Can the family of a death row inmate collect his life insurance upon his death?

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Life insurance policies normally don't pay on certain types of death, like suicide (typically a two-year moratorium) or capital punishment.
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Should death row inmates be used for medical testing?

Why not? Now I'm not talking about some guy who got drunk and pissed one day and came home only to kill his wife (though I do think he should die) I'm talking about psycho paths who have killed time and time again for no reason. Seriously though why not? They would be giving back to society, and the (MORE)

Insurance company is investigating death life insurance claim?

Within the 2 year contestibility period they usually do and have the right. Generally after that period of time a clean death certificate is usually adequate. It is also routine for investigation in cases of foreign death or a death brought about in a non-natural manner. Answer If you have a (MORE)

How long does it take to collect on life insurance after you submit the paperwork and death certificate to the life insurance company?

It should be governed by statute.. Texas:. In general, the deadlines start to run when you submit the claim to the insurance company. Before that, the company has no duties. The insurance company must give you notice of receipt of the claim within 30 days. A telephone call to the company might, or (MORE)

How do Sikh families celebrate life after death?

Answer :. Unlike the other monotheistic religions of Judaism, Zorostrianism, Christianity and Islam, Sikhism believes in reincarnation until the soul reaches a state of perfection and goes to be with God; this belief is most likely the result of Sikhism having emerged from Hinduism, which also bel (MORE)

To collect on a life insurance policy do you have to have the death certificate with the cause of death or can you use a death certificate that does not have the cause of death?

A death certificate with the cause of death is usually required on life insurance policies. It depends on the insurance company, the type of policy and what its terms are. An insurance company will most likely require a death certificate with the cause of death, because the cause of death is importa (MORE)

Who receives the benefits or money from a life insurance policy upon the death of the insured?

The beneficiary designated on the policy application is the recipient. Usually, a secondary ("contingent") beneficiary is also named in the event that the primary beneficiary dies before the insured. The estate of the deceased can also be the beneficiary if it is named as such or if there are no n (MORE)

How do you get on death row?

You must do some truly messed up stuff. Such as beastiality/rape/murder, all in one, aka the perfect trifecta.

How do you find out what insurances your wife had upon her death?

This is up to you to know. I would suggest that you look at herbank statements and see if monthly payments were drafted out of heraccount at the same amount each month, quarter, or yearly by andinsurance company. Also look where she would keep any importantpapers to see if you can find policies. The (MORE)

Can banks collect on a customers Death Life insur they had on loans?

YES - if the loan account holder had pledged the insurance policy as a collateral/security for his loan. NO - if the insurance policy wasn't pledged as collateral. But, it is the obligation of the family members/legal heir of the deceased to complete the loan formalities and pay back all dues to t (MORE)

How was Death Row inmate Ronnie Lee Gardner executed?

Ronnie Lee Gardner was executed via a firing squad, where five shooters were volunteers. Four of the rifles held live ammunition, while a fifth gun held a blank cartridge, thus allowing all of the five men to have plausible denial in the act and not have to have a death on their conscience.

Where is death row?

it's the name of a unit in a prision that has inmates who were sentanced to death. //It depends on what state you live in. For California, all prisoners that received the death penalty are confined in San Quentin, just north of San Francisco, CA. There is no other prison in California that deals wi (MORE)

In which state have the most executions of death row inmates taken place?

Texas has an execution rate that far exceeds any other state. Appellate court judges are elected and so need to please voters who are tough on crime. They don't delve too deeply into the complexities of any case which makes guilty verdicts easier to come by. There have been many, many reported case (MORE)

Does life insurance cover a suicide death?

Suicide is covered by most life insurance companies. However, a certain amount of time must pass by from the time the policy is issued. Some states regulate the time that must elapse. The policy should cover this specific type of death. The delay can be two years.

Are execution dates set for Death Row inmates and under what circumstances might an inmate be executed before the set date?

Eventually, dates are set for the ones who don't die of old age waiting as their appeals wind through the court system. At least that's the way it is in California. It generally takes 25 years from the date of conviction to the date of execution. So obviously, way more of them die of natural causes (MORE)

How do you find out if sibling and executor cashed in a military life insurance policy upon father's death without notifying other family members?

No one is an executor until they have been appointed by a court. Until the court appointment they have no legal authority to collect any assets owned by the decedent. The executor is required to file an inventory of all the property owned by the decedent or owed to the estate. If the insurance po (MORE)

Are life insurance death proceeds taxed?

It depends on the amount and the relationship to the person who died. Husband/wife it is something like $250,000, parent to child $100,000, no relation, $25,000. Figures may be off some, but in that range.

Why get accidental death insurance when you have a life policy?

You may or may not actually need another life insurance policy for accidental death, but it is true that the more insurance you buy, the more money your dependents will receive in the event of your death. Of course, it is also true that the more insurance you buy, the more it will cost you in premiu (MORE)

Can the beneficiary collect on insurance if charged with death of the insured?

The beneficiary or nominee is to intimate the Insurance Company about the death of the insured, preferrably with a copy of the Death Certificate. The Insurance Co. will provide various forms for submission and conduct their own survey,by visiting the insured's home. After the forms duly filled in ar (MORE)

Can you collect life insurance benefits after an anorexia death?

That is highly dependent upon who the policy is through. Contact the insurance company you have it through to see if you have reviewed the policy and you still do not have your answer. Each company is different on their stipulations for what they will and will not pay out for. They may treat it as s (MORE)

Who receives money from life insurance policies upon death?

Part of the process of buying life insurance involves the designation of a beneficiary-the person(s) or entity(ies) that will receive the proceeds of the policy upon the insured's death. The beneficiary(ies) can be changed during the insured's lifetime, but as of the time of death, the designated be (MORE)