Can an insurance underwriter demand an upgrade to a wood-burning stove chimney even though it was installed 20 years ago according to local building code in effect at the time?

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Yes, or you may face a non renewal. Insurance companies can from time to time change what risks they will remain insuring and which they won't. If you don't comply with their new requirements and with sufficient notice they may non-renew your policy.
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What does an insurance underwriter do?

An Insurance Underwriter takes into consideration all the different aspects of the details provided by the applicant to ensure that the Insurance Cover available is suitable for the applicant's needs and circumstances.

What is an insurance underwriter?

An underwriter is a person who works for the insurance company andwho reviews applications for insurance to see if they meet therequirements of the insurance company and also that they told thetruth on their application. They also review the rating of theinsurance product to be sure the policy is pr (MORE)

How do you install a wood stove?

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How do you install a chimney liner for a wood stove?

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How do you install a wood burning stove?

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Do you have to use a chimney liner when putting a wood stove in a fireplace?

No The efficiency of the combustion inside the woodstove depends on the temperature and the dryness of the wood. By controlling the rate at which air and fuel mix you can control rate of burn. A well-insulated flue may be useful in managing the rate of burn. I would STRONGLY disagree with t (MORE)

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How should i go about installing my wood-burning stove properly?

A first step will be to see if a permit is required where you live- some places require them. Next, if you have a NEW stove- READ the instructions. If you have a USED stove, check the condition- firebrick intact, unwarped doors, intact door gaskets, no missing parts or bolts. Consider where the stov (MORE)

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Can you install wood stove to a fireplace?

Yes, but the stove pipe should extend into the flue, and have a fire proof fitting- not just extending through a cover at the face of the fireplace, Consult a chimney specialist for an installation that will meet building codes.

What causes build up in the pipes of a wood burning stove?

Mainly creosote, which is released from the wood as a vapour during burning which then condenses on the inside of your chimney or flue liner. The cooler the chimney, the worse the problem, so burning your stove turned right down will speed up this build-up. Similarly, burning unseasoned wood or cert (MORE)

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Where might one find a local insurance underwriter?

Your local telephone directory will have listings for all aspects of insurance. If you experience difficulty or cannot access a telephone directory, your local telephone operator should be able to offer assistance.

Who are Insurance underwriters?

An Insurance Underwriter is a person who determines the risk ininsuring a client, evaluate insurance applciation and determine thecoverage amount and premiums.

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