Can HOA rules and regulations for a private residential community forbid someone to run a home business from their home or condo?

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In a word, 'yes'.

Your governing documents, which includes the CC&Rs, the By-laws and any Resolutions passed by the board, must address this situation specifically in order for the board to either allow or deny your operation.

(If you count on passive approval, you may receive active denial.)

Concerns include unusual amounts of traffic, parking contention and other burdens on the physical community.

An option is to document your home-based business from the point of view of the property. How much additional traffic? How much additional parking? Other physical considerations?

Send your document to the board and request a spot on the board meeting agenda. Request a discussion period so that you can give your assurances that your business will not damage or encroach on the common areas. Then, request a vote of the board to either approve or deny your right to operate your business from your home.
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Do you need a home phone in a condo?

Yes. The condominium association must be able to contact you. In case of an emergency, or to notify you of any planned inspections or routine visits. Whether the telephone number is a 'land line' or a 'mobile number' probably doesn't make any difference to the management company or the board. B (MORE)

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My condo community has decided to put new siding on your homes and if I dont?

Read your governing documents to determine who owns the siding. If it is owned by the community, and the community has voted to install new siding on the homes, then you can step back and watch: the new siding will be installed. If you own the siding, then you can protest in writing to the associa (MORE)

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because it is a legal document that provide evidences if something happen in the future. it involves all the plan of care to service user to promote well being . and the file must be review to assess if the right kind of care has been meet.

Can a hoa exist if some home owners are not in the hoa?

Usually, when you purchase a unit -- a home -- within the geography of a home owners association-based community, membership is not an option: it is a fact. The HOA is a business. It's job is to preserve the real estate value of assets owned in common by all the owners who own individual units or (MORE)

Can a private residential community forbid someone to run a home business from their home or condo?

If the association has rules against running a business, then yes they can forbid you from running a home business. If this is something put in place after you move in and start your business, then you might be able to make the argument that it is directed to you and singling you out. If this is the (MORE)

Can a condo HOA make rules regarding handicapped parking?

Yes. And the association may be required to adjust handicapped parking spaces/ slots/ rules depending on the requirements of any handicapped resident. Your state condominium law, or state housing law for handicapped persons may apply. If the resident is a tenant, however, the expense of accommod (MORE)

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How does someone find out their residential home equity?

The amount of equity in your home is found by subtracting any debts on the property (such as a mortgage) from the fair market value of the home. The fair market value can be found by hiring an appraiser, or estimated by looking at sales prices of local houses with similar features.

Can condo home owner association prevent someone from buying a condo?

Whether it's a condominium unit or a home that is embedded among assets owned in common with other owners, unless the governing documents of the association specifically dictate a screening process that every potential buyer experiences, a potential buyer cannot be singled out and prevented from suc (MORE)

Why is a condo a good first home to have?

A condominium is a very good starter home as they were intended to. The cost is lower than other forms of housing. The owner of the condo pays only a small portion for building maintenance.

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Where can someone get information on starting a business from home?

Information on starting a business from home can be found by searching governmental websites that describe the necessary steps for setting one up. In addition, people who have started businesses from home have put their information online on sites such as Entrepreneur.

Can a HOA stop you from renting out your home?

Read your governing documents and look for a rental cap. If there is a rental cap, and the maximum percentage of homes isalready rented, your request to rent may be placed on a waitinglist, and you must wait until there is an 'opening' in the rentalcap percentage before you can rent your home. If t (MORE)