Can a 15 yr old grandchild with a learners permit who does not live with you drive your car if you are with him without being added to your insurance?

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A minor with a learner's permit can only drive with an adult in the vehicle. It can be any adult with a valid driver's license. The minor does not need to be added on to the policy until they have a valid driver's license.
The adult must also be of a certain age, not just 18. Different states might have different age restrictions.
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If you drive on a learners permit without an adult in the car and get in an accident will insurance pay for the damages?

%DETAILS%%FOLLOWUPS% No, insurance will not pay if your parents have not placed you on the policy yet. You may also want to check your state laws. Having a 16-year-old daughter makes me a good source of info on this topic. Good luck to you. Actually, it depends on your carrier. Most parents add the (MORE)

Whose insurance covers you if you drive a friend's car but only have a learners permit and your parents have the same insurance company?

Answer . \nI hope you're asking this before you need to know, not after.In most cases the insurance is on the car, not the driver, so it would be the car owner's insurance. Generally, the insurance will cover someone driving with the owner's permission, but there could be an exclusion for someone (MORE)

If a 16 yr old is driving their mothers car without insurance or permit or license and is caught running a red light how many points will mother get and what will insurance rates raise to?

Answer . No points, but the insurance company would be wise to cut her off, no insurance for such a stupid pair of clucks.. Answer . The mother will not receive any points, she wasn't the one that got pulled over. However, if the minor is driving alone, they will probably be arrested, charged (MORE)

Is a non covered driver on your insurance with a learners permit covered if he is involved in an accident while driving with the owner of the car?

Subject to any policy exclusions if they had the owners permission then they more than likely will be considered an insured driver, for the purposes of this question. They of course will need to be listed as a driver on a vehicle in the house hold, (if not immediately, will depend on the rules of y (MORE)

Can you get car insurance when you have your learners permit?

Auto Insurance Required for Learners Permit . Yes, you can. A Drivers or Learners "Permit" is permission to drive and therefore a temporary license with certain restrictions.. You can obtain your own auto insurance or you can be covered under someone elses policy such as your parents or the vehi (MORE)

Can a 15 year old with a learners permit get car insurance?

Check with your insurance company, but in most states they are covered under the parents' policy at no charge until they get their license. You should tell your insurance company that your child does have a permit to insure proper coverage Try this site where you can get quotes from different compa (MORE)

Can you drive in tn with a nc learners permit without restrictions?

It's a gray area. I know that if you drive in a state and you have a learners permit form another state, your supervising driver is responsible.. It's a gray area. I know that if you drive in a state and you have a learners permit form another state, your supervising driver is responsible.

Can your 16 yr old daughter get a work permit to drive if she was stopped driving with her learners permit?

Nope ... she broke the laws by driving without another licensed driver in the car while she was driving. A "work permit" does not issue authorization to drive a car without being properly licensed. There are other transportation means for people to get to work ... public buses, taxicabs, bicycles, w (MORE)

Where do I buy insurance for my 15 yr old car?

I'm sure that any car insurance company would be glad to assist you. I have a 31 year old car that I have insured through Geico. Check around for the best rates. Different companies give discounts. I recommend you this site where you can compare quotes from different companies

Driving without a learners permit?

Drivingt without a learners permit, and without a license, would constitute 'driving without a license' which is a misdemeanor offense.

Can you drive in a parking lot without license or learners permit?

It depends on the state you're in. For instance, in California, you must have a learners permit and or drivers license to drive in or on any roadway or parking lot which is "accessible" by the public. This includes parking lots which may otherwise "seem" private, such as a church parking lot or a sc (MORE)

Can you buy a car with learners permit from dealers in Maryland and get car insurance with learners permit?

No, you cannot legally drive a car even by yourself with a learners permit. A learners permit is just to show that some one is teaching you how to drive therefore you really aren't experienced driver yet. You must be 18 to have your own car insurance also. So therefore you *COULD NOT* buy a car from (MORE)

Do you have to add an adult child to your insurance who does not live with you who is learning how to drive with a learners permit?

This is a question best answered by your insurance agent or a call to your insurance company's 800 customer service phoneline. A bit more: Unless the insurance regulations have changed since I was a licensed auto and homeowners insurance agent: If your child is of legal adult age and not living (MORE)

Can a 19 year old with a learners permit drive a rented car in new york?

The New York law probably wouldn't specify whether or not they'd be able to drive a rental vehicle. However, rental agencies require that all persons driving that rental vehicle be listed, and no rental agency is going to either rent a car to someone under 21 (especially someone who doesn't have a (MORE)

Can a 16 year old drive without insurance if they have a permit?

NEVER. Not only is the teen required to have insurance, but if he or she were to cause an accident then you (the parent) are responsible for the financial implications of an accident - bodily injury and/or property damage of the other party (and, no, your personal liability or umbrella policy will n (MORE)

Can you buy car insurance with a learners permit?

almost all companies require a valid drivers license. with this said a learners permit is not. it is the assumption of the guardian that must provide insurance coverage to a dependent. if the person seeking insurance coverage is an adult with no option of being covered by a household policy. The per (MORE)

Can your adult daughter who does not live with you drive your car without being on your insurance in new york?

No. Any drivers must be listed on your auto policy. If she is an adult without a bad driving record, your rates will probably not change at all. The second issue is where does she live? You must notify your insurance company to add the daughter as a driver and you must also give the insurance compan (MORE)

Do you have to have car INSURANCE before you CAN GET YOUR learners permit?

No. One has nothing to do with the other. You will have to have insurance on the vehicle before you drive it. You will also have to be aware of your state's requirements limiting how you can drive with a learner's permit. The insurance is normally on the vehicle and not the person so whoever owns th (MORE)

Can you drive without an adult with a Florida learners permit?

No, A person who holds a Learner's license must be accompanied by a licensed driver, 21 years of age or older, who occupies the front passenger seat closest to the right of the driver. Drivers can only drive during daylight hours the first three months from the original issue date. After the first t (MORE)

Does your parent have to have insurance on you if you are driving on a learners permit?

This question generally deals with what is usually called the "Financial Responsibility Law". While the precise requirements of them differ by state as to the type and amount of auto insurance required, all states have such laws. They require that certain types and amounts of auto insurance be maint (MORE)