Can you claim roof damage on a new roof?

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It is VERY important to have a professional roofing insurance resoration specialist inspect your roof first. This person will determine whether or not you have a claim. Next, you will contact the insurance company to make a claim and an appointment. The restoration specialist will be there to meet with your claims adjuster.

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What is the cost of a new roof?

It depends on the size of the roof over the house, the damage underlying the roof and the materials, as well as quality of labor used to replace the roof. Therefore, the cost could run anywhere from $5,000 to $15,000 depending on the above factors. I just got a roof put on my house for practi (MORE)

Does homeowner insurance cover roof damage from tree removal?

Why was the tree being removed from the property? Is this something your insurance company wanted done? Did you remove it yourself, or did you have a contractor do it? Answers to those questions could help clarify my answer to you. For now, the only situation I can think of where this would be (MORE)

Who is responsible for interior water damage after the install of a new roof?

If you are the unit owner -- if you are a tenant, notify the unitowner, your first obligation is to report the leak(s) to theassociation. Immediate repair is required, to prevent furtherdamage, and then the issue of paying for the repairs can beaddressed. If the owner carries a HO-6 -- owners policy (MORE)

How can you tell if you need a new roof?

the first sign would be a leak in the roof that is visible from the interior or under roof eaves, etc. depending on the type of roofing material: aspalt type shingles should have the roof granules in place and should not be curled or cracked, wood shingles should be flat. if a few shingles are damag (MORE)

Does the new wembley stadium roof open?

\nThe roof at each goal end opens. Or is capable of opening. It is currently faulty and has been since it opened. There are imagesof it open. You may recall last year on sky the nationwide ads had a clip of the staduim screens with the roof open

Is my roofing contractor liable for the repair to my plaster and wood ceilings caused by a new roof which leaked - they claim that the contract states that they are not responsible for this damage.?

Even if the roofing contractor says it's not his responsibility you may be able to get him to pay for damages by going to court - assuming no other conditions like hail could be responsible. But you have to consider the cost of the repairs both to roof and interior. Small claims court is basically a (MORE)

How do you do a roof?

By removing all the membrane down to the original slab then primming the slab and using 4 ply 15# felt and hot applied bitumen making sure the roof has pitch to the drainage systems and using 4 PSF sheet lead flashing below the membrane

How do you repair a fire damaged roof?

Repairs to a fire damaged roof will depend on the size of the areaand the amount of damage. The damaged area could be cut out andreplaced or the entire roof may have to be torn off, raftersrepaired then the roof replaced.

How much did the new Wimbledon roof cost?

The retractable concertina-style structure, made of recycled waterproof material, has taken three years to build, weighs 3,000 tons and is estimated to have cost £20million. .

Will homeowners insurance cover a new roof?

Your question can be read in a couple of ways. 1. If an occurrence covered by a homeowners policy caused damage to the roof, it probably would be covered. If the occurrence that caused the damage was a type of occurrence covered by the policy, the damage would likely be covered. 2. Conversely, (MORE)

What is the cost per square for a new roof?

It depends on the choice of the roof you want to put on. You mightcontact your insurance company to find out the best roofers in yourtown. Otherwise, interview three and choose one. Make sure theyhave a contractors license and are bonded --this is a dangerous joband is expensive, so you want the wor (MORE)

You Need a new roof will the insurance pay for it?

They will not pay for a new roof. Roofs are not covered due to wear, tear or faulty installation. They will not pay to fix the roof if you have a leak unless in suffered wind or hail damage. They will pay for a roof due to any sudden and accidental damage like fire, wind, hail or falling object.

How do you attach the new roof to an existing roof?

Well.. you have to take off your first roof. Then you need to make a "blue print" to make the drawing of your next roof. Then you put all of the roof tiles. make sure your roof is triangular because the roof can cave into your house when it rains and makes a big puddle of water. Sorry if this did (MORE)

Is a California roofer responsible for damage inside the home if the new roof they put on leaks?

how could it be anyone else's fault? Yes it is obviously their fault and their liability insurance should pay for it. If they don't want to submit the "claim" to their insurance company they should repair it or pay out of pocket for the damages done because of their incompetence. Possible exceptions (MORE)

Is a leaking roof considered structural damage?

A leaking roof is considered a maintenance issue. This means thatdamage is not coverage on any property insurance policy. If, astorm occurred , causing a tree to fall through your roof while itwas raining, that would be covered including the damage due towater, the tree, contents, etc. The key to in (MORE)

Does American Family cover raccoon damage to roof?

They most likely will, but if the loss is small, I wouldn't report and I would fix it out of pocket. The reason is because you will get surcharged down the road on your policy for this claim, and this could add up to be very expensive. Sometimes the surcharge adds up over time to become more expensi (MORE)

Had roof vents installed along with new roof and is leaking from just below bottom of each vent causeing damage to your ceilings?

