Are dogs for the blind covered under insurance And dogs for the handicapped are not?

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What insurance will cover dog bites?

I am a licensed insurance agent; licensed in 45 states for 16 years. I sell animal liability insurance and have extensive insurance experience. First, a dog bite will never be covered if you buy insurance AFTER the bite has occurred. Second, you should always have a renter's insurance policy (MORE)

Would homeowners insurance cover the loss of a medical dental device due to a dog?

Answer . Yes. I used to work for an Insurance company in the claims department. It will be covered under the section "personal property" of your Homeowners policy. You will however have to pay your deductible. If the deductible exceeds the amount to replace the item, the company will not pay. If (MORE)

Is your dog going blind?

Trick I learned from the vet: bounce a light ball on her nose if she blinks, she can see, if not........

Why are dogs color blind?

truthfully dos are not colorblind they can see all colors. Dogs eye vision can get confused of colors that look similar, like red and orange they also see things a little darker or lighter then we do Dogs go much by smell, so not having color vision hasn't been required for their survival. In fact (MORE)

Are dogs blind?

Generally, no. . Most dogs have decent vision, but not as good color vision ashumans.

What can you do your dog is blind in one eye?

Dogs are very adaptable; blindness in one eye shouldn't impact the quality of life of the dog at all, and the dog will learn to compensate quickly. Dogs don't see nearly as well as they smell--for a dog, the sense of smell is paramount to life, so as long as his nose works, he's happy. Take the dog (MORE)

How do dogs help the handicapped?

They help the handicapped by reaching items the people can't reach like if they drop something they probably can't get so a dog would get it for them also for blind people they show them where to walk, where to stop etc so they dont get hit by cars crossing the road.

Your dog has distemper what are signs of blindness?

If your dog has distemper, he or she should be at your Veterinarian's place. This is a most painful disease to die from and is very contagious to other non-vaccinated dogs . It is rare that they can be saved. So please please take your pet to your Vet if you have not already, to get his or her op (MORE)

Can skunk spray blind a dog?

Yes. It can. I called the vet. They said to use several bottles of Saline and rinse their eyes out with them. That is what they do at the emergency ER vet clinic.

Why do dogs sleep under the covers?

\n. \n. \nSense of closeness perhaps, like whats needed for people who suffer from agoraphobia. Could also be for warmth or the bed smells like it's favorite human. Could also be just plain imitation.

Will homeowners insurance cover livestock guardian dogs?

That will depend on the individual insurance carrier. Some will not cover dogs at all, some cover only certain breeds, and some will cover any dog with no previous history of aggression. Ask your insurance agent whether your own policy covers your dog.

What causes temporary blindness in dogs?

There are many conditions that can cause temporary blindness indogs. Some of these conditions include a tumor behind the eye,chemical irritants getting in the eye, or seizures.

Is a dog colour blind?

Yes and no. They can see certain colors and the combination of those colors. Some colors they cannot see as well. It's not like "Red/Green" color blindness in humans.

What age do dogs go blind?

A dog can go blind at any age, but it is more prevalent as they get older. Some breeds are particularly susceptible to cataracts.

If your dog has a blue eye is he blind?

Primarily, eye color is determined by genetics. Although irises come in different colors, they actually only contain brown pigment. When an iris has alot of brown pigment, the eyes appear brown or dark. When the amount of brown pigment is small and is only on the back surface of the iris, the shorte (MORE)

How do you know dogs are color blind?

There are two ways to research an animal's ability to see colors. . One is by dissection. . The retina in the eye contains cells that react to incoming light, and different cells react to different colors. . If an animal hasn't got the kind of cell that reacts to red colors, then that animal can' (MORE)

A friend's dog accidentally injured my dog in my home Does homeowners insurance cover anything?

Your personal property coverage specifically excludes "animals, birds or fish". You could attempt to make a liability claim against your friend, and their liability coverage might apply, but that could have serious consequences for your friend's rates and future insurability. You'd have to consul (MORE)

Does renters insurance cover property damage done by your dog?

It depends on what type of coverage you are looking for. If your dog chews up your own property, probably not. You need to be proactive and either teach your dog not to chew up your stuff or isolate it so it can't chew up your stuff. However, if your dog chews up someone else's stuff, it probably wi (MORE)

Do you have to be legally blind to get a guide dog?

Not only does one have to meet the legal definition of "blind" ( the standard is less than 20/200 visual acuity in the best eye with the use of corrective lenses, and/or less than a 20 degree field of visual acuity), one also has to have completed Orientation and Mobility (O&M) training using the wh (MORE)

What do dogs for the blind do for the blind?

The dogs usually, open the doors, bark, for where something is, if the blind human, needs to obtain something. The dogs, are trained all this, they're usually labs, or golden retrievers, that do this job, because they're easily trained for work.

What does dog insurance cover a dog for?

Dog insurance can cover almost everything from injuries to dogs, to accidents that can cause injuries, and even veterinary visits. It usually covers the majority of the costs and there is a copay just like health insurance.

Does homeowners insurance cover dogs tearing up vinyl siding and wood?

No, Damages to your property sustained incidental to pet ownership are considered normal and expected. "Normal Wear and Tear". Your Homeowners Insurance Policy typically provides Property Hazard insurance that covers certain sudden losses resulting from covered perils such as fire, lightning, win (MORE)

What are the signs that dogs are blind in their eyes?

the main causes of blindness are problems with the retina (that means the pupil will look big and see through rather than just black) and cataracts- which will look like blue, milky opals in the centre of the eye. blind dogs will bump into things, especially at night, and they might also not be able (MORE)

Does Zurich insurance cover dogs?

Zurich insurance does not cover dogs unless you have a dog employed at your construction company. Zurich insurance specializes in commercial property and causality insurance.

Can you breed dogs to be blind?

Yes you could eventually. There is a blind gene in the dalmation breed. Normal ethical breeders would want to breed the bad gene out of their gene pool. This is putting it all very simply. Why would anyone want to breed a bad gene into their breed?

Does medicade or medicare cover the costs of a seeing eye dog for some who is legaly blind?

There is a lot of different organizations that provide trained guide dogs for people who are blind or have low vision, completely free of charge. Most of them require you to apply, either by submitting an application online, printing out a copy & mailing it, requesting a paper copy or complete the a (MORE)

What does dog insurance usually cover in the UK?

"They have many different policies available to cover dogs in the United Kingdom. You can have annual, per condition, or life long coverage. Each of these comes with different prices and different coverages involving coverage of an initial illness, and longterm illnesses. The only one that covers fo (MORE)

Does homeowner insurance cover dog chewing glasses?

Homeowners Insurance does not cover incidental property damage or loss resulting from our choice of pet ownership. Answer it depends , if it is your dog no you don't have any coverage for that . However, it covers dog chewing contact lenses.

How do you insure a dog?

the best way for a pet is to ensure your pet.whenever you ensure your pet everything gets cheaper for you can reduce paying thousands of pounds for the vet bills and sure those savings are being used the way you originally intended them tooo

How do dogs help blind people?

Guide dogs help blind people in many ways, beginning with giving unsighted people independence. Many blind people can't get around without the help of a well-trained guide dog. Guide dogs go through extensive training. It takes between 2 and 5 years for a guide dog to be ready to be matched with a d (MORE)

Would homeowner insurance cover dog eating dentures?

No. I don't think your dog eating your dentures would be covered. First off your deductible is involved and secondly it's your dog. i would call the vet as the dog may need surgery. Whether or not you will get them back from the dog one way or another.

Who is Under dog?

Underdog is a 1960's TV cartoon character that flies and fightscrime, like Superman, except that UD is much funnier. The word "underdog" refers to the canine underneath another poochduring a dogfight, and therefore losing the match. Figuratively, anunderdog is a person whose chances of winning any (MORE)

Does home owners insurance cover dog eaten dentures?

No, That's just a result of our lifestyle or our choice of pets. Damages from our pets are considered to be a normal and expectedresult of pet ownership. Damages to our home and property by our choice of pets are neverconsidered a covered peril under a homeowners insurance policy.