However, if your dog chews up someone else's stuff, it probably will cover it. In Wisconsin, there are two types of coverages available that might provide coverage: damage to property of others, which applies regardless of whether or not you are liable for the damage (although in this case, you would be), and personal liability coverage which only applies in instances where the damage is your fault. Usually the damage to property of others coverage is limited to about $500. The personal liability coverage is usually a minimum of $100,000, but is often much higher.

Examples of liability claims covered by renters insurance while living in an apartment.?

You play softball and hit a ball back at that pitcher putting him in the hospital. The pitcher sues you. The insurance company defends you and settles the suit. You put a pizza in the oven, forget about it and leave. The pizza catches on fire and burns the entire complex down. The insurance carrier that insured the apartment building sues you for the damage. Your renter's policy pays it. Etc.. The second example, with the fire, is not entirely accurate. A renter's policy typically does provide some coverage for "Fire Legal Liability," but it is typically with a lower limit than the general liability coverage.

Does renters insurance covers a locksmith?

I cannot see any way that a covered cause would require you to get a locksmith. If the damage was not caused by a covered cause then no it will not pay for a locksmith.

Does renters insurance cover damage to your own property?

Renters insurance is similar to condo insurance. It typically covers the personal contents inside but there is the option to obtain dwelling coverage to protect the structure of the items that are secured to the inner walls of the rented space. This is good for protecting kitchen and bathrooms when renting a single family home or extra large apartment. I hope this helps clarify the question.

Does my home insurance cover damage to my neighbors car from my trampoline?

No. Homeowners insurance is for houses, it does not cover cars.Automobiles are covered under the owners auto insurance policy. Trampolines and resulting injuries and damages are always excludedfrom homeowners insurance policies in the United States if theinsurer knows you have one and sometimes even if they don't know. In fact, if the home insurance company finds out you have atrampoline on the property, they will generally require you excludeit from all coverage including liability and many will justautomatically schedule the policy for cancellation.

Does renters insurance cover damage to others property?

No. "Renters Insurance" is property coverge for a tenant. It will cover the property of the named insured Tenant or Renter that is located within the rented dwelling. It will not cover property of someone who is not a named insured on the policy.

Does renters insurance cover a broken window?

No. It's not your window. You are a tenant and there fore you do not own the home just the contents. You cannot insure something that you don't own. The landlord will have to fix the broken window unless you broke it and in that case you will have to fix it yourself.

Does homeowners insurance cover trampolines?

Typically Trampolines and resulting injuries are not covered under your homeowners insurance policies. Most companies automatically exclude coverage for damages and injuries arising from the ownership of a trampoline. Most companies will also schedule your home insurance policy for cancellation if they discover that a trampoline is located on the property.

What does assurant renters insurance cover?

Renters insurance really does cover a lot. It covers natural accidents, burglary, theft, fire, vandalism, and smoke damage. It also will pay your rent for a few months if you get hurt in the apartment.

Does renters insurance cover your tv broken during a move?

Typically, renters insurance covers the contents of the rental unit when in the rental unit. Whether it covers it during the course of a move depends on the terms of the insurance policy. However, it is common that a moving company will offer property insurance to the customer for an additional fee (the equivalent of a premium).

Does renter's insurance cover trampolines?

How do you mean cover? If the trampoline belongs to the insured and it is damaged by a covered cause such as storm damage or another covered cause then yes it will be covered for the damage done to it. If a third party is hurt on the trampoline and they are suing you under the liability section of your policy that is another matter. Every homeowners policy application including renters policies ask if you own a trampoline as well as dangerous dogs or pets. If you have these dangerous situations the insurance company will deny you coverage or only approve you if you sign an exclusion to prevent coverage for these losses. If you apply for the insurance and not tell the company you own a trampoline then you have committed material misrepresentation and the insurance contract is void and no coverage is afforded.

Will homeowners insurance cover personal injury to a renter?

No. First, if you are renting the home, you cannot insure it under a homeowners policy. If the home is not owner occupied for 90 days coverage ceases immediately. You must have the correct property policy for the right situation. If the home is rented you need a tenant occupied dwelling fire policy to cover the home. Be very careful that you notify your agent of any changes in your use or anything else about your property.

Does renter insurance cover theft if your car has been broken into?

It depends on the level of coverages you chose when you shoppedyour renters insurance rate. If you chose the cheapest rateavailable then you may have no coverage at all available throughyour renters policy. If you elected coverage for off premise property, then certainhousehold contents that may have been stolen from your vehicle canbe covered. But the auto itself no, That would be covered by the comprehensiveportion of your auto insurance policy

Does renters insurance cover car contents if stolen?

In general no, vandalism of an automobile is covered by thevehicles auto insurance policy. However you may have coverage for certain household belongingswhile outside the premises so check your policy or contact youagent if some of the stolen items were household items.

What is covered in renters insurance?

Renters insurance primarily consists of property coverage andliability coverage for the named insured. Coverage is available for the renters personal belongings in thehome ( usually clothing, appliances and home furnishings).Scheduled valuables can also be added to the policy. Coverage canbe for both theft and extended coverage such as weather related andstructural induced losses. Coverage is also available for the tenants liability in the eventthey or a guest damage the property to some degree beyond what isconsidered normal and expected wear and tear during the course ofthe lease. Liability coverage is available to protect both the tenant and thelandlord from certain types of injury claims such as slip and fallwhile on the rented premises.

Does renters insurance cover damages to garage door?

No, your tenants policy will only cover your contents. Unless you are negligent in the garage door being damaged, like you drove into it. Then yes it would be covered under your liability coverage but the homeowner would still need to go through his insurance company and subrogate against yours, most insurance companies do not work directly with the third party and rather deal with another insurance company. More specifics regarding the damage and how it happened would be required to assess as well as your policy wording, I suggest calling your insurance company and discussing it with there claims office, most insurance companies will have some sort of claims guarantee where they will consult you on the claim before making it affect you.

Does renters insurance cover septic tank backup?

No, Normal and expected maintenance issues are not covered by yourrenters nor property owners insurance. Maintenance issues are generally handled by the property owner, notthe tenant, unless otherwise agreed to in your lease contract. It's just like an oil change on your car. You wouldn't contact yourauto insurance company about an oil change. It's just a normal partof vehicle maintenance. If you rent property that utilizes a septictank, It's normal and expected that you have it emptied from timeto time so that it does not overflow or backup. Now if you have coverage for accidental water discharge damage onyour policy. Although it will not pay to drain the septic tank,Once you have done that, your coverage will invoke if some of yourcovered property or belongings was accidentally damaged as resultof this unintended water discharge. But first you have to fix theinstigator, you have to have the septic tank drain and servicedback into working order.

What does home renters insurance cover?

Your home renters insurance will cover you for loss or damage to the property which you own and which is kept within your rental property. Any damage to the actual structure of the building would be covered by the landlord's insurance.