Can anyone name the mickey mouse game where you have a kitchen and you can cook things like cake and pancakes?

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My Disney Kitchen
My Disney Kitchen
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Why do people like Mickey Mouse?

most children like Mickey Mouse because he is a cartoon character and also a Disney character and since many kids like Disney world they like mickey mouse and also his new sho

What does Mickey Mouse look like?

Mickey Mouse is cartoon character. He is a black mouse with whitegloves. He is found at Disney World singing and dancing with MinnieMouse.

What does Mickey Mouse like?

Mickey Mouse has black ears, red shorts with 2 black buttons on each side, a black mouth with dimples, a oval black nose, black eyes white gloves and yellow shoes.

How do you make a Mickey Mouse cake?

step 1. get a mickey mouse doll chop his head off and take out the insides you have successfully killed a doll you are a murderer. Step 2.To make the cake add two spoons of m

Why you like Mickey Mouse?

simply because he's totally cute and he has a good character specially when his with minnie mouse .. oh , my gosh .. im mickey mouse lover .. ^_^