Call the contractor and have it fixed. Were they install correctly. Are all the vents leaking or just one? Were they sealed? A properly installed vent shouldn't leak even if it has not been sealed. The bottom edge may be under the shingle instead of on top of it. You should shingle to a point and th (MORE)

Are insurance company told us our roof was to worn out for a claim but gave us 600 dollars anyway A few weeks later we had a major hail storm and you have major roof damage can you refile a claim?

It's sounds like you may have an Aged Roof and an ACV based HO1 or HOA Policy. This is sometimes called a Form 1 Basic Homeowners Policy. Although HOA policies are more affordable they generally pay out on a depreciated value. Modern composite roofing material is rated at 10, 20 up to 30 years (MORE)

How can you tell if your roof is damaged because of a hail storm?

It can sometimes be easy to know that there has been some damage toyour roof after a hail storm. The first thing to check is your airconditioning unit and your window screens to see if there aresplatter marks on them. These are a great indicator of largerdamage to your roof. Other obvious signs like (MORE)

Do you have to tear off a roof if it's an insurance claim?

This is a broad question as it does not outline the extensiveness of the damage to the roof. If there is only a section damaged or a handful of shingles are blown off, the insurance company will not 'give' you enough money to cover a tear off of your roof. If you choose to proceed with a 'tear off' (MORE)

How do you kill moss on your roof without damaging the shingles?

Chlorine Bleach. Simply pour over the moss, wait a day or two and it will come right up without damaging the shingles. You can even sweep it off with a broom. Since the bleach won't react with the asphalt in your shingles, it is perfectly safe to use. I have used a product called moss off. It com (MORE)

Can a previous owner file a homeowner's policy claim to cover hailstorm damage to a roof that occured three weeks prior to the closing of the house sale?

Great question ---If the hailstorm damage was not enough to cause a recission of purchase of the property- or law suit on the buyers part-- It would be quite difficult to gain from claims for a property that has already been sold "As Is" IN MY OPINION -- this is a case where the new homeowner woul (MORE)

When a claim is made on a roof do you have to spends the funds on the roof?

Most insurance companies are going to want to inspect the roof after repairs are made. Also, if you don't repair the roof your insurance may be canceled. If you are able to do the work yourself you can save some of the repair money but, you really need to know what you are doing because it's not as (MORE)

Can you lay your new roof decking on your existing roof decking?

Yes as long as there is nothing wrong with the old decking like rot or something of the sort. Make sure when you fasten it to hit the rafter with your nails or screws. I always separate the two layers of wood with tar paper also any time i lay over other wood.

What does moss growing on roofing have to do with damage?

There are thousands of different varieties of moss and lichen, but the one that does the most damage to roofing is Ascomycetes Foliose. As part of its life cycle it burrows into the roofing material. On metal roofing this can cause the paint to blister promoting corrosion. The root system can also c (MORE)

How do you frame a new roof to existing roof?

From a licensed Builder: Because the framing for the addition will overlay the existing truss-framed roof, you should have an engineer determine whether the trusses can support the weight of the new roof. If you get the engineer's OK for the project, your top priority is keeping your house weathe (MORE)

Can an insurance company deny a claim if it has paid a claim three times for a roof to be fixed and it was not fixed And will the new insurance company fix a roof after being with them only 3 months?

Yes, they can deny the claim. If a loss payout was already issued by an insurance company, it was the insureds responsibility to make the repairs with the funds provided. The company is not required to pay the same claim twice. If the insured fails to make the repairs you can not seek those same (MORE)

Does homeowners insurance cover a new roof?

Most likely, however, you must first determine specifically what it is you're claiming. If your roof has become a victim of simple ageing, I doubt there will be any coverage at all....unless you're paying jolly exorbitant premiums. If it is damaged due to 'force majure' (an act of God), this may (MORE)

Will new roof shingles help with heating?

In General, NO. The Roof and Attic Spces below it should be insulated from Heated spaces inside your home according to local building codes. The attic and roof spaces must also be vented properly with soffit and ridge or power vents s cold attic in the winter will keep ice and snow from melting unde (MORE)

Is the condo association responible for damages for leaky roof?

As an owner, you can contact the master policy carrier and reportthe leak in the roof, which is common area. Notify your board thatyou have made this call. Call your broker, the one that carries your HO-6 insurance policyon your personal possessions, and file a claim for the damages toyour property (MORE)

What does it mean to dream of a new roof for a house?

In dreams houses are generally interpreted as "self" or sometimes "family". Roofs can be equated with security or protection. In some instances a roof can be interpreted as "spirituality" or "religion". So the two most common interpretation of your dream are: 1) You and/or your family are getting (MORE)

What are requirements for installing a new roof?

attend to feng shui, putting the roof where it used to be may not be wise. old roof may require counselling, attend. don't forget, roofs are so middle class................. happy day, i hope this is of some help, thomas