Can a child receive social security if the man didnt sign the birth certificate sign?

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Not without first establishing paternity.
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If a man signs a birth certificate knowing the child is not his can he leave the mother and relinquish responsibility to the child without there being legal consequences?

\n. \n Answer \n. \n. \nBy signing the birth certificate, he accepted legal responsibility for the child. If he wants to escape legal responsibility now, he'll have to have it proven by medical testing that he's not actually the father.\n. \n. \n . \n . \nA paternity test is not relevan (MORE)

If a father signs over his parental rights will the child receive Social Security benefits?

Biological children can be eligible for survivor benefits when are of minor age and a parent dies.. The termination or relinquishment of parental rights does not always relieve the requesting parent of financial obligations to his or her children, unless those children have been legally adopted.. (MORE)

What does signing the birth certificate mean?

By signing a birth certificate you are stating that you are the parent and waving right to a paternity or maternity test.. or signing you up as a commercial vessel into the sea of commerce, down a berthing canal to go and try and make the man money... our parents in signing the birth certificate (MORE)

Who signs the birth certificate if the father does not?

When I had my daughter, her father was not able to be there at the time, so I was the only one to sign the birth certifiate as a parent. The father's name can be added by the father at a later date if that is what either of you wants to do. No one but the biological parents can sign a birth certific (MORE)

If the father did not sign the birth certificate how can he sign it?

My son experienced this situation. In California, the answer is to go to the hospital of birth where he showed his California driver's license, Social Security Card, and a DNA test proving he was the father. His son was born at the county hospital as opposed to a private hospital, which may have an (MORE)

What are the signs in a child of secure attachment?

The kinds of behaviors I would see that would indicate secure attachment between mother/caregiver and baby would be: happiness when the baby see's its mother. Eye contact. Mutual interaction, the baby would show comfort when with the mother. The baby would respond to the mother and act in a positive (MORE)

If you are overseas do you have to sign the birth certificate?

You cant. What you have to do is get an affadavit of paternity, which has to be signed and notarized by both parents, but not at the same time. Both parents sign and have it notarized, then send it to your state office of vital statistics and the birth certificate will be amended.

If another man signs your child's birth certificate does the biological father have any legal rights to that child?

You did not indicate if you're married. In Michigan and quite a few other states, if you are Married at the time of the birth of the child..the Man who you are married to is legally the father !! If the Biological father had no idea about the child's existence, or if you're just trying to cut him ou (MORE)

In GA if a father has nothing to do with his child and isn't on the birth certificate does he have to sign his rights away for another man to adopt the child?

I know in Montana that if there is another party to adopt the child, that the mother has to contact the biological father in several ways even if he is not listed on the BC. Either by newspaper in the law section, or written letter. And if the father does not respond, then it means you have giving u (MORE)

In the state of Texas do you have to pay child support if you sign the birth certificate and the baby is not yours?

If you thought the baby was yours at the time but later found out that it is not, then I suppose you can file a case to have a court order reverse it. It should be simple to actually prove this in court with a DNA sample from you and a DNA sample from the child. I don't even think the court hav (MORE)

What if you dont sign a birth certificate?

If the parents were married when the child was conceived/born, paternity is assumed. Also, the other parent and/or the State may decide to file a motion in court to determine paternity.

How long does it take to receive social security once you sign up?

The simple answer to this question is this : an individual who has filed an application for Social Security retirement benefits will receive a retirement benefit check in the month following their month of entitlement (defined as a month in which an individual meets the minimum age requirement (MORE)

Can a women give her child a mans last name without his consent and he didnot sign the birth certificate?

In the area of parental rights, in my experience and in that of hundreds - even thousands - of other dads, women can do what the hell they like. It's not about the child, or what's best for it, it's about them. The law can't touch them either: you can take them to court and win the case but they can (MORE)

Can you sign the birth certificate if you are not the father?

Yes, but if the action is challenged by the biological father the BC and the custodial rights to the child can be altered. Technically some might view such an action as fraud. However, if it is done with good intent there would be no legal repercussions but possible civil ones as noted above.

Can a grandparent sign the birth certificate?

No. Not if they are not the parent. Signing a birth certificate is acknowledgement of parentage. No. Not if they are not the parent. Signing a birth certificate is acknowledgement of parentage. No. Not if they are not the parent. Signing a birth certificate is acknowledgement of parentage. No. No (MORE)

Can anyone sign a birth certificate?

No because the person who provides the information on a birth certificate is attesting to its veracity. A birth certificate is an official record. There may be sanctions imposed if the information is found to be untrue. You would also be committing a serious injustice to the child to lie about its p (MORE)

Does signing a birth certificate give you rights to a child?

That depends on state law where you live. In general (and this is very general), acknowledging parentage by signing a birth certificate assigns rights as outlined under your state's laws as the father. However, many rights are not automatically conferred such as custody, visitation, etc. Those are t (MORE)

Can an uncle sign a birth certificate?

Only the biological father should sign the birth certificate. By falsifying an official document you would be knowingly and willingly committing fraud.

How much is it for the father to sign a birth certificate if did not sign at birth?

In most states there is no charge. The father can go to the local health department and request a paternity affadavit. You will have to go get your signature notarized (although most health departments can do this as well). Otherwise you can start a child support case and they will offer you the rig (MORE